Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Cultural Information (75 Years After Pearl Harbor)

Today is the 75th anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor is located in Hawaii. The Japanese attack against the U.S. military base caused 68 people to be killed and 35 people to be wounded. Many American battlefields and aircraft were destroyed. A large part of the Pacific Fleet was located in Pearl Harbor, which is why the Japanese forces attacked it. Before Pearl Harbor, U.S. and Japanese relations broke down. During that era, Japan expanded its empire throughout South east Asia including the Philippines. Japanese had a huge industry and built up its military forces since the early 20th century. Both sides tried to talk and have a deal with the goal of preventing war. Yet, those talks failed. Japan wanted to execute an attack in order to prevent the U.S. Pacific Fleet from interfering with its military actions in Southeast Asia. Yet, the attack had an opposite effect. The attack caused America to declare war against Japan and Nazi Germany. The attack caused President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to call the attack as occurring on a day that will live in infamy. American forces overtly were involved in World War II (while before the attack, the U.S. gave covert support to the Allied Powers via Lend-Lease, etc. There was still a strong non-interventionist or isolationist movement in America as late as 1940). Hitler later declared war on America. The attack on Pearl Harbor was a war crime just like the 2 atomic bomb attacks in Hiroshima and Nagasaksi. Admiral Hara Tadaichi summed up the Japanese result by saying, "We won a great tactical victory at Pearl Harbor and thereby lost the war.” Many American heroes saved lives and helped people during the Pearl Harbor attack. Unfortunately, anti-Japanese racism increased during WWII with many innocent Japanese citizens being forced to go into internment camps (which is a slick way of describing concentration camps). The U.S. government apologized for this violation of the human rights of Japanese Americans. The attack against Pearl Harbor was callous and evil. Pearl Harbor was an event that caused major American involvement in WWII and it changed the world forever.

The video from the Sandy Hook group certainly deals with 3 issues. One issue is that gun violence is a serious problem in America plus in the world. Gun violence must be fought against using a myriad of methods. Education is important, gun laws must be part of the equation , and other solutions are key. Also, the victims of gun violence aren't just white people. There are many black people who are victims of gun violence in schools and in other locations. Many people talk about the tragedy of Sandy Hook (as we should mourn the loss of the innocent people at Sandy Hook) while ignoring the tons of black people who die of gun violence too. We must oppose gun violence and we don't want innocent people to be murdered regardless of his or her skin color. The second issue is that warning signs are important things to consider. We have to be vigilant against evil . The third issue is that many murderers and killers are not the stereotypically "loners" alone. The vast majority of quiet kids or introverted children are not murderers, and they are not people who plan to kill people as many people as accurately stated. People have the right to peacefully wear headphones. Many of the most vicious criminals in history are outgoing and are very personable people. Therefore, we have to realize that murdering criminals exist among every background and they exist among a diversity of personalities. This commercial certainly shows a story about an important issue. Also, we have to fill in the blanks of that commercial in order for the total story of gun violence is known to the people. In the final analysis, we want lives to be saved, we believe in altruism, and we desire the Golden Rule to be advanced.

This upcoming Trump regime is going to be one of the most right wing administrations in American history. White nationalists include many of Trump allies. I'm not surprised that the reactionary Ben Carson was chosen as the head of HUD, because of many of the far right black people are allies of white far right extremists like Trump. In fact, many of the views of Hoteps are similar to the views of white supremacists. Now, Ben Carson was a neurosurgeon. Congress will definitely discuss about his qualifications and he doesn't have extensive experience in dealing with nationwide housing services or dealings with HUD on a day by day basis. Carson is known to make egregious, false statements like the ACA is the worst thing since slavery, or how Muslims ought to be disqualified from running for President (which is unconstitutional). Theocrats, militarists, and extremists like Giuliani, Flynn, DeVos, etc. are either proposed cabinet members or close Trump allies. I reject Trump's agenda 100 percent and he is not my President period. People in urban housing or any housing don't need Horatio Alger lectures. They need investments, living wages, universal health care, an end to the War on Drugs, an end to mass incarceration, and affordable, quality education. This story is a total tragedy. I send prayers and condolences to the family and friends of Brother Joe McKnight. That white male has a history of road rage incidents. He even punched a person before. Therefore, I will not take Gasser's word for it. Like always, an independent investigation should happen to ascertain the comprehensive truth. We have seen stories like this all of the time. If a black man killed a white man in that fashion, that black man would be placed under the jail and everyone knows this. There are double standards in this world. The killer of the Brother being let out of jail and not charged immediately (until later) is typical unfortunately in American society. Obviously, Joe McKnight doesn't deserved to be killed in that manner. McKnight's wife Racquel was shot in her leg too, So, that killer should be given a trial and convicted. Racquel is right to want justice. People argue constantly in the world,but an unarmed black man doesn't deserve a death sentence. An unarmed man was killed. This story is why more and more black people are promoting being armed and self defense. Many white people are ruthless psychopaths literally. There are plenty of stories where many whites pointed guns at the police, curse at the police, and wave guns at the police without being shot by the police. Yet, many black people are killed within seconds, even if they are unarmed. So, we must not be naive. We are in a situation where we must advance unity and black solidarity to get justice in our lives.

The NoDAPL movement reminds us that environmental protection is important. The indigenous peoples of America were victims of genocide and other forms of oppression by imperialists. Today, tons of people throughout the world has united to try to stop that pipeline from being constructed. This news is good news and the battle for justice continues. Many veterans also have put their lives on the line to protect the Native population in North Dakota too. We shall not forget that crooked cops in that land have used water cannons and other acts of brutality against the protesters. We shall not forget how many private security teams mistreated the protesters too. Like usual, the Trump administration approves of this pipeline. This once again proves that many Trump supporters (many of these supporters are racists, sexists, and xenophobes) are not on the side of justice. Therefore, I hope that the NoDAPL movement is completely successful. The truth always remains. People are sick and tired of far right extremists and their lies. Tomi Lahren is a far right extremist who said the common post racial lie that she doesn't see color. The truth is that just because people see color doesn't mean that these people are racist. I see color and I believe in justice at the same time. Therefore, it is perfectly just for individuals to be color-respectful not believing in the myth of a post racial society. Trevor Noah did refute Tomi Lahren on her points. We have the reality of systematic racism, the BLM is not equivalent to the Klan, and black people have every right to advocate for black liberation. Also, Colin Kaepernick is right to use his inoffensive protest to stand up for justice (as the original national anthem glamorized slavery and the national anthem was created by a slave owning racist). Also, Roland Martin refuted that white supremacist Richard Spencer on the Newsone show too. So, it doesn't take much to refute reactionary extremists like Tomi Lahren. We should use our vigilance, our discernment, and our strength to stand on our principles and to advocate the great value of social justice.

One of the greatest, iconic heroes of our community was Sister Joyce Carol Thomas. She was a great human being. She was born in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Her life consisted of the love of helping others and using determination to promote the glory of reading. Unsung heroes are very crucial in making the world a better place. Joyce Carol Thomas was a poet, a playwright, a motivational speaker, and an author of more than 30 children's books. She lived to promote joy in the lives of humanity and she passed away in August 13, 2016 at the age of 78. Rest in Power Sister Joyce Carol Thomas. We are also always in solidarity with our Afro-Canadian Brothers and Sisters. They are diverse. Many live in Ontario, some live in Nova Scotia, and others live throughout Canada from Vancouver to Montreal. There is a strong black community in Halifax too. Afro-Canadians have a long history and there are cultural differences between African Americans and Afro-Canadians. Yet, we are all unified as being part of one people. Tons of Afro-Canadians have ancestry from the Caribbean. That is why there is a strong black Caribbean community in Toronto and throughout Canada. Many black people in Canada are fighting police brutality, racial profiling, and economic deprivation just like black people in the States are doing. Also, many great people from Tamia to Deborah Cox were born in Canada. There is the Amherstburg Freedom Museum in Amherstburg, Ontario. Back during the antebellum period of the 19th century, many black people came into Canada via the Underground Railroad. It is a historic site that has a log cabin and an original church that was built by former slaves. It has exhibits about the Underground Railroad. It celebrates Black Canadian culture and its ties to the United States of America.
Bless the Afro-Canadian people.

By Timothy

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