Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Desperate Prevention of the Rise of the Black Messiah

I agree. This is a difficult concept to get across to black males AND females — BOTH of who are steeped in anti-woman misogyny AND male supremacy dogma.

But a thinking person would have to ask the same questions your post raised

#1 — why does the white supremacist media seemed DETERMINED and DEDICATED to maligning the black female image and maker her — us — seem so inferior?

#2- why does the white supremacist system seemed so DETERMINED and DEDICATED for keep the black male away from the black female via rewarding him for choosing non-black females and by programming him to view black females — his MOTHER, his SISTERS, his AUNTS, etc with such contempt and mistrust?

#3 — what the most effective way of destroying the black male’s self-esteem? Make him revile his female mirror image which means if he came from (black female) TRASH, then the product of her wombs–male and female– must be TRASH

Bottom line, it’s just that simple. A race cannot rise higher than the female

let me repeat

No people can rise higher than the female of that group

Look how fast we’re falling as a collective when it comes to education and economics

as we sex and mate and marry white and non-black people at a breakneck pace

what has it gotten us? NOTHING. We are further behind as a group than the immigrants who can barely speak English but can run the majority of businesses in the black community — even with all our education and fancy cars and designer clothing and jewelry and alcohol

We better wise up

and start defending and protecting each other while we have time because time is running out, black people

-Sister Trojan Pam

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