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Bernie Sanders and reparations

Sorry State of Affairs for What Passes as 'Left-Progressive'-
Submitted by Nixakliel on Thu, 01/21/2016 - 22:06
POLITICS in the US: - Based on Articles & comments of 3 recent AlterNet / DN! / Salon [= pro Dim websites faking like 'progressive' Alt-Indy media sites] website pieces.

1} 'Sparks Fly Between Bernie & Hillary Over Health Care & Wall St In Dem Debate' [@ ]: } How the GP & Jill Stein is being over-looked [= dissed] by most so-called 'progressives'... In the comment section of the article there are over 400+ comments & counting. -YET- Besides myself only 2 other people even mentions the GP's Jill Stein, while 10 - 11 people mentioned Dim Liz Warren [who IS NOT even in the race] to be either Bernie's or even Billary's VP pick. That's 3 [includes myself] out 400+ mentioning Ms Stein who IS running as the GP's POTUS candidate, vs 10-11 so-called 'informed' 'progressives' commenting on a supposed 'progressive' web-site hyping Dim Liz Warren who IS NOT even running!!! {

2} Then there’s a Salon@Alternet piece that goes at length to link the racist rhetoric of the Repugs & Trump [by name] to the racist legacy of ‘Ole’ ‘Slave Owning’ / ‘Injun-Killin’ Andrew Jackson- calling him by name 11Xs [see @ ]. Yet the Salon authors ‘conveniently’ failed to say that Jackson was a / THEE founding Father of the Democrat / Dixiecrat [= pro-slavery & then pro Jim-Crow] Party & thus was the 1st Democrat POTUS [they also failed to say ‘Ole’ AJ was a notorious slave-plantation owner -&- exterminator & exiler of Native Peoples as he STOLE their lands for even MORE slave-plantations]- Because IMO to say so would likely have screwed-up their ‘neat-spin’ as they tried to 'tar' just Trump & the Repugs ALONE w Jackson’s racist legacy- while excluding the Dims!!! Yet 2 AlterNet commenters INSISTED that- when I pointed out this Historical FACT: “That’s all NOW ‘Irrelevant’ “ [Huhh WTF!]!!

3} Then AlterNet posted a DN! ‘debate between 2 so-called ‘feminist socialist’
: 'Clinton vs Sanders, Who Do Progressives Choose? 2 Socialist Feminists Debate' [see @ ] Featuring: Suzana Walters [Pro Killary] vs Liza Featherstone [Pro Bernie]:
- First of all NO real 'Progressive' let alone a real 'socialist' worthy of the name, would ever call or even think of backing Killary as a 'progressive'!! In fact Ms Walters even admits Killary's NOT really been a 'progressive' [& just started acting like one due to Bernie's run]. Ms Walters said a whole Slew of [empty] Words which all boiled down to she's backing Killary cause she both a Woman [said so explicitly] & also a DIM [NOT said out-right but definitely IMPLIED]. But she definitely said she has NO beef w Bernie as the Dims' POTUS nominee.
But if for Ms Walters it was really about backing a woman who's a real 'progressive'- but NOT necessarily a DIM- she'd be backing GP POTUS candidate Jill Stein [neither Ms Stein nor the GP EVER came up even though I KNOW for a fact Amy G knows about her]
- Ms Featherstone was a lot more substantive & definitely critiqued Killary's NON-'progressive' track-record- including vs women & Blacks [no-one talked about her or Bernie's FP record / positions]!! Re: Bernie- Ms Featherstone admits Bernie not really a 'socialist', but as a feminist-socialist' definitely finds him much better than Killary.
BUT- Ms Stein is at-least just as 'progressive' as Bernie is- In Fact even MORE SO [especially re: Foreign Policy]- Even though Ms Stein [as far as I know] does NOT even claim to be a 'socialist' / DEMOCRAT-'socialist' like Bernie does [NOT!].
IMO this again shows that most so-called 'left Alt Indy' media [IE: Salon, AlterNet & even DN!] is really just Pro DIM media faking like they're really alternative progressive independent media!!!

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