Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Jesuits Exposed Info Part 1


I have not heard from Brother Eric in awhile. I sent him a few posts but have not received any replies lately. I don't know if the emails I sent him are going through. I will send you the posts I sent him. God bless. Brother Nicholas N. RiveraJesuit Jubilee 2006 and the American Reich Dear Brother Eric,The Company has laid out an elaborate celebration of Jesuit Luciferians Illuminatus/Spanish Alumbrado and warlock Ignatius Loyola, Francis Xavier, and Peter Faber. The Order will mark three anniversaries. The 500th anniversary of the birth of Francis Xavier - born April 7, 1506,500th anniversary of the birth of Peter Faber - born April 13, 1506, and the 450th anniversary of the death of Ignatius Loyola who died and received his degree of hellfire and damnation July 31, 1556. The jubilee year began Dec. 3 2005. The Order loves death and in honor of Luciferian Company founder Loyola and in conjunction with celebrations throughout all of the Jesuit military fortresses (colleges and universities and high schools) in the provinces of Jesuit's annexed (Un)Holy Roman American Empire the dualistic nature of the Order demands that the Jesuits especially the Professed of the Fourth Vow fulfill their extreme bloody oath while at the same time most of the low-level Jesuits will engage in beneficent activities which are ultimately used to seduce the poor, down-trodden, and disaster-struck (especially in Southwest Asia and New Orleans at this time) to convert to Romanism.I believe the planned CFR nuclear detonations and/or biological releases overseen by the Black Pope's United Nations World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control may be carried out in 2006 during this Jesuit Jubilee. I remember what you said about the summer being the ideal time to carry this out and given the fact that Luciferian Loyola died July 31 it would fit.

The Nazis brought here through the Order's CIA Operation Paperclip which control Fourteenth Amendment America's allopathic pharmaceutical poison makers Bayer AG another name for I.G. Farben which sold Zyklon B in Poland through Karol Wojtyla (White Pope JPII) who joined the Romanist priesthood to escape being tried as the guilty war criminal he was. Pfizer, Bristol-Myer Squibb, Merck, Astra-Zeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Eli Lilly etc. will be protected by this Jesuit-controlled government from being sued in the event people are sickened or killed by their mind-altering, biologically damaging drugs. The fascist New Right headed by select Masonic and Roman Catholics voted in favor of having the government provide nonexistent financial compensation from an empty fund and the Jesuits' Big Pharma will be untouchable once the man-made biological agents Avian flu and Edward Cardinal Egan's CFR orchestrated multiple nuclear detonations are triggered.The Order's Patriot Act secretly masterminded by the Jesuits of Georgetown, and openly credited to Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Georgetown Law School prof Viet Dinh and current head of Fourteenth Amendment America's SS the Office of Homeland (equivalent of Fatherland in German) Security Michael Chertoff will be used to further centralize power in Rome on the Potomac once the Hegelian Dialectic is unleashed upon Post-Reformation America as it was on September 11, 2001.

The Order's CFR and the American Intelligence Community commanded by the Archbishop of New York will then justify an expansion of its Papal crusade and Jesuit-controlled reconstruction in the Middle East to Iran and Syria. The fascist American Empire's Vatican war machine fueled by the military-industrial complex controlled by Roman Catholics many of whom are Knights of Malta especially Frank C. Carlucci chairman of the Carlyle Group and Advisory Board member of the RAND Center for Middle East Public Policy (he benefits whether there is war or peace) and high-level Freemasons will further benefit from the created war.CFR member Grover Norquist is behind the national/domestic pro-Muslim agenda. He is the chairman of the Islamic Institute which he also founded and he has reached out to the Council on American-Islamic Relations which is according to Wikipedia "funded in a significant part by Middle Eastern sources such as the Al Maktoum Foundation, which is headed by the crown prince of Dubai and which owns the deed to CAIR's headquarters in Washington, D.C. and Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal (who recently donated to the Jesuit Georgetown School of Foreign Service and Jesuit-controlled Harvard, invested in the Carlyle Group,'s+Way (note the name of the howitzer-the Crusader) Talal donated to the George Herbert Walker Bush Scholarship Fund and donated $500,000 to CAIR to support a program that sends pro-Islam books and tapes to public libraries in the United States. Grover Norquist Luciferian dictator George W. Bush's tax policy which coupled with the Papal crusade has left Fourteenth Amendment America in economic ruin. Norquist said the Republican Party should go after the Muslim vote because "American Jews never vote Republican in large enough numbers to make a difference in elections." appears to advocate things such as ending the IRS, pro-gun ownership (Norquist is on the NRA Board of Directors) etc. that Bible believers would agree with which is why this fascist is so dangerous.

According to Citizen "Grover Norquist, whom most conservatives know as Executive Director of the College Republicans, boardmember of the NRA, and head of Americans for Tax Reform, has been exposed as helping Muslim groups and individuals who finance and support Islamic terrorism gain access to the Bush White House. Norquist has also been exposed as the founder of the Islamic Insitute, a group believed to be funded by foreign governments, Wahhab [Wahhabi] Islam elements in Saudi Arabia, and U.S. Muslim groups recently raided by a special Treasury Department task force for funding Al Qaeda and Palestinian terrorists." pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly. We have CFR Norquist has been credited in a "conservative" magazine as the man who reelected George W. Bush (meaning the CFR re-selected him) supporting Wahhabism as well as Wahhabic Islamic Masonic Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal who gave money to his Georgetown Jesuit masters. I took an Islamic Tradition course past fall semester and the information I gained from the class only further confirmed what I had already knew about Islam. It is a daughter of the Roman whore. It is steeped in Romanism. Islam believes in apparitions-in the imaginal world-which is said to be more real than the actual world which leads me to believe that the Papal Antichrist and his Black Pope have a deceptive satanic vision of Fatima planned for the Muslim peoples after this crusade ends. Fatima was Muhammad's daughter one of many for Muhammad was a polygamist and pedophile. The Shi'as view her as sacred because they claim she was the only daughter of Muhammad. According to Wikipedia "Shi'as regard Fatima as the greatest woman who has ever lived, the leader of all women in Paradise, and the pattern of female virtue. She was the wife of the first Shi'a Imam, the mother of the second and third, and the ancestress of all the succeeding Imams." (note Fatima is called the Lady of Light and the Lady of Paradise (sounds similar to Queen of Heaven which is a title of Semiramis/the Mary of Romanism) among other things.

The Sufis (mystics) especially of the intoxicated or drunken variety believe in ecstatic speech and an altered state of consciousness are to Islam what the Jesuits are to Romanism. Muhammad engaged in Tahannuth, a series of spiritual exercises in the cave of Hira (similar to Ignatius Loyola in a cave near Manresa,Catalonia) before Roman Catholic Khadijah's cousin Roman Catholic warlock and conjurer Waraqa orchestrated Muhammad's satanic visions. Muhammad was terrified because he believed he was going mad since he saw a jinn but his Romanist wife and her cousin assured him that there was nothing evil about them. "Fatima (also sometimes spelled Fatimah) then was the child of Mohammed through his first wife Khadijah. Khadijah and her Jewish Christian (really Romanist) cousin Waraqah bin Nawfal were instrumental in manipulating the impressionable Mohammed, just as many centuries later the Jesuit Father Staempfle was instrumental in manipulating the impressionable Hitler.

Hitler and Mohammed were remarkably similar in character." According to Victor Bissett, Arabia had a surprisingly large number of Christians prior to and around Muhammad’s time. Though the bedouin of the Hijaz region were pagan, many tribesof Arabia had accepted some form of Christianity. Eventwo tribes of the Hijaz were Christian. The traditionsays that Muhammad wore long gowns given to him by desertmonks there. While Muhammad was a youth, even King Nu‘manof Hira converted to Christianity.Remember that after his initial revelations,Muhammad did not know whether he had become a poet orpossessed, or the both at once, a state greatly fearedby Arabs at the time. Khadija went, apparently withMuhammad, to see her cousin Waraqa Ibn Naufal, an oldman “who knew the Scriptures of the Jews and Christians.” He had even written down the Gospels “in Hebrew”.Waraqa saw in the revelation the same sort ofmanifestation as at the Burning Bush. Waraqa’s wordto Khadija was: “So he will assuredly be the prophetto his own people. Tell him so and have him stand firm”(Al-Tabari). It is worth noting the precise wording ofWaraqa’s understanding, because Waraqa remained aChristian all his life.

We can note at this point thatKhadija had another Christian cousin Uthman ibnAl-Huwayrith who became a Christian at the Byzantine court.Brother, I have an idea for a book I believe the Lord has laid on my heart to write and it is an urgent call to write it before this nation gets a taste of the Dark Ages. The time is short The book would be titled "American Reich: The Nazification and Fall of the Post-Reformation American Empire" and I will go into detail in my next post about my thesis. In a nutshell, my thesis is that after the United States of America experienced a war within-the American War between the States/Civil War it became an empire shortly after and got involved in its first foreign war with Theodore Rex Roosevelt against Spain which had expelled Jesuits. The Order used its new American Empire to punish her. Throughout the 20th century the American Empire has been in a war without with military installations throughout the world being a socialist-communist in denial. Since World War II, the American Empire remained socialist-communist but has gradually moved toward fascism and since the Vietnam War (Spelly's War) it has been officially fascist.

Since the destruction of the Democratic Party courtesy of Jesuit Robert F, Drinan with his abortion agitation which prepared the way for the Order's Religious Right led by SMOM and Freemasonry and Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor and DeMolay Freemason William Jefferson Clinton (I suspect Clinton is an undercover Jesuit) who stained the Democratic Party through his adultery (I believe this was orchestrated to give the New Right Republican Party the moral high ground and its phony faith and values platform) Clinton's impeachment hearings were coordinated and led by CFR members like Madeleine Albright (now a Georgetown prof) high-level Freemasons like Arlen Specter and Jesuit-trained Senators and Representative like Rep.Henry Hyde (R-Illinois) who chaired the proceedings. Jesuit Drinan in 1998, testified before Congress in opposition to President Bill Clinton's impeachment. He stated that impeaching President Clinton would harm the nation, as the country would be "paralyzed for some six months…This nation has a right to demand that an impeachment effort with no bipartisan support whatsoever should be reconsidered and postponed." With this humiliating and devastating blow to the Democratic Party, the Order destroyed it so this nation would have one party in power-the Republican Party and its Religious Right which has done more to further the Order's dream of "blessed despotism" which that traitor honorary 32nd Degree Freemason and Knight of Malta Ronald Wilson Reagan fulfilled the prerequisite to usher it in by reestablishing diplomatic ties with the (Un)Holy See-the Vatican since the U.S. severed them after the Jesuit assassination of Abraham Lincoln masterminded by Jesuit Bernardine Wiget and John Surratt. Reagan who is known as the first "Christian" right president was not a Christian at all but an unsaved Protestant.

He took his oath of office twice one day he took it facing the Masonic Washington Monument, a symbol of Baal worship and another day designated by his and his wife's astrologer. Reagan's father Jack was a Roman Catholic and his mother was a Campbellite (Disciple of Christ better known as Church of Christ)meaning she believed in the heresy of baptismal regeneration. Ronald was baptized in his mother's church at age 10. Reagan was an unregenerate and wicked man. He never went to a church during his terms. His specific beliefs were left to speculation. He had the most Roman Catholic administration in the history of the U.S. presidency. This is evidenced by his Cabinet especially. know the effeminate, phony, fake, pro-freewill, anti-election/predestination professing "Christianity" which embraces the Roman leaven of ecumenicism and Jesuit heresy of Arminianism is popular. It is not Biblical Christianity because the government is growing increasingly evil. If it were Biblical there would be no Office of Homeland Security, Iraq war, etc. because the nation would be protected and blessed but it is under the judgment of God and the sentence will soon be carried out (I believe we are already seeing it). Jesuitical futurism popularized by Freemason Tim LaHaye and ecumenical Jerry B. Jenkins perversion Left Behind (which hides the identity of Antichrist which is the Pope and the office of the Papacy), The Purpose Driven Life, The Prayer of Jabez, all of the televangelists all of which are ecumenical, many of whom are Charismatics and/or Freemasons, the contemporary "Christian" music, the images of the Christ of Romanism from art and the Jesuit theater dwell in the minds of Romanists, Protestants and dare I say even Bible believers alike. It is imperative that we be iconoclasts and that we ask the Lord to tear down the pictures in our minds, hearts, homes, and churches through prayer and Bible study.

We ought to shun any "religious" images and symbols like crosses, fish car magnets (which symbolize Dagon not Jesus Christ), WWJD? all of the silly fads designed to make merchandise of the saints, movies put out by Hellywood like the Poison of the Antichrist and any film that claims to be about the Jesus Christ of the Bible-we don't need pictures or images we have the Book with the words of living God that present the plan of the ages without images or pictures. All of these fads and images of Arminian ecumenical pro-Jesuit pop-"Christianity" are tools of the devil to steal and choke the seed of the word of God in our hearts. The object of this pop-Christianity is to focus on things-symbols instead of the word of God and hiding it in our hearts. This counterfeit knows nothing of dying to the world and being alive unto God, decreasing while the Lord increases, Yea and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. For thy sake we are killed all the day long, we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ liveth in me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me. May the Lord bless you dear brother.

Brother Nicholas N. Rivera



Dear Brother Eric,I did a Google search for the recent interview you gave at Eye on the Future and I came across this link "2002 Archive of Extremist Events by State" on the Law Enforcement Agency Resource Network. "Its purpose is "ADL Training and Resources to Assist Law Enforcement in Fighting Extremism and Terrorism"See under California-Conspiracy Con 2002A conference focusing on various anti-government [Jesuit-controlled government like this one. We are a truly patriotic people. We are not against the Bible believing Protestant Republic founded by our Baptist and Calvinist forefathers and the Constitution they framed] anti-Semitic [Masonic Jewish Zionists to be exact not the beloved Hebrew/Jewish/Israelitic race in general and all Arabs are Semites being the descendants of Ishmael who was a Semite as was his father Abraham], and anti-Christian [Romanist and the World Gentile Jesuit Conspiracy] conspiracy theories.Note: Speakers include Bo Gritz, Eustace Mullins, Eric Jon Phelps [Obviously the Pharisaical Talmudic Kabbalist Masonic Jewish Zionists show no regard for the commandment "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour"]See the other entries which include Health and Freedom Rally, Tax Freedom Rally, and Conspiracy Con 2002 are falsely equated with "Hitler's Birthday Bash" "Hallow-Caust" etc.On the subject of the Ten Commandments, the monoliths and monuments in the courthouses across the nation are Masonic.

According to Wikipedia "There is an ongoing dispute [Jesuit/Masonic agitation] in the United States concerning the posting of the Ten Commandments on public property. Certain conservative religious groups, alarmed by the banning of officially-sanctioned prayer from public schools by the U.S. Supreme Court, have sought to protect their right to express their religious beliefs in public life. As a result they have successfully lobbied many state and local governments to display the ten commandments in public buildings. As seen above, any attempt to post the Decalogue on a public building necessarily takes a sectarian stance; Protestants and Roman Catholics number the commandments differently. Hundreds of these monuments – including some of those causing dispute – were originally placed by director [Freemason] Cecil B. DeMille as a publicity stunt to promote his 1956 film The Ten Commandments" From Van Orden v. Perry (03-1500): This case involves a six-foot tall granite monument containing the Ten Commandments placed on the grounds of the Texas State Capitol at Austin in 1961 by the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

It includes:The words "Ten Commandments,"The text of the Decalogue including the words "I am the Lord thy God,"A Star of David, [Remphan]A symbol representing Jesus Christ [Romanist chi-ro a P and an X}No material from other religions is included. No text from secular sources is included.The respondent in the case is Rick Perry, in his capacity as governor of Texas and Chairman of its State Preservation Board.Here is a photo of the Texas State Capital monument [note the Masonic all-seeing eye of Horus/Lucifer/Satan]< " target=_blank>>Pro-New Religious Right Republican Party Alabama Judge Roy Moore received media attention when he opposed removing a Ten Commandments monument from the rotunda of Alabama State Judicial building.

The Alabama monument was not Masonic to my knowledge but the ones given to courthouses as a publicity stunt to promote Freemason DeMille's film were. The Fraternal Order of Eagles were fashioned after the Freemasons in that the Eagles' aeries are what the call lodges.

-Brother Nicholas N. Rivera


Dennis Day said...

As I was surfing the internet today, I found your Blog. You have a very interesting Blog. I have a website that also has information about the sons of Ishmael...
and you might want to check it out as well.

In His Service,

the sons of Ishmael

Gary said...

Would Our Lord Jesus Christ want us to CONSTANTLY dive into these various eschotological subjects...shouldn't we all be feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, giving shelter to those who don't have any...and JUST PLAIN PRAYING AND FASTING...AND WORSHIPPING THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY...and not worrying about the various emipires and ceasers...and studying the Holy Scriptures fully...not just on end-time subjects...sometimes it seems to me, that many Christians will study this subject to deeply and forget the Mercy, Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness that is of Our Lord Jesus Christ...the diving into the Old Testement leads to following Judiasm and leaving The Holy Christian Faith...we as Christians must remember that Our Lord Jesus Christ, The Son Of The Living God is the Way.

Timothy said...

Jesus would want to do both investigate eschathology and help the poor, etc. I believe in doing both.

By Timothy

Timothy said...

You are in error Gary. There is nothing wrong with learning about history, learning the Old Testament, and learning real history. Learning the Scriptures is fine as well. Not studying prophecy can lead into error.

Anonymous said...

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