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NO Comment on Obama, but on the Sorry State of Affairs...
Submitted by Nixakliel on Mon, 01/18/2016 - 19:34
for What Passes for 'Left-Progressive' Politics in the US - Based on comments of 2 recent AlterNet [a pro Dim website masquerading as a 'progressive' Alt-Indy media site] website articles.

1} 'Sparks Fly Between Bernie & Hillary Over Health Care & Wall St In Dem Debate' [@ ]: } How the GP & Jill Stein is being over-looked [ = dissed] by most so-called 'progressives'... In the comment section of the article there are nearly 300 comments & counting. -YET- Besides myself only one other person even mentions the GP's Jill Stein, while 8 people mentioned Dim Liz Warren [who IS NOT even in the race] to be either Bernie's or even Billary's running mate. That's 2 [includes myself] mentioning Ms Stein who IS running as the GP's POTUS candidate, vs 8 so-called 'informed' 'progressives' commenting on a supposed 'progressive' web-site mentioning Dim Ms Warren who IS NOT even running!!! {

2} A very 'curious' exchange between myself & 2 others re the AlterNet / Salon Piece: 'We've Always Been Good Haters: Our Donald Trump Problem Goes All the Way Back to the Founding Fathers' [@ ]: Note the following 'curious' exchange between me & 2 others:

} Nixak*77*
This article starts off w a pix of leading Repug POTUS candidate Trump, then among other things goes into a lengthy dissertation about [notorious 'Slave-Owning' / 'Injun Killin'] Andrew Jackson's POTUS run circa 1824 - 28 [he's referred to by name at-least 11Xs in this article]. But what the authors 'curiously' omitted is the FACT that Ole 'Slave-Owning' / 'Injun Killin' Jackson was a DEMOCRAT!! In fact the Democrat Party was first established as Jackson's political-platform for his 1828 POTUS bid!!! As such the Democrat Party began as a DIXIECRAT Party in favor of SLAVERY, & Dixiecrats [in favor of 'Jim Crow'] were a main-stay within the Democrat Party up-till the LBJ era [FYI: LBJ himself was effectively a Dixiecrat]. That's why Blacks till the advent of FDR, at one time mainly voted for the GOP Party of Lincoln!!
- IMO for an article claiming to trace the HISTORY of the bigoted politics of the Trump phenomenon back to Andrew Jackson [or even Ole Ben Franklin], yet 'curiously' fails to even mention this historical fact- is IMO a 'curiously' GLARING Oversight!!!

Reply: turnerdog56 to Nixak*77*
Anyone and everyone who half pays or has paid attention knows that the respective attributes of the two partys flip flopped. What the party's original tenants were is 'irrelevant' and not an oversight.

Reply: disqus_3roqrBXtKk to Nixak*77*
Really? Democrat, Republican, who cares. Their values today are what matters in today's environment. I really don't care what Andrew Jackson's party affiliation was. This article is a simple thesis outlining the underlying currents that have and do define our national discourse and direction and does a very good job in plainly spelling it out.

Reply: Nixak*77* to disqus_3roqrBXtKk
The article makes a point of comparing Repug Trump's bigoted politics to that Andrew Jackson's. It refers to Jackson by name at-least 11Xs [yet fails to say he was a slave-plantation owner & notorious slaughterer of Native Peoples while seizing their lands {just referring to him once as an 'Indian-Fighter'], talks about the importance of knowing accurate history- YET Fails to even say that Andrew Jackson [was NOT just any 'ole' Democrat- but] a / THEE Founding Father of the Democrat Party!!
- As the nation honors the MLK Jr National Holiday, I stated the plain FACT that the Democrat Party of Andrew Jackson was the Dixiecrat Party of SLAVERY till 1865, & then [post Civil War] became the Dixiecrat party of 'Jim-Crow'!!! And that Dixiecrats always had more influence in the Democrat party than did 'progressives', all the way up-till 1965 = the Civil Rights Era of MLK [FYI: MLK's main fight was vs Dixiecrats' 'Jim Crow']! Yet your & the other commenter here 'curious' response is- 'That's Irrelevant'... Huhh WTF!!!
- And we wonder why US politics in general, & Progressive Politics in Particular- Is in such a PISS-POOR Shape That It's In NOW!!! WOW!!!

You-all's dubious assertion is the equivalent of: 'Facts [that I don't like] Don't Matter!' {
This IMO shows why the GP & Ms Stein don't have a chance & why most 'progressives' are still 'corralled' / trapped on the DNC Corp Dims' plantation like sheeple!!


Discus-3's 'Clever' [NOT!] Response vs My Counter-Response:
Submitted by Nixakliel on Tue, 01/19/2016 - 06:43
disqus_3roqrBXtKk to Nixak*77*
As I said, this article is an outline, to a simple thesis or idea concerning two motivating forces in our society. Thanks for the history lesson, but in AJs time, excess horse manure was a big concern. Not relevant to today's discourse wouldn't you agree?

Reply: Nixak*77* to disqus_3roqrBXtKk
NO I Don't! BS is a BIG issue today, both in political discourse & in the environment. Apparently you ain't seen 'Cowspiracy'!!

If Andrew Jackson ain't relevant to the today's discourse then why the HELL Did the authors of the article even mention him by name 11Xs in their article, as they linked Repug POTUS front-runner Trump's bigoted discourse to his racist legacy- DUHH!!!
- So if Jackson's racist legacy is relevant today per the authors of this article, then part of that legacy is he's a / THEE Founding-Father of the Democrat / Dixiecrat Party- DUHH!!

Dixiecrats were a main-stay in the Democrat party till at-least 1965 [the LBJ era]. So how many Dims have been POTUS since Dixiecrat LBJ? 3: Jimmy Carter, 'Slick Willy' {Dollar}Bill Clinton & Obama!!! Yet Carter, Clinton & Clinton's VP Al Gore all came from traditional Dixiecrat states [GA, AR & TN] & all 3 of them grew-up / came of age during the Dixiecrat era- Plus Mrs Billary Clinton is likely to be the next POTUS!! Most traditional Dixieland / Dixiecrat states currently have the Confederate Flag flying over their state capital &/or as part of their official state- flag, seal, license plate, etc..- Right NOW, TODAY!!! That's how relevant the Dixiecrat era is to today's discourse!!!
- Now you may think that's all just 'irrelevant' to today's political discourse, BUT IMO many others likely want to know these facts! [the 'history lesson' as you've termed it- yet the authors of the article talked about the importance of knowing accurate history- DUHH!]!

So Now Let's CUT the BS!!! IMO the reason the authors failed mention Andrew Jackson was a / THEE Founding Father of the Democrat / Dixiecrat Party, was for purely poly-trickal reasons!!! Salon like many / most supposed 'Liberal' Alt-Indy media sites [including AlterNet] are effectively PRO-DIM, faking like they're really 'left' 'independent' 'alternative' sites!!! The authors made a point of linking the racist political discourse of Trump & the current Repug Party to the racist legacy of Andrew Jackson, but to say that Jackson was a / THEE Founding Father of the Democrat / Dixiecrat Party very well may put a damper on that poly-trickal 'spin'!!!
- Plus some / many folks who may otherwise back the Dims, Might Just Start Asking- 'Is the Dim's new 'liberal' face 'really' Real??!' 'Or is it all just a cynical & expedient poly-trickal ploy'?!!
PS: I'm far more offended by Dim Killary Clinton's Pro-Iraq War vote & her 'I Came, I Saw, He died. Ha, ha, ha!' Quip- than anything Repug Donald [Duck] Trump's said thus far!!! It's the difference between 'mere' racist words vs Real Racist DEEDS!!!


Have You Seen this recent DN! 'Debate' Titled:
Submitted by Nixakliel on Thu, 01/21/2016 - 21:02
'Clinton vs Sanders, Who Do Progressives Choose? 2 Socialist Feminists Debate' [@ ] Features 2 so-called 'feminist-socialist': Suzana Walters [Pro Killary] vs Liza Featherstone [Pro Bernie]

First of all NO real 'Progressive' let alone a real 'socialist' worthy of the name, would ever call or even think of backing Killary as a 'progressive'! In fact Ms Walters even admits Killary's NOT really been a 'progressive' [& just started acting like one due to Bernie's run]. Ms Walters said a whole Slew of [empty] Words which all boiled down to she's backing Killary cause she both a Woman [said so explicitly] & also a DIM [NOT said out-right but definitely IMPLIED]. But she definitely said she has NO beef w Bernie as the Dims' POTUS nominee.
- But if for Ms Walters it was really about backing a woman who's a real 'progressive'- but NOT necessarily a DIM- she'd be backing GP POTUS candidate Jill Stein [neither Ms Stein nor the GP EVER came up even though I KNOW for a fact Amy G knows about her]

Ms Featherstone was a lot more substantive & definitely critiqued Killary's NON-'progressive' track-record- including vs women & Blacks!! Re: Bernie- Ms Featherstone admits Bernie not really a 'socialist', but as a feminist-socialist' definitely finds him better than Killary.
BUT- Ms Stein is at-least just as 'progressive' as Bernie is- In Fact even MORE SO [especially re: Foreign Policy]- Even though Ms Stein [as far as I know] does NOT even claim to be a 'socialist' / DEMOCRAT-'socialist' like Bernie does [NOT!].

IMO this again shows that most so-called 'left Alt Indy' media [including DN!] is really just Pro DIM media faking like they're really left alternative independent media!!!

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