Friday, December 23, 2016

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During this time of the year, we relax, we celebrate with family, and we acknowledge the blessings that we have. This is one of my favorite times of the year since this month has my birthday and because of the joy and camaraderie we experience during this season. As we get older, we know lessons. We learn about sticking together as human beings, we learn about eliminating distractions, and embracing love for wisdom. I do greatly appreciate the friends sending me great messages (you know who you are). I respect the concepts of equality and justice. Our people have experienced a long journey in human history. From thousands of years ago in Africa to the American shores, we have invented, we have spoke up for freedom, and we have inspired the human family in glorious ways. We made progress in many ways, but we have so much more to go. 2017 is almost here, but our quintessential commitment to freedom remains in our souls forever. We believe in miracles too. It took a miracle for the Civil Rights Act to be passed. There are countless stories where many people survived diseases and other illnesses in miraculous fashions. We are inspired by the past. Likewise, we recognize the contributions of so many people in the present who love philanthropy, who are engaged in helping the youth, and who are expressing their ideals eloquently & with vigor.

Today is the Birthday of the late great Sister Madam CJ Walker. Her gifts were diverse and abundant. She is part and parcel of our African American history. She changed the world and changed the game in many ways from entrepreneurship to other aspects of human endeavors. She was born in 1867 near Delta, Louisiana. She lived to be a very successful African American businesswoman. Her original name is Sarah Breedlove. She lived in St. Louis and moved into Denver. She built a business involving beauty products and her production expanded into multiple cities across America. She hired thousands of women to sale her products globally. She worked in politics to speak up for social and racial justice. Her friends and associates included Booker T. Washington, Mary McLeod Bethune, and W. E. B. Du Bois, among others. She opposed lynching and worked with the NAACP to protest anti-black pogroms in America. Prior to her death in 1919, Walker pledged $5,000 (the equivalent of about $65,000 in 2012) to the NAACP's antilynching fund. At the time it was the largest gift from an individual that the NAACP had ever received. Walker bequeathed nearly $100,000 to orphanages, institutions, and individuals; her will directed two-thirds of future net profits of her estate to charity. In May 25, 1919, she passed away at the age of 51. Her daughter, A'Lelia Walker, became the president of the Madame C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company. A'Lelia Walker also worked in the historic, cultural Harlem Renaissance. Her legacy involved the promotion of entrepreneurship and philanthropy in the world society. She also represents one of the greatest black people of the early 20th century. Her spirit lives on, her courage is sacrosanct, and we humbly respect her graciousness plus her accomplishments.
Rest in Power Sister Madam C.J. Walker.

With all of the issues in the world, we believe in peace still. Believing in peace has nothing to do with having naivete. It has nothing to do with blatantly ignoring the problems of the day. It has to do with seeking peace as a long term goal that we are greatly devoted in achieving. We have the right to advocate for the same principles of excellence, justice, and human dignity. That precisely entails that we promote true education. Education doesn't deal with just random memorization of information. Education deals with analyzing information, applying facts to enable authentic, progressive social change. That is why we reject excessive militarism and a lust for the glamorization of the expansion of nuclear weaponry. This is why precisely we believe in compassion sent to the refugees (of any color), because of the just writ of treating our neighbors as ourselves. Creating this peace will not be easy. Still, we have the capability though to formulate cooperation, negotiations, and strong diplomacy with other countries in order for solutions to transpire. History has taught us about how negotiations can bring positive results. The practical nuclear test ban treaty of 1963 (during the time of the Cold War when debates raged on what to do) was instituted by negotiations. The Voting Rights Act was achieved by the acts of heroic men, women, and children who didn't wavered in their commitment to social justice. Therefore, we should not be naive in the world, but we should enact mutual tolerance, an end to evil enmities, and the focus on human improvement in our world society. So, we have faith. I remember hearing that faith can move mountains. A faith that can move mountains has certainly been true. For example, Harriet Tubman had faith and she saved so many lives in the Underground Railroad. The faith of so many heroes along with factions caused tons of progressive change in our land to help black people (as Black is Beautiful. I believe in black liberation), other minorities, women, immigrants, etc. We shouldn't underestimate the power of unsung heroes and the power of truth. We will keep on going and: Still, we wise.

Exercise is important too. There are a lot of great people here who promote exercise and are fitness gurus. You know who you are and I love those human beings like you were my own relatives. Also, it is important these heroes advancing fitness are honorable, selfless, and humble people. They have a great love in inspiring people and show how fitness can cause a manifold of blessings for individuals. Also, it is important to always reject prejudice based on physical appearance. We know that beauty is found in a diversity of sizes, colors, and other diverse ways in which humanity manifest themselves. We believe in the Golden Rule. Beauty is never monolithic. Many people go into the gym to exercise. One lesson that I have learned when going into a gym is to always ask questions. There is no shame in it. If you have difficulty in using a machine and you want help in using a device, ask for help. Also, you also don't need a gym to get healthier too. There are plenty of videos and other modes of information that show great techniques and exercises in how people can get more fit.  Also, another lesson that I have learned is that eating fruits with the colors of ROY G. BIV is just glorious. Fruits and Vegetables decrease the chance for diseases and can improve life expectancy. Even walking for an extended period of time can improve the heart, the mind, and the rest of the body too. So, we live in a new generation. I also find that this generation is much more progressive on exercise than 20-30 years ago. Also, we have tons of people who are younger or older having fun and enjoying life.

The movement in Standing Rock continues nationwide and worldwide. This is a fight against pollution and for human rights. Recently, over 1,000 people came into Washington, D.C. They came on December 10, 2016 to promote International Human Rights Day. That was a time to show solidarity with those of Standing Rock who are water protectors. This rally was called “Standing Rock and Beyond Rally and March.” People prayed there. People used drums to welcome residents form the D.C. area. There were banners which read, "Philly for Standing Rock," "West Virginia for Standing Rock" and "Veterans for Standing Rock" joined the growing rally that gathered just west of the Capitol Reflecting Pool. "Free Leonard Peltier!" shouted Gabrielle Tayac, of the Piscataway Nation, as she kicked off the roster of speakers. Washington was the center of a week of events--including conferences, meetings, press conferences and vigils--calling for the release of one of the longest serving political prisoners in the United States. People are uniting to fight for a just cause. That cause is to protect the human rights of the indigenous people and to maintain the protection of the environment. The environment is key to human life. With a strong environment, species flourish. We need to do all that we can to oppose corporate greed and to advanced egalitarianism and human justice.

By Timothy

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