Wednesday, June 01, 2016

June 1, 2016 Commentaries

People already know about the errors and evil views of Donald Trump. Donald Trump stands for ignorance and bigotry. He has used threats to desire to carry out war crimes (like wanting to kill the family members of suspected “terrorists” and he has promoted torture), and he has used efforts to demonize many immigrants. He is overt in his economic jingoistic nationalism. His Trump University has experienced scandals. Donald Trump has fascistic views and people who deny that are wrong. Also, it is important to expose the war mongering from the Bush and Obama administrations too. Their war crimes have caused the murder of many civilians. This war on terror has been supported by Hillary Clinton and even by Senator Bernie Sanders. I am anti-Trump, but we have to expose the Democratic Party establishment. For eight years, they have presided of more deportations (especially of children) than any other administration in history. That same establishment has done lax work in dealing with the murder of the poor and minority human begins by the police. We have witnessed the greatest income disparity in American history and we continue to see illegal rendition and torture. Civilians are continuously being bombed. Clinton, Sanders, and Trump defend capitalism itself. We have a crisis of capitalism where more people are not supporting neoliberal capitalism (as it has failed to help the poor and other workers in a comprehensive way). Ancestry proves that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are descent cousins who are related to Edward III. So, we should reject imperialist wars, militarized police, domestic spying, movements toward war against Russia, provocations against China, the poisoning of water supplies, and attacks on basic human rights. That is why there should be a unity of working people, immigrants, the unemployed, the homeless, the poor, and all of the oppressed to stand up against injustice. The candidacy of Donald Trump represents the despair and evil of capitalism including the Democratic establishment’s goals too. We must continue to fight against war and oppression. Also, this is a class struggle. We want a free and independent Africa. Neo-colonialists shouldn’t go around to steal millions and billions of dollars of resources from Africa.

9/11 still have many questions. We know that just before 9/11, George W. Bush was ready to sign papers to involve the U.S. in Afghanistan. Also, many of the folks who claim to be against governmental corruption are allied with far right movement (and excuse neoliberal capitalism). Some of them falsely equate liberalism with socialism when socialists defended labor rights and human rights for decades and centuries. Some of them even equate any kind of government with communists. Some of the paleoconservative, anti-government dismiss any health care programs and have a fetish of gun rights (there is nothing wrong with an innocent person owning a gun, but criminals should never own a gun). Some of these paleaoconservative info-entertainers want to sell products and are multimillionaires at the expense of promoting paranoia and other problems. We know which info-entertainer that I’m talking about. I don’t have to say his name. He’s from Austin, TX. It is what it is. It is true that many political elites have done evil against many people and the Third World people, but I reject anti-progressive lies that are meant to advance xenophobia, sexism, and racism. Now, it is very important to expose government corruption. We know that false flag operations have existed for generations from Operation Ajax to Operation Gladio. We know that the oligarchy have done illegal actions. I have noticed that these paleaoconservatives only attack the “liberal” Eastern Establishment. They never attack the establishment groups like the Council for National Policy, the American Security Council, Le Cercle, the Pilgrim Society, the John Birch Society, etc. because these groups have links to the John Birch Society and other far right organizations. Leading Skulls & Bones author is Kris Millegan. He published the works of Sutton, Iserbyt, and others. His father is Lloyd Millegan, who was a ranking OSS, Army G2, and CIA officer. Lloyd Millegan Sr. was acquainted with John Foster Dulles from a very young age. A few years later Millegan, Sr. was recruited into the OSS and kept tabs on the notoriously reactionary and stubborn General Douglas MacArthur as one of the general's staffers. A full decade later, in 1956, years before the Vietnam War broke out, he was partying with General Edward Lansdale and even a few North Vietnamese leaders in Saigon. Dulles, along with his brother, later belonged to the Pilgrims. MacArthur and Lansdale were favorites of the American Security Council. Even author Alexandra Robbins was a member of the Scroll & Key.

The CNP have members with links Oliver North and Jack Abramoff. The son of CNP board member Elsa Prince, Erik Prince, later founded and chaired Total Intelligence Solutions and Blackwater USA, the private CIA and Bush White House nexus of the JSOC assassination programs in the post 9/11 world. Blackwater later changed its name to Academi, with the new chairman being a long-time key shareholder in Coast to Coast AM. Top-level neocon, former CIA director and known CNP speaker James Woolsey chairs the advisory board of Executive Action, LLC, a firm named after the CIA's term for assassination. Also, these palaeconservatives who talk about conservativism readily believe in unrestrained corporate fascism by opposing any kind of involvement of the state in the market. Some want a ban on taxes and a powerless government. There is a huge difference between moderate socialism and communism. Even socialism is a reality in the world and has helped many people. The corporation that treats its personnel the worst - the lowest wages, the least amount of benefits, the longest hours, the harshest spy and enforcement measures against unionists, etc. are abysmally unjust. Even the good parts of FDR's New Deal program (with similar programs appearing in Western Europe) had progressive parts to it. It established a minimum wage, a maximum number of working hours, abolished child labor, provided pensions, and set up watchdog agencies for banks and corporations. To a large extent it ended the age of the robber barons and is one of the cornerstones of the modern social democracy. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with exposing real conspiracies, yet we must use accurate information and inspiration to call for justice.

This story is a tragic. The zoo officials felt that they did the right thing, because a tranquilizer will take many minutes to subdue a 400+ pound gorilla. In the meantime, the gorilla can do many things in that time span. A gorilla of that size can crush a coconut with one hand easily. Also, I didn't know that witnesses have said that the father of the child was about to try to rescue the child and he was prevented to do so. So, this story will involve new information coming out. I will say that those in social media, who are bringing up the criminal past of the father, acted petty since that has nothing to do with the incident. This story revolve around the zoo, the child, and the actions of the parents. I'm glad that the child is alive. Some people do place the lives of animals in a higher level than the lives of humans. That is something that I don't agree with obviously. I believe in animal rights, but not in the view that the rights of animals supersede the rights of humans. We know that white racists have always compared black people to animals or dehumanized black people in sick ways. It is always important, as black people, to affirm our humanity not to seek white validation, but to seek black liberation. Zoos in general should learn lessons from this story and evaluate their policies of exhibitions, so people and animals are protected more efficiently. Better technology is differently needed and parents should always be reminded to have vigilance involving their children. The parents in that story should have outlined more vigilance in protecting their child. Children are fast and it is the parent's responsibility to safeguard their children. Harambe was confused and dragged the child many feet in the water. I feel that the zoo officials had no other option but to do what they did.

This story is similar to other stories. The fiancĂ© loved her boyfriend so much. We send condolences to her and to the Brother’s family as well. Many of these gun laws lack discretion or lack provisions for handling various circumstances. The woman never murdered anyone, yet she is unfairly treated as a murderer by some. She was trying to save her life and the prosecution is blatantly using excessive measures against her. She is hurting and the court system is treating her like she is a killer (which is false). It is sad and it makes me angry to see a Sister experience this. I think gun laws in Illinois and nationwide for that matter should be revised to make sure that in situations like this, a person is given a fair process legally. Ashley Harrison doesn’t deserve massive prison time and no prison time period. Even when a Sister defends herself, some folks want to prosecute a Sister in a harsh manner. We know about Chicago. Chicago has the sections filled with upscale places like in Northern parts of Chicago (and in the Loop plus the Gold Coast). Also, there is found crime, drug smuggling, and massive poverty in other parts of Chicago. Revolutionary change is definitely needed in Chicago. That is why we have to revise these gun laws to make sure that they are used fairly. I am in solidarity with Sister Ashley Harrison. History teaches us that success is caused by discipline, sacrifice, defending the truth, promoting unity, and respecting women. African Americans suffered a lot and also we still rose up to fight oppression, help our families, and to contribute our gifts to the world. The fight is not over, but we continue onward and we want justice for all without question.

By Timothy

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