Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Social Issues and Political Matters

It is purely an injustice of the highest magnitude for any resident for Flint, Michigan to pay for the poisoned water in their vicinity. For decades, Flint has been in the forefront of labor rights and social activism. Flint had one of the greatest per capital in America during the 20th century. Flint has been the victims of corporate exploitation and deindustrialization. The masses of the residents of Flint are victims of this man-made disaster (which has been caused by evil people). Governor Snyder and many local officials including other state officials are responsible for this poisoning of the water supply. Snyder and his underlings should be arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned. This situation involves the harm done to children permanently. Lead damages the human physiology forever and that poisoning is a total crime. These utility rates that Flint residents are forced to pay are exorbitant. So far, 10 people have died in this crisis and we see the rise of Legionnaires disease among many people. The anti-democratic nature of the emergency managers is an affront to the right of human beings to govern themselves democratically. This lead problem is nationwide too. In Louisiana, children in Caddo, Claiborne, Ouachita and Jefferson Parishes had lead poisoning levels higher than 10 percent, with children in Claiborne Parish registering as high as 40 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Studies about this problem has been ignored until recently and we have to fight for justice and what is right. This is why I'm opposed to austerity and the sick "you're on your own" philosophy. Receiving water is a human right as protesters and others have mentioned just like health care is a human right too. Pipes are now corrosive. We congratulate those who send bottled water to people in Flint. Also, the whole infrastructure of Flint, Michigan must be upgraded. This is a problem that deserves a national response. No one should pay for poison.

This story should cause anyone to have outrage. One black person filed a complaint about racial discrimination too. A school environment should be a progressive place where human beings promote ethics, tolerance, and educational development. What these white teenage students did was abhorrent and evil. Many students who have done much less are suspended for five days. The school has a problem since this incident isn't the only incident of its disturbing nature. White racism is global phenomenon. These vicious teenagers used a slur to mock black people, but we, as black people, are the first human beings on Earth. For the teenagers to totally disregard tolerance and a respect for others, therefore the white teenagers, who did this, should be expelled. If a racial slur about Jewish people was shown by those teenager or a slur against other minorities was displayed by those students, then those kids would be expelled ASAP. Expulsion has been done before and also, there should be programs in that school to constantly remind students of the contributions that black people made in human history (and a reminder that any student regardless of skin color must be treated with dignity and with respect). A policy change must happened in that school along with real accountability. I'm from Virginia and not too many people know about the Norfolk 17. Many months ago, I was in a community meeting and an elderly black woman (who talked about black history in great detail) talked about the Norfolk 17. Later, I was inspired to learn more about the Norfolk 17 and the civil rights movement in Virginia in general. The woman (from the Norfolk 17) with that horrendous trauma shows how painful, unjust experiences can effect innocent black people for decades. That is why many people have talked about how trauma from slavery have harmed black people in future generations after 1865. That school over in Arizona has a serious racial problem. When black faculty members suffer racial abuse by students, then there needs to be an overhaul of policy. It is very unfortunately disgraceful that many political leaders have minimized the suffering of black people. This isn't some laughing matter. It must be known that we are black people and we are entitled to justice without delay and without compromise. White racism is demonism and it must be eradicated.

This statement from her or Stacey Dash is why I will never be a supporter of FOX News or a Republican at all. She listed so many lies and self hating statements that I lost count. First, we haven't won yet because many black people still face poverty, police brutality, racism, discrimination, and other evils. Also, most liberals that I know don't advocate separatism. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. praised unions, supported affirmative action policies, praised democratic socialism, came out against imperialism, criticized capitalism, and believed in economic justice. I have his own quotes saying these things and I will be more than happy to show his quotations on these issues as well. She doesn't criticize Latino networks, Chinese cultural centers, and the Jewish museums because of obvious reasons. It is hypocrisy for her to want the NAACP Image Awards to be gone, but she is silent on other award shows that reward people of other ethnic groups. Stacey Dash lied and said: "Black people — who say they are more than the color of their skin — mercilessly reinforce stereotypes with more passion and vigor than the KKK." First, black people collectively don't reinforce stereotypes more than the Klan. The Klan raped, murdered, and assaulted innocent black men, women, and children. They have marched in spewing their hatred against human beings. Second, how dare she stereotype black people as viciously intolerant. How dare she demonize black people in that way. She is free to believe in what she wants. Also, people are free to disagree with her. I am sick and tired of people lying and saying that if we disagree with conservatives, then we automatically suck up to the Democrats (we have exposed many Democrats here on many occasions along with Republicans). Also, many progressives have exposed Bill Clinton's far right agenda (in promoting NAFTA, signing Glass Steagall, signing the crime bill, and he ended welfare as we know it in 1996 that cut $24 billion from the federal food-stamp program. It marked the first time that a piece of the 1935 Social Security Act was repealed. Bill Clinton has done other centrist actions as well). Clarence Thomas voted for the gutting of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, so I have no appreciation for his extremism. Progressives have been independent thinkers for a long time.

I am an independent thinker. I independently disagree with Stacey Dash's far right agenda, lies, and ideological submission to reactionary propaganda. Promoting black institutions voluntarily has nothing to do with segregation at all. Learning about black history, loving black culture, and rewarding black people has nothing to do with promoting segregation either. We have the right to study black history and to promote the beauty of black culture. BLACK HISTORY MONTH WAS ESTABLISHED TO REFUTE THE LIES OF WHITE RACISTS. SO, I LOVE MY BLACKNESS FOREVER. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL. Segregation is an evil, nefarious white supremacist policy of restricting the human rights of black people by law. Segregation dealt with separate signs based on race, discrimination, murder, assault, and other vicious actions. Voluntarily promoting black institutions and black infrastructure without malice is holy and sacrosanct completely. So, she has the misinterpretation of what separatism is. Also, another point is to be made. We have to keep the faith. Many of these reactionaries want us to be baited into getting a reaction. Yet, we will keep on saying that health care is a human right, that civil rights should be advanced, and that the poor deserve compassion and justice not scapegoating. Just because a person lives in a ghetto doesn't mean that this person is a criminal. Equal justice for all is a precept that I will support unconditionally. The care and the devotion to support the young, the aged, the sick, the handicapped, and the oppressed is a duty and a responsibility that we take to heart. There is power in the individual, but the human individual is not divine. Black people exist in many ideologies and I respect that. Black people have the right to be conservative, liberal, independent, etc. What I don't respect is how some want people like me to be a conservative on every issue and I have the right to say that I won't be a conservative on every issue since I don't believe in the infallibility of laissez faire capitalism. Capitalism is not God. I don't worship the police as gods and I don't believe in American exceptionalism. There must be individual and collective power cultivated in order for our communities to flourish for it will take a village to raise up society (as an African proverb has clearly and accurately stated). I believe in equal opportunity, I reject the War on Drugs, and I believe in the formation for justice for all.
In closing, she is just wrong.

Very excellent article from Josie Pickens entitled, "[#SayHerName] Men, Please Discuss Janese Talton-Jackson." Men should have these discussions about male privilege and change must happen. Men have to have discussions (about Janese Talton-Jackson, etc.) and men have to check males who are abusive and who participate in such misogynistic behavior. We have a serious epidemic where black women are harassed, assaulted, and murdered. It's a disgrace. People in general should be angry at this injustice. Women have the right to her own human autonomy. A black woman owns her own body, mind, and soul period. The life of Janese Talton Jackson was precious and she was murdered by a punk and a coward. This is why enough is enough. Black liberation is not about patriarchy or male supremacy. Liberation is about black people being free to live. It is about the principle that a black woman has the human right to walk down the streets without harassment and without oppression. It is important that we fight against misoynoir and make that change real. #Say Her Name. Many civil rights groups have condemned this practice of solitary confinement. I have no problem with the banning of juveniles and nonviolent offenders in solitary confinement (in federal prisons). We still have a very long way to go. The prison industrial complex have ruined many lives in our communities. Many innocent people are still in prisons worldwide. Studies have documented that solitary confinement increases the risk of mental illness, psychological trauma, and even suicide. It wastes taxpayer dollars and it is just inhumane. We need more revolutionary changes too, so this fight against the mass incarceration state is far from over. So, this change is welcomed.

By Timothy

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