Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

There are a lot of words to be mentioned. We don't live in a post racial society. The election results represent the shame of America. Many Americans have shown their true colors that they are sexists, bigots, and supporters of a male demagogue with no political experience, but we have to have degrees and work experience just to get into an entry level job. Donald Trump (who is supported by the Klan and white nationalists) disrespected people, shown fear mongering, spread Islamophobia, spread xenophobia, and desires no increase of the national minimum wage. His policies are odious and his agenda is repugnant. This election represents the right wing backlash and how millions of people embrace a supporter of bigotry instead of the principle of progressive freedom. Now, it is time to organize, unite, and fight for our freedoms now more than ever. I don't hold back on what I think. The people who voted for Trump agree with his rhetoric and his agenda. I can sleep well at night to mention that I didn't vote for him. Voting effects our taxes, how our health care is arranged, how laws are developed, and what kind of a future that we see. We want a clean environment. We want social justice and racial justice. We want an end to police brutality and we believe in equality. 2016 is a year of sorrows. This is not a victory for democracy. I'm not celebrating. Trump sought the death penalty of innocent black people or the Central Park Five and he said many vulgar, anti-woman comments. Many of the racists, sexists, and xenophobes voted Trump into office. This election proved that racists (whether overt or closet racists) plus sexists are pervasive in American society. We are black people. We are resilient, so we will rise. This is not the America that we ought to be. We are better than this. I'm not an ally of a bigot period. The good news that I can tell you is that we are resilient, progressive American people, so in 2 years, we can vote reactionary politicians out of office. I certainly have faith for the future. Just because a bigoted male was elected doesn't mean that we give in. We never give in or give up. We continue to live our lives and we will fight for what is right.

We know that Hollywood and many media entities promote the lie that white or lighter is a superior physical aesthetic. That is why we should always not only condemn colorism and acknowledge the reality of racism (which is repugnant) in the world. We have to be active to tell black youth about the beauty of their blackness. Dark skinned black children and black children in general should always be told by their parents or by people in general that their blackness is not only beautiful, but they deserve their human rights to be respected unconditionally. This is a sad story and I feel for Kenzo. I hope that Hounsou tells his child that white superiority is a myth and that his son should love his own image. More stories should show our black image in a fair fashion. There should be more independent films and comics about Queen Nzinga, Harriet Tubman, Robert F. Williams, Ella Baker, and other heroes or strong leaders. We are a diverse people and we are part of the human family too. It is differently important that parents have the responsibility to instill into children self-esteem and the truth, so they can love their being (and not be swayed by lying propaganda). Parents must be part of the solution making process involving this situation not just other entities. Our humanity matters. Structures must change and a more progressive reality must exist where no black child worships whiteness, but all black children acknowledge the dynamic humanity of their Blackness. That aim is what we're fighting for. Parents of black children, children of color, or biracial children should teach their children about the intrinsic, sacrosanct value of their identities as human beings.

One of the greatest blessings in the world is charity. For those of us who live on the Earth, use the Internet, travel to many places, and have a place to live on the Earth, we are blessed. Therefore, it is subsequently our duty to help our neighbors, especially those who are struggling. Millions of people around the world live on a $1 a day. There are people in America still suffering the aftermath of floods and a Hurricane. We witness many tensions in our world too. Everything we help someone out of a sincere motivation, then we bless that person and ourselves. So, it is right to do charity and to use almsgiving not because of selfish motivations. We don't need our egos to be boasted. We want our souls to be lifted, and we want lives to be transformed progressively. One of the great ways in making society better is by helping the sick, educating the youth on the real world, and taking our time to stand up for just causes. There are many causes like fighting for the human right of health care and standing up against vicious diseases. The work will not be easy, but the benefits are glorious and truly sacrosanct. We live in a new generation filled with challenge and hope. It is a generation with a rendezvous with destiny and that destiny can be fulfilled with the dedicated efforts of heroic human beings who know the past and desire a better future for all. We love Africa, we love our Blackness, and we love truth too. We are part of a resilient heritage and a long history (which has been filled with architects, musicians, civil rights leaders, other scholars, scientists, inventors, teachers, lawyers, etc.). We may be tired at times, but we a'int defeated. Therefore, the torch of the proclamation of liberty have been passed to us and we will fulfill our obligations to help each other, to care for each other, and to live our the principles that the saints and the courageous human beings before us lived for and died for. We want human justice and we mean it. We certainly not only believe in the Dream, but we want the Dream to be fulfilled comprehensively.

She is Sister Camilla Ella Williams. She lived from 1919 to 2012. She was an African American opera singer. She was the first African American to receive a regular contract with a major American opera company called the New York City Opera. She sang worldwide and she was the first African American appointed as Professor of Voice at Indiana University. She taught there until 1997. She was born in Danville, Virginia. Danville is in the south central region of Virginia near North Carolina. She was part of a family of singers. Her grandparents and parents were musicians. She worked hard in her craft and her late husband was the civil rights lawyer Charles T. Beavers. We honor her work while she was on this Earth physically. Also, this story documents once again Black Excellence. This story documents that no matter where you are born or who you are, you have equal value, you have a purpose, and you have the right to legitimately advance your pursuit of happiness.

Also, it is important to defend and honor black women. Black women are glorious. We live in an age where tons of black women are unfairly demonized, disrespected, and scapegoated,. I don't tolerate that (and misogynoir is evil and should be eradicated), because black women are leaders in our community from the beginning of human history to the present. Harriet Tubman, Ella Baker, Septima Clark, and other Sisters were leaders in our black community. Therefore, we should always respect black women as the Mothers of human life and as powerful, intelligent, beautiful, and resilient human beings. We respect ourselves when we respect and honor black women. I always love black women forever. My mother and my female adult relatives are black women. I also respect black men fighting for change and doing what is right too. There are tons of black mothers and black fathers caring for their families and enriching their communities in America and throughout the world. I believe in building people up, standing together, and I respect the beauty of the cultures of the African Diaspora and of Africa too.
Bless Black Women.

By Timothy

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