Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Still We Rise

For decades, Gwen Ifill did her duty, which was about utilizing excellence in journalism and promoting the truth to the public. Her life has been filled with extraordinary accomplishments and love for her media colleagues. She was more than a magnificent journalist. She was a role model to so many young people involved in journalism (especially women who continue to cover the important political issues of the day). She was brave and honest. Objectivity, tough questions, and a love of the art of discussion characterize the fundamental essence of her humanity. She was a black woman who not only dreamed, but her dreams came into reality. That was done by her power, by her excellent intellect, and by her gracious personality. We mourn her passing and we realize that her spirit was antithetical to the vicious, nasty, and bigoted discourse that exists in many locations today. She had a light to prove to the world that Black Women Rock and that a human being involved in journalism must do so with maturity, integrity, and a due diligence. She moderated debates, broke barriers involving race and gender, and she will inspire the world more in the future too. I send condolences to her friends and her family.
Rest in Power Sister Gwen Ifill.

Today, the PBS documentary "Black America Since MLK" is being shown. This is relevant, because I am a 32 year old black American and it is important for black people to understand the long history and evolution of our struggle. This documentary will show the Black American experience in the past 50 years. That means that it will mention about the Black Power movement from 1966, Dr. King's opposition to the Vietnam War, his evil assassination, the affirmative action movement, the War on Drugs, police brutality, and more events in our time during late 2016. I certainly recommend that black people and all people to look at this documentary since it talks about the human experience.
No one can be free unless black people are free for real. Justice for all is our credo and we believe it honestly and with the utmost conviction. Many years ago, I didn't know what I know now about the civil rights movement. Now, I know about the Greensboro sit ins, the boycotts, and other crucial events of the black freedom struggle. The younger generation especially should look at this documentary to witness what our forebears had to go through. We want the poor, the working class, the disabled, black people, immigrants, and the rest of the human family to have liberation. Black people have every right to fight for black liberation without exception. Also, I always love and honor black women (Ella Baker, Fannie Lou Hamer, and other legends helped our communities for decades) as black women are the Mothers of the human race literally.
Uhuru Sasa.
Black is Beautiful.

True Love is unconditional. B Smith is famous for her shows and magazines. She's a gorgeous woman inside and out. Today, Sister B. Smith has Alzheimer's. We all send prayers to her and her family. The great supporter of B. Smith is her husband Dan Gasby. He has been right by her side to help her, to comfort her, and to love her. B. Smith taught us about culture, food, strength, and fun. Now, she once again teaches us about a valuable lesson about human compassion and a determination to fight against pernicious diseases. So, we are in solidarity with this glorious couple in their fight against Alzheimer's. This is why I believe in federal, state, and local investments in medical research. We love B. Smith's strength and her wisdom. Bless the couple.What I love to do is to also show images of unsung human beings fulfilling the essence of their happiness. She is a figure skater. This Sister is Maé-Bérénice Méité. She is a very young woman being 22 years old. She was born in Paris, France. She is an Afro-French woman. She is the 2011 Ondrej Nepela Memorial champion, the 2016 International Cup of Nice champion, the 2015 Winter Universiade silver medalist, and a three-time French national champion. She has finished in the top six at three European Championships and represented France at the 2014 Winter Olympics, placing tenth. She is fluent in Spanish and English. Her talent is incredible. She is a beautiful black woman who is just getting started. I wish the best for her. Elle est magnifique et je lui souhaite plus de bénédictions.

People have the right to not vote if they don't want. I don't believe that everyone who doesn't vote is a hypocrite or is a person who should be called everything under the sun. Him not voting doesn't negate the legitimate issues that he has brought up in public. That doesn't negate his courageous protest. Yet, I choose to vote. I care about my health, my civil liberties, my economics, my voting rights, and how black people are treated. I vote for these things and more. Also, the other side votes too. They (or the far right crowd) are organized to try to eliminate not only social welfare, but the rights of women and the rights of black people via stop and frisk. For centuries, the other side (or the reactionary extremists) have voted for misogyny, bigotry, and oppression. One thing about the far right crowd is that they compromise to no one. They concede nothing and they demonize not only socialists (who brought many people in America labor rights. Assata Shakur, Fred Hampton, and other heroes believed in many socialist principles. Dr. King praised democratic socialism), but black people, immigrants, women, and other disenfranchised human beings. Therefore, we shouldn't support the Matrix, but we should use social activism in fighting for justice though. I agree with Colin Kaepernick on opposing police terrorism & speaking out against racial injustice, but I don't agree with him that any social activist voting is a hypocrite. Freedom involves overturning system and protecting the gains and the rights that our people fought for. The voting ID laws is a clear example about how fighting for voting rights is very important. I will fight for everyone's right to vote. We must use our economic and political power to get liberation.

Still, we rise. This election has shown us that the fight for justice continues and there is no post racial society currently. Extremists like Bannon and Rudy Giuliani are not only Trump's allies, but they are being considered for high level positions in the Trump administration. Therefore, the voters of Trump must realize that when they voted for Trump, they support not only Trump, but his allies (like the right wing demagogue David Clarke who minimizes the existence of police terrorism in the world) too. It is always imperative for us (or black people) to protect our communities, our families, and ourselves. The statement from the BLM outlined many truths. Trump makes no bones about his extremist agenda and he isn't playing. That is why thousands of protesters (made up of people of many backgrounds) are in the streets now to legitimately criticize the massive hate crimes, xenophobia, sexism, and racism that is still in existence today. Right now, there are over 300 hate crimes in America since November 8th. These crimes are not isolated incidents, but they are part of an epidemic of bigotry and intolerance. There is an increase of anti-Muslim attacks in America as compare to a year ago. This reality definitely makes us aware that more collaborations and unity in the black community must grow. Unity among the poor and the working class should exist in order for economic and political power to develop. No social movement will be successful without the support of poor and working class people. That's history. People are voicing their views to support black human lives and opposing the views of Trump in NYC, in Los Angeles, in Seattle, in Portland, in Richmond, Virginia, in Hampton, Virginia, in Indianapolis, in Chicago, in Philadelphia, in Syracuse, in Charlotte, in Atlanta, and throughout the nation. Protests alone won't work. We must outline a political and economic agenda that is anti-imperialist, pro-jobs, anti-austerity, pro-voting rights, pro-economic justice, pro-social justice, anti-police brutality, and pro-Black 100%. We want the eradication of the system of white supremacy and we believe in political independence (that means that the Democrats and the Republicans should never own us intellectually or politically. We own ourselves as black human beings. We should always think for ourselves). Trump is not my President and we should not ally with fascists, sexists, and xenophobes. This is a fight against capitalist corruption and a fight for black liberation.
Still, we rise.

By Timothy

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