Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Eve

With all of the ridiculous hate speech and misogyny that he has spewed, Trump has some nerve to criticize the inoffensive statements of the Hamilton cast. How dare he demand that cast issue an apology when that cast wants Pence to live up to the values of tolerance, human justice, and respect for human life. How dare Trump lecture anyone on discourse when he disrespected a disabled person, disrespected women, disrespected immigrants, and used ad hominem attacks against his political opponents. Trump has slandered the Central Park Five to this day. The Central Park Five are black people. The Trump supporters ignore how Trump has lied about the Central Park Five. He is a hypocrite and a male that I don't respect. I'm not surprised that many people voted for a racist and exist like Trump since America is filled with numerous deplorable people who care more for theocratic tyranny, free market fundamentalism, and Hotepism than black liberation and human justice. That is my take and it is a real take on the shame of America. Hamilton's cast has the free speech right to speak their minds. Also, people like me have criticized many policies from neoliberal Democrats for years and the reactionary policies from Republicans. So, no one can accuse people like us for only criticizing one major party since we criticized police brutality, gentrification, and other evils done by both Democrats and Republicans. It is Trump who needs to apologize for his many abhorrent statements. I will refute reactionaries quick, fast, and in a hurry. Trump is not my President. He's a disgrace.

Donald Trump has proposed many militarists in his cabinet. Trump is assembling a very right wing and militarist administration. He retains personal control over his multibillion dollar business empire. Recently, Trump met with retired General James N. Mattis. He was responsible for the U.S. war crimes in the Iraqi city of Fallujah. Mattis could be the new defense secretary. Mitt Romney is being considered secretary of state too when he wants more increased U.S. military aggression. Also, Romney criticized Trump for his misogyny and xenophobia, but he wants to be part of his administration. This is a sign of hypocrisy not courage. Mike Pompeo is being considered for CIA director too. Leading Democrats now in many cases are not showing strong opposition to this horrific reality. Many Democrats believe in the myth that using “common ground” with Trump can help America. Yet, the Democrats for decades have used centrism, triangulation, and neoliberal policies and those policies don’t work to create revolutionary change. Revolutionary change revolves around the condemnation of the current capitalist system and forming independent, progressive policies to help humanity. Many Democrats want to ally with Trump’s economic nationalist and protectionist policies when they forget that multinational corporations (not all Mexicans and all Chinese people) are responsible for trade problems. America First nationalism is very similar to the nationalism of other demagogues in history.

Mattis and Romney believe that the Obama administration hasn’t done enough in its militarism when the current administration has been at war for its entire eight years in office against a total of six different countries, for supposed reticence in using military force. Mattis is already a veteran of several American wars of aggression. As a brigadier general, he led a Marine battalion in the invasion of Kuwait during the Gulf War of 1991, one of history’s most lopsided imperialist slaughters. In brief fighting, as many as 100,000 Iraqi soldiers were killed, mostly in their bunkers or in retreat, as compared to 147 “coalition” casualties. Mattis then commanded forces in the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, in 2001-2002, and the “shock and awe” invasion of Iraq, in 2003. On the contrary, Mattis revels in killing. In early 2005, months after the massacres of defenseless civilians in Fallujah and Mukaradeeb, he was caught on video telling a San Diego audience that he enjoyed the slaughter. “It’s a h__ of a hoot,” Mattis said. “It’s fun to shoot some people. I’ll be right up there with you. I like brawling… it's a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them.” So, Mattis’ words show sadism and a bloodlust. Romney is more hawkish towards Russia than Trump. Trump has met with proponents of charter schools and school privatization like Michelle Rhee (a Democrat) and Betty DeVos (from the American Federation of Children organization). Recently, Trump met with leaders of the media in order for him to criticize them and try to convince them to ally with him. Trump has one of the most overly right wing, militarist, and authoritarian agendas in American history. Also, we are in solidarity with the Native Americans (and their allies) in Standing Rock in North Dakota fighting for their human rights as well. We should always respect the environment. We believe in justice.

Some many young people are doing great work. She is a young woman named Sister Codie Elaine Oliver. She is a graduate of Howard University including from the and the Peter Stark Producing Program at USC. She is an independent filmmaker too. She was born in the same year as me. She has worked in feature film development at Fox Searchlight Pictures and crafted original events and supported filmmaking programs at Film Independent, the Los Angeles Film Festival, and the Independent Spirit Awards. She has a great light and we congratulate her on her gifts and accomplishments. Yesterday was Brother Guion Bluford's Birthday. He is 73 years old. History has been made by him for decades. He was born in Philadelphia. He has flown planes for the U.S. Air Force. By August of 1979, he was a NASA astronaut. Later, he became the first African American to travel into space in 1983. He participated in four Space Shuttle flights between 1983 and 1992. He knows about aesopace engineering too. After NASA, he continues to work in engineering. His life represents how important it is for anyone to honor STEM fields. The power to change the world is in our hands. Guion Bluford will inspire people in the future as well. In our history, we have legends. One legend is the late Sister named Roger Arliner Young. She lived from 1889 to 1964. She was a zoologist and a biologist. She changed the world with her love of science and her dedication to intellectual excellence. She was first African-American woman to receive a doctorate in zoology. During her long career she studied radiation, paramecium, and hydration and dehydration of living cells. Rest in Power Sister Roger Arliner Young.

We need solutions indeed. Schools should teach black youth about building cars, investigating financial topics, learning self defense techniques, and developing tools for creating things (especially in our generation). We desire ending poverty, ending injustice, and creating a society whereby we are truly free. Many people are right to talk about growing the black community's economic base. With a powerful economic base, then we can get the resources to defend our communities more thoroughly. Also, change should exist to improve our environment. Flint has taught us that clean water, shelter, and infrastructure must be grown in our communities and that compassion for our people is of a paramount importance. Collectively, we can change the world. Some of our people have the will to change and some of our people don't. One of the greatest acts of kindness in the world is to tell people the honest truth and inspire them to move forward and fight for their human rights.

By Timothy

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