Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wednesday Information in Mid December 2016

Also, it is important to remember the unsung heroes who are changing the world positively too. There are many human beings who are enriching society without fanfare and they deserve our honor and respect too. We are in solidarity with the residents of Flint, Michigan who are suffering polluted water. We also praise charities and other legitimate organizations feeding the homeless, the poor, and others in need of food. During this time of the year, it is perfectly acceptable to give time, economic resources, and just plain love to help our neighbors. In the final analysis, we are exceptional, we are human, and we don't need to be arrogant. We should be humble, strong, and true to the truth. Our ancestors sacrificed such much for us and we continue to live our lives in an audacious fashion. This isn't the same Kanye who called Bush as a person who doesn't care about black people. This isn't the same Kanye from 2003. He is now allying with a man who represents everything antithetical to freedom and justice. Trump's proposed cabinet include some of the most right wing, extremist people in America (from Mattis to Rick Perry). The problem definitely relates to the serious problem that many people still worship whiteness as infallible. Some people not only want whiteness to be the sole standard of value in society. Some folks literally worship whiteness as an essence of their measuring stick, which is sick, evil and wrong. Kanye lusts for attention, fame, and fortune, but he has forsaken his integrity by sucking up to a male who has explicitly denigrated women, immigrants, and so many other human beings. I don't chase after whiteness. I love my Blackness. In essence, Kanye wanted white acceptance, but many whites won't accept him as a total human being. Many whites just use him as a token to promote the myth that allying with one black person negates their racism, xenophobia, and other form of bigotry.

You know what I'm going to type. That white women's (or the wife of Nick Harris) words are repulsive. How dare she disrespect her daughter in that fashion. How dare she say that she wishes that her daughter wouldn't exist in the word. If I have a daughter, I will respect her and not malign her existence like that disgraceful "mother" has done. The father is acting silly, because he knows full well that the white mother has told similar comments before and even worse probably behind closed doors. This story is why people have to vet relationships in general. There is no excuse for a grown mother to disrespect a daughter in that manner. Cornrows are beautiful and I feel sorry for the little child who has done nothing wrong. She is innocent and she deserves much more respect. Some IRs are like this too. The sad thing is that many black males will continue to lay up with these same white racist women. This is a wake up call in our generation. Unfortunately, some of our people will not wake up. We have to defend Blackness in public and in private. No one can be naive on the viciousness of racism.

It is obvious what the truth is. Pamela Ramsey Taylor should be fired period. Any other person in other job settings would be fired, yet she still has her job. That is wrong and represents the disgrace found in many parts of American society. First Lady Michelle Obama is owed dignity and respect just like other human beings are owed. Michelle Obama has worked hard throughout her life to advance fitness, to promote education, to respect women's rights, and to advance the rights of girls worldwide. She has given eloquent speeches to advocate for racial justice, gender justice, environmental justice, and human rights in general. She has great compassion for people and her wisdom is indescribable. First Lady Michelle Obama is outgoing and a Sister who speaks truth to power. She is a mother, a wife, and her own woman. First Lady Michelle Obama is the greatest First Lady in American history and she is a very gorgeous black woman too. As she has mentioned, when the haters go low, we go high. First Lady Michelle Obama represents elegance, class, intellectual depth, and strength plus grace to the fullest. It is always important to decipher the truth during this age. Any media that uses blatant falsehoods for the sake of getting the story out as soon as possible represents a departure from the essence of supporting integrity. Therefore, Denzel Washington told the truth about how exposing fake news as not only repugnant, but reprehensible in any society.

Dionne Warwick is a legendary singer. She is 76 years old now. She was born in East Orange, New Jersey. New Jersey is home to tons of strong people and human beings with magnificent talent in a myriad of fields. Dionne Warwick is an actress too along with being a TV host. She is the 2nd most charted vocalist of all time. She is related to Cissy Houston and Whitney Houston. She has been singing for decades. One of her early hits was "Don't Make Me Over" from 1962. She is also famous for her classic record "Walk on By" which came out in 1964. Her singer is soulful, exquisite, sophisticated, and just plain glorious. When you listen to her music, it gives you happiness and a feeling of a great feeling. She has 2 children and I wish more blessings for her. Viola Davis' speech included powerful words, important lessons, and golden advice for any woman. She is a black woman who has worked so hard for herself and for her family. She not only loves acting. She loves to express herself as a way for her to inspire so many people in the world. Her beauty is found in her dark complexion, in her great talent, and in her glorious determination to achieve her goals. Her roles deal with many concepts and issues. Yet, she wants people to experience her talent and rejects the goal of making her confirm to the whims of the tide of conformity. She honors her age, her hue, and her being. She is the living refutation of colorism and she is Black Excellence personified. I wish the best for Sister Viola Davis.

I love to listen to music too. Music helps me to think more creatively. It can inspire me to write at times too. I love the music from Corrine Bailey Rae, Estelle, Motown artists, Marvin Gaye, Solange, Leona Lewis, Odetta, Sade, Anita Baker, Toni Braxton, and so many other artists worldwide. A lot of people promote health wellness, exercise,and fitness here in Facebook and we all honor them. We do this not to promote Lookism (or bigotry based on someone's physical appearance). I believe in the Golden Rule. We know that beauty is diverse and beauty is found in diverse sizes, colors, and personalities. We promote healthy living, because it lead to many benefits in humanity emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually. We also love people. One of the greatest forms of love is to inspire people to live their lives to the fullest. That is why I do believe in eating many fruits and vegetables, drinking water (as water cleanses the skin and cleanses the rest of the human body), and expressing a mentality of positivity. One of the goals for us as a community is to help educate the youth, from the poorest of our people onward, about STEM Technology and financial information. In that sense, enterprises can grow in our community and our generational wealth is passed down to our future descendants. With the growth of automation, we have to form strategies to fight poverty and the digital divide in our community. We want more black women and black men scholars, business leaders, authors, IT specialists, doctors, lawyers, educators, and other leaders.

By Timothy

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