Friday, November 04, 2016

Friday News

I'm not shocked at this (or one Klan newspaper endorsing Donald Trump). Many of the alt-right movement and many racists are some of his supporters. Donald Trump is the representation of the face of the white far right. Trump is what they (or far right xenophobes) believe in. Trump is an enemy of democratic values and an enemy of progressive ideals. The Klan since its inception has raped black people, murdered black people, and used acts of terrorism against black people and other groups of human beings. Many of the Klan's view are similar to Trump's proposals. It is what it is. The Klan hypocrites claim to promote white nationalism, but America wasn't originated inhabited by white people. America (as a nation) existed by theft, genocide, and broken promises by a group of white landowning heavily slave owning extremists (who viewed it their duty to oppressed others by virtue of their race and class, which is despicable). Now, we know the truth. Also, it is important to recognize the heroic Americans like Ella Baker, etc. for a long time who fought against white racists, slavery, economic oppression, sexism, racism, and other evils. We abhor racism, sexism, and xenophobia. We want to live in a land where human beings have human liberation and to live out the pursuit of happiness for real. Donald Trump is not a hero to me when he has disrespected women. That is why it is by our power that will end far right agendas in the end. In the end, we will prevail, because the truth prevails in the end.

I'm watched Unsung that talks about NY Undercover. That show was a show that appealed to me. It came about in 1994 and I watched it every Thursday on 9 pm. It appealed to me since it represented urban youth culture and what was really going on in the streets of America. Also, it had themes that appealed to a diversity of people, because it talked about love, police brutality, undercover work, family, friendship, and other concepts that human beings daily go through universally. It showed black people, Latino people, women, and people of color in a way that was groundbreaking for a police-related show. NY Undercover was a show that was part of my generation. When I look at that show, I see myself, because it shows an honesty about urban life. I wasn't raised in the suburbs. I was raised in a working class, urban community, so NY Undercover certainly outlined what much of my life was when I was growing up. I always have a respect for the show indeed.

Donald Trump is a racist, a sexist, and a xenophobe. I will never vote for him no matter what. As for Hillary Clinton, her track record of militarism, neo-liberalism, and other reactionary policies are well known. It is fair to critique both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Also, the current President has deported more immigrants than any President in American history. A lot of job loss in America were caused by trickled down economics enforced by multinational corporations and big financial interests (playing workers against each other internationally). No President has deported more immigrants than the current President. Also, the current President has certainly continued many of the foreign policy positions of Bush Jr. Therefore, just because someone is a Democrat, doesn’t mean that this person is a progressive on every issue. High unemployment, closing schools, and other bad policies done by many Democrats are because those Democrats have promoted right wing policies for decades. We know that the DLC centrists have been involved in cutting welfare, cutting other resources, and using triangulation not true revolutionary change. From 1960 to 1970, the poverty rate was cut in half. The poverty rate has increased recently, because of neoliberal and right wing economic actions. There is no question that Hillary Clinton has explicit links to Wall Street and to the political establishment. We know that Sanger is no hero as her advocacy of eugenics is deplorable. Therefore, we have to believe in political independence beyond unconditional allegiance to Democrats and Republicans. My advice is that people have the right to vote or not. If someone does vote, he or she should vote their conscience. Because of Hillary’s racist comments about black people and Donald Trump’s racist, sexist comments, I can’t in good conscience support either of them. Also, we must embrace a Pan-African mentality. Our liberation shouldn’t just involve black people in America. We want black people internationally to be liberated. The system exists to maintain our oppression, so we can’t rely on the current system to save us. Therefore, the only way to combat evil is to fight for goodness, use self-determination, and if necessary use self-defense. We want the poor and working class to be liberated. The solution ultimately relies on us (the people) not in establishment politicians.

Also , it is important in our lives to meditate or think about goodness too. We should think upon what is good, what is holy, what is righteous, and what is true. In that sense, we can be further motivated to advance kindness, strength, love, and joy. My advice to you is to never lose your joy. Life has never been a crystal stair and we should maintain that faith and joy in order for us to make a way in the midst of our long journey. I have read the story of Native Americans standing up against the private construction of a pipeline in North Dakota. Despite private authorities using dogs, tear gas, and the police utilizing massive arrests, the Native American protesters (and their supporters) continue to stand up for their cause. That is admirable. We are opposed to environmental exploitation and the greed, which makes a mockery of the sacredness of Nature. Therefore, the Native American people in North Dakota desiring change and justice against the NAPL have shown the world what activism looks like.

With recent news, Colin Kaepernick has made history in enumerable, positive ways. He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and he's the quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers. He is also known for his heroic protest against police brutality and against racial injustice in the world. He has galvanized even more people (from the young and old) to stand up for what is right. What is right that people have the free speech right to protest and many veterans are some of Kaepernick's strongest supporters of his actions. His protest of the anthem was peaceful, legitimate, and very powerful. Not to mention that the original anthem glamorized slavery, which is wrong. Colin Kaepernick has sent money to social justice causes, created a youth camp to assist children, and has meet in many meetings to be part of the solutions. So, he has not only spoken up for justice. He has been socially active to engineer constructive changes in our society. Today, athletes, and other individuals nationwide have protested gloriously. This is not new. Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf did it in 1996. Back then, it was more taboo to do it and Rauf suffered a lot. Today, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf is in solidarity with Kaepernick's necessary actions. I congratulate Colin Kaepernick for his steadfast determination to stand up for justice. We reject a recrudescence of injustice. We want the renewal of the substantial reality of hope, of faith, and of the liberation for our communities.
#Black Lives Matter.

By Timothy

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