Saturday, November 19, 2016

Words from Why Knot_Now?

Why Knot_Now? 6 days ago
Seren, two things: First, White America has always pit urban interests against rural interests using racial politics and The Southern Strategy (look up Lee Atwater). Middle America, Rural America (code for poor and working class whites), is always depicted as the true America! If you're from a small town or industrial town or farming town,  you then have strong, moral values. But if you're in urban areas, you're a thug, a minority, and you're morally corrupt!

We've been listening to Rural and Middle America now for decades. And get this: it is precisely the Republicans from small, rural states who nullified President Obama's entire political agenda by filibustering and obstructing every single thing he tried to do, including infrastructure projects in rural America. B_ about how they are victims; they get everything they want, from farm subsidies, to coal subsidies to energy and oil subsidies and fucking corn!

Second, it is the BLUE states that subsidize these small RED states. Our taxpayer dollars in Blue States are redistributed to the much poorer Red States throughout the South and Midwest. These people are full of s_! White Liberals like Michael Moore are full of s_! They pretend everything is about class and not race! That's why I didn't really support Bernie (and I don't like Hillary). Bernie kept preaching about class and economic inequality and downplaying race. Many of his so-called liberal white supporters especially the white males were very racist! And when Bernie said racist things about black voters in the South, about how we are stupid and our votes don't matter in Red States at the very same time that Republicans we're trying to suppress our votes, I was done with them both!

The DNC does not need to cater to rural whites or working class white men! THEY ARE NOT VICTIMS!! They're just not! They blame the wrong people. Republicans hurt them. Obama created 15 million jobs and counting and tried to get these poor whites healthcare. The Republican governors and state legislatures blocked everything he tried to do. These people have yet to hold Republicans responsible for tanking the economy. B_ about them being anti-Establishment! They keep voting in the very same Republicans that tanked the economy and shift their jobs overseas!

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