Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 Part 5

Conclusion (for Thanksgiving 2016)

For long years, we have seen victories and problems. We have seen the greatness of humanity and the evil found in many people. Therefore, we are not naive of the problems facing America. Millions of Americans struggle to eat food on this Thanksgiving day. Over a million-and-a-half people were homeless last year, including some 300,000 children and 450,000 disabled people. Millions more live in substandard housing, doubled up with other families, or in motels. Such conditions may affect only a minority of American families directly. But the great majority of the population is economically insecure. Forty-six percent of adults are so financially strapped that “they either could not cover an emergency expense costing $400, or would cover it by selling something or borrowing money,” according to a survey released by the Federal Reserve this year. Health care premiums have increased for many Americans which proves that universal health care is better than the ACA. We witness militarism and police brutality in a wide scale in our generation. We have a future President having a scandal of conflicts of interests. The voters of Donald Trump knew that the bigot Bannon was his adviser. They still voted for Trump since they support the bigoted, sexist, and xenophobic agenda of Donald Trump. Bannon is an enemy of truth, an enemy of democracy, and a person that I don't agree with. Many Trump voters have voted against their economic interests, because many of them don't care about black liberation or about social justice. The alt right movement is not new. It was embraced by Joseph McCarthy, by Charles Lindbergh, by the John Birch Society, by Alex Jones, and by other extremists who reject the necessity of advancing labor rights, racial justice, and true human liberation.

Yet, we still have hope. In our time, there is the growth of progressive independence who desire justice. There are workers and the poor who desire equitable treatment and social programs to be strengthened. Also, we should be embracing of our creativity and legitimately explore the world. Today is certainly a time where people travel to visit their families and friends. It is certainly a time to reflect and to continue to believe in the Dream. There is no shame in getting advice. Therefore, we should always learn, grow, and incite inspiration in the lives of people. Not to mention that it is important to love music, the arts, dance, and all of that good stuff. Life is not all mechanical and we are here to be creative prodigiously. In our lives, we have the right to express ourselves with joy and happiness. Also, it important to make this point known. It is not too late to change for the better if you're alive. Therefore, we thrive to be better, to do better, and to impact the world in a just way. Therefore, we are against oligarchy. We desire human justice and freedom. I do thank the Most High God for giving me my life, for giving me many blessings, and giving me the opportunity to write information for the masses of the people. I am also thankful for my strength and my love of researching information. Therefore, we will continue to stand on our principles, believe in love and help our neighbors. We will tell the truth in season and out of season as well.

By Timothy

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