Friday, December 16, 2016

We Believe in Justice

Yesterday was a day where one murderer was convicted for many counts for his evil, heinous actions against the innocent human beings in the Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. The church has a long history in Black America. These black church members just wanted to worship God in their fashion and in their own conscience. They wanted to worship the Lord and have blessings bestowed in their lives. One murderer killed 9 people and injured one human being. The men and the women who passed away are forever remembered by us. The victims are: Cynthia Marie Graham Hurd, Susie Jackson, Ethel Lee Lance, Depayne Middleton-Doctor, Clementa C. Pinckney, Tywanza Sanders, Daniel Simmons, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, and Myra Thompson. Felecia Sanders and 2 other people are survivors. I'm glad that the murderer has been convicted. What he did was a hate crime and his racism is abhorrent. In our time, the handwriting is on the wall. We want justice and that murderer will receive justice too. We will continue to honor the memories of the Charleston 9 and we will continue to stand up for our people.  Like always, it is important to help the poor, to promote social justice, to care for the environment, to develop our infrastructure in our communities, to advance problem solving, to show compassion to the poor and the oppressed, to care for the elderly, and to proclaim the need to fight for justice.

We always honor black women. All of humanity originated from a black woman. One great black woman was Sister Addie L. Wyatt. She was a leader in the civil rights and labor rights movements. There is an intesectionality between the civil rights and the labor rights movement. For example, Dr. King spoke in labor rallies to advocate for a living wage and to an end to racial discrimination. Even Malcolm X spoke at a labor rally too. She was born in in Brookhaven, Mississippi, on March 8, 1924. She moved into Chicago and worked with the union movement for years and decades. In the early 1950's, Wyatt joined the United Packinghouse Workers of America when discovering the union did not discriminate against its members. She was a black woman who was a leader in fighting against racial and gender based discrimination in the workforce. She worked in the Montgomery Improvement Association to raise funds to promote the Montgomery Bus Boycott during the 1950's. In the early 1960's, Eleanor Roosevelt recognized her leadership abilities and appointed her to a position on the Labor Legislation Committee of the United States Commission on the Status of Women. She worked hard to fight for the human rights of African Americans. She was a very spiritual woman and she loved to fight for labor rights. A lot of things that many of us take for granted have been won by the efforts of Addie L. Wyatt. She passed away in 2012.
Rest in Power Sister Addie L. Wyatt.

Brother Hal Williams is a great actor. His Birthday was 2 days ago and he is now 78 years old. He was born in Columbus, Ohio. In 1969, he begin his career in acting. He was in a diversity of shows from Moesha to Hill Street Blues. Dignity represented his roles as he always refuted the stereotypes that many people erroneously had of black actors. He was really famous for playing a husband and a father in the classic 227 show. I remember watching that show as a child. Marla Gibbs and a myriad of talented actors and actresses were on 227. The show was based in Washington, D.C. It lasted from 1985 to 1990. He has helped his neighbors for years and decades in the world. For example, Hal Williams is also the host of the annual Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation nationally-televised telethon. Sickle cell anemia is an illness that is common in our community too. Many African Americans and other human beings experience sickle cell anemia. Power, talent, and a sense of commitment to excellence characterize the personality of Hal Williams completely. I wish the best for the Brother. One of the goals for us as a community is to help educate the youth, from the poorest of our people onward, about STEM Technology and financial information. In that sense, enterprises can grow in our community and our generational wealth is passed down to our future descendants. With the growth of automation, we have to form strategies to fight poverty and the digital divide in our community. We want more black women and black men scholars, business leaders, authors, IT specialists, doctors, lawyers, educators, and other leaders.

The school did a disgraceful job. Chris Cobb should be fired. This story documents white privilege and how many students experience victimization by racist cowards. Cobb is a callous and wicked male (not man) who hides behind "political correctness" (like many conservatives do since many of them don't care about social justice or protecting the environment for real) as a way for him to game the system. He is not alone in his abhorrent hate speech. Other white racists and many Hoteps believe in sexism, xenophobia, and denigrating other people based on their background. Racism is always an affront to human decency and it is antithetical to common human brotherhood and common human sisterhood. I am opposed to Cobb being reinstated in the school. If a non-white teacher talked about Jewish people and other groups of people in a negative way in the classroom, that teacher would be fired ASAP. So, we are sick and tired of the double standards and the black parents have every right to be rightfully angry at this injustice. Black people are never inferior to any human on this Earth period. Cobb's lies ought to be opposed and repudiated. The School board members, who supported Cobb, should be named and recognized for their cowardice and their condoning of a white racist staff member in the classroom. We want black children and any child to learn the truth about the beauty of black history, about black inventors, and about how we should be judged on our character alone not on our skin color. Yes, we are here and we will still be here. The tactics of white racists prove that they are sick, they have inferiority complexes, and they are just plain hateful. If they aren't worried about us (or black people), they would just leave us alone. The fact that they troll sites geared to discussing about black issues and they are trying to create fake accounts shows the world how insecure and desperate they are. Racism is an evil disease. They hate facts too. It is a fact that black teen pregnancy rates are in record lows. It is a fact that the life expectancy rate in the black community is increasing and that heart disease deaths in the black community are declining. It is a fact that there is record growth of black businesses run by black women in America. So, these truths are what these white supremacists ignore. I'm glad that the white supremacist media accounts are being blocked by Twitter. Twitter is a private institution. Hate speech is repugnant. These sick people can be mad, but we go high when they go low. We want black liberation. We respect our black image and we won't worship whiteness. Black is Beautiful. That is why Black inspirational power is always glorious and beautiful.

A lot of people promote health wellness, exercise,and fitness in Facebook and we all honor them. We do this not to promote Lookism (or bigotry based on someone's physical appearance). I believe in the Golden Rule. We know that beauty is diverse and beauty is found in diverse sizes, colors, and personalities. We promote healthy living, because it leads into many benefits in humanity emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually. We also love people. One of the greatest forms of love is to inspire people to live their lives to the fullest. That is why I do believe in eating many fruits and vegetables, drinking water (as water cleanses the skin and cleanses the rest of the human body), and expressing a mentality of positivity. We should remember the story about Henrietta Lacks. Her story is a story of exploitation, of medicine, and of the history of America. Henrietta Lacks was a hard working black woman. By 1951, she experienced an illness. It was an adenocarcinoma of the cervix. Part of her body was removed without her permission. The cells from her cervix were given to Dr. George Otto Gey. These cells grew back then and they continue to exist today. These cells are called the HeLa immortal cell line. They have been used in biomedical research for decades. They are identical cells and they flourish today. Many people have used them to fight polio, HIV, measles, mumps, ebola, etc. Millions of patients have been helped with the HeLa cells without the family knowing about it until decades later by 1971. The family fought and in 2013, the family got the right to make the genome of Henrietta Lacks’ genome available only to scientists who apply as well as to serve on a working group that will help review the applications. Her family never received true economic compensation for her cells. Henrietta Lacks passed away in October 4, 1951. She lived for 31 years as she was born in 1920. Her legacy is eternal.
RIP Sister Henrietta Lacks.

By Timothy

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