Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Oil is the perfect example of one of the most largest and slickest websties on the Net. Mark Rabinowitz is the creator of that site. These words say out reality and the real seekers of truth can copy this and send it all across the Internet. I wish Oil would see these words as well. The vast majority of the information that they say are true, but some of it is false and a strong delusion to intimidate people into accepting Peak Oil. First, I will comment on the things that I do agree with Oil They are right to expose anti-Semites and other people (who aren't racists) that believe in the flawed theory of Holocaust Revisionism. The Holocaust isn't justified regardless of how many Jewish people died. On the other hand, this Revisionism have many flaws in it. I like them in exposing many of the prominent hoaxes that are so prelevant in dealing with the truth about 9/11. For example, Oil is right to expose and rebut the claims that pods or that no planes hit the Twin Towers, and other mistakes. Unlike Oil though, I don't consider Dave von Kleist and other people who support that view as shills. Most people who believe in that are sincere human beings who want the truth. They are just sincerely wrong. Just because they are wrong, doesn't mean that they have sinister motives or want to cover up something. Oil does a disservice in bashing many people with whom they disagree with. Also, Oil is right to talking about FEMA terrible response in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, information about JFK wanting to break up the Central Intelligence Agency, the evil of D.U., and other information. I support their view that the Bush administration supports the unConstitutional law of the USA Patriot Act. Like Oil, I totally disagree with the Iraq war where over 2,000 American troops have died and thousands of Iraqis civilians are dead.

The following information is what they are wrong about. They bash the Rapture as not part of Christianity, which is a direct LIE. The truth is that the early church not only believed in Bible Prophecy, but in the Rapture since the Bible in 1 Thes. and Matthew 24 clearly mention the Rapture.
Hippolytus, Victorinus, Irenaeus, and other early Christian clearly state in their own writings that the Antichrist will presecute the saints until the coming of Jesus Christ. They obsess with Peak Oil and they fail to tell their adherents that the Club of Rome, Bilderberg Group, and other people of the Elite support it. They are promoting an elite-sponosored agenda. Also, new evidence have found new oil found in Russia, the failed prediction by some of Peak Oil in 2003, oil production have increased since the 1970's, Jerome Corsi's refutation of their hero Michael Ruppert, etc. Also, countless scholars like Br. Nick Bergich, Alex Jones, Victor Thorn, Dave McGowan, and others have made legitimate criticisms of the Peak Oil theory that Oil haven't sucessfully refuted at all.

Alternative energy like hydrogen feul cells, bio-diesel, cold fusion, straight vegetable oil, hemp, free energy, etc. can easily replace foreign sources of oil, but Oil doesn't make a lot of hey about those devices at all
. They continue to demonize conservative Christianity. They lie and mentioned an article calling Hitler a Christian, but leaving out that he violated Christian principles, Hitler was into the occult (as a member of the Thule and Vril Societies), and done other deeds that never make him a Christian. That's like me saying that evil Israelis are true followers of Judaism, which is obviously wrong. They've called conservative Christians "extreme" when doctors, researchers, and competent theologians have been conservative Christians for centuries. They never make a distinction between apostate, compromising Christian (who are in league with ecumencialism, Freemasonry, SMOM, the occult, etc. like Billy Graham, Benny Hinn, Jack von Impe, Pat Robertson, Rick Warren, etc.) and real Fundamental Christianity found in David Cloud, Cutting Edge Ministries, Liberty to Captives Ministries, etc. Some conservative Christians are exposing the New World Order and other evils like torture, GM foods, biometrics, etc. They take a neutral stand on the issue on whether a controlled demolition occured on 9/11, which is cowardly. There is enough evidence to prove a controlled demolition. Victor Thorn's book 9/11 on Trial not only mention circumstantial evidence of a demolition in Towers #1, 2, and 7, but he mention engineers, witnesses, and mathematical formulas making the case of explosives in the buildings. Oil can't discount the evidence of many witnesses (like firefighters, victims, newsreporters, etc.) describing explosives in the Buildings.

Not to mention that Building Number 7 had no plane hitting it. Fire came up for an unknown reason and it fell in a symmetrical fashion in less than 7 seconds. The central portion of the building fell first then its far end fell second. That is one sign of a controlled demolition. Victor Thorn's book explains this fact rather elaborately as well. Operation Northwoods is even a government project to use terror attacks against America as a justification to attack Cuba. JFK rejected it. Most importantly they don't mention the evil history of abortion and Planned Parenthood. For example, Margaret Sanger was into the occult, wanted eugenics, and believed in abortion. Abortion is murder and kills the unborn child in a mother's womb, which is one of the most evil and cowardly things that a doctor can do. Oil omit key information as well. They omit the United Nations's evil history. Their present headquarters is on Rockefeller (Big Oil) land. They have passed plus promoted
anti-sovereignty rules and proposals, anti-gun rules, and enforced unfair population control (with abortion and sterilization) efforts against people of color in the Third World. They have been caught in sex rings and the Oil For Food Scandal exposes them as well.

Even the New York Post reported on U.N. officals detailing sex crimes by done by some members of the United Nations. They mention nothing on the Second Amendment and gun rights. Since, Oil wants justice for the evil deeds after Katrina, why don't they expose the gun confisication that occured in New Orleans? To claim to support the Bill of Rights then bash gun rights is being a hypocrite. These far left people forgotten that Hitler, Mao, Stalin, the KKK, and other extremists promoted radical gun control to prevent blacks, Jews, and other people to defend themselves against criminals. For example, Hitler passed the Gun Control Act of 1938 to unfairly target Jewish people and some of the Black Codes in the 1800's prevented African Americans to own guns to defend themselves against KKK terrorists. Regardless of Perry Logan's deciet, A Zogby/SAF survey of 1,015 likely voters in June 2002 mentioned that 75% of Americans believe that the right to bear arms was an individual right. Also,a Portrait of America survey in August of 2000 said that 58% percent of Americans believe better enforcement of existing laws "is a better
way to reduce handgun violence” than new gun control laws. This link has all you need to defend the pro-gun position indeed.
Many of the Founding Fathers viewed that citizens had an individual right to bear arms as well.

Oil won't go elaborately into the Secret Societies running the globe like the Jesuits, Freemasonry, Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, Bohemian Grove, Skulls and Bones, etc. For example, the Hitler and his Nazis took influence from the Jesuits in forming the S.S.
Many prominent men like Bill Clinton and Fidel Castro were trained in Jesuit Universities like in Georgetown. While Christian influence were in early America, but many pagan/occult symbols (from the pagan religions) existed from the Statue of Liberty [representing the Goddess], the Obelisk (worship in Ancient Egypt as the ancient "sun god", etc. Many of the Founding Fathers were into Secret Societies like Freemasonry. This tells me that there was a conflict between Christianity and the occult that existed in early America and today. Early America did have God-fearing men, women, and children though. Let's not forget that. Many Americans came to America to escape religious persecution and worship God for religious freedom. It's a historical fact the Henry Ford was a thirty-third degree Freemason and his company funded the Nazis. Other promiment folks are Freemasons like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Bob Dole, and Gene Autry, but occult influences still influences still reign in the Lodge. Oil won't even expose the constant bashing of Christian values like the show called the "Book of Daniel." Other important social issues, they aren't discussing include alcoholism, trash in TV, pedophilia, pornography, etc. They refuse to embrace the unification of the Left and the Right on some issues to take back our country. They still are into this Left/Right paradigm in calling the Republicans as the dangerous enemy when they are just as controlled as the Democrats are. Although, I will admit that the Republicans are doing things so much worse than the Democrats are doing. It's apparent for anyone to see.

What we need are for liberals, conservatives, libertarians, and indepedents to come today on the things that we do agree with to fight against this push towards global government by many people in prominent positions of power. They are creating many distractions for freedom loving people. Oil supported the view that overpopulation is real, which is a lie. Dr. Jacequline Kasun has refuted that propaganda. It is true that the world's population continues to increase, but the growth rate between the decades of 1970-2000 have decreased. Russia has decreased its population. Japan's population and fertility rate have decreased as well. This was reported by the BBC, Reuters and other news services, so this overpopulation propaganda is a complete lie to begin with. It's typical that Oil Empire would embrace such a lie as well. I've said for a long time that if they want to try to refute me (which they can't) then I will go full blast to expose them completely.
Recently, the administration put out a tape they claim having Osama Bin Laden calling for more terror attacks, but according to ABC News 11 at January 20 2006, a Duke professor believes that it is a fake. The Professor's name is Bruce Lawrence. This is my offical opinion of Oil website.
Don't worry, I will edit this article and add more sources to back up what I'm saying. This is also for the deciever Perry Logan. I can bring it like I always do, Perry Logan and Oil Unlike some people, I'm not afraid of both of you. ALso, I always have evidence to back up what I say. People can click on some of my words in this article to see proof of what I'm saying. So, much for these far left people claiming that they are totally honest with people. I'm not impressed with Oil's proclamations. Oil won't even discuss the negative effects of illegal immigration in American society. This information is documentated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)



Anonymous said...

Hello Timothy. I hope that you and yours are doing well. As a Human Racist concerned about all human life on this planet,as I`m sure you are,I feel we should join forces for the good of all true Christian people and all Anti NWO citizens asap,as we have very little time left. I could use you as a non combatant advisor or if you choose a chaplain or an active duty officer. I have the power to do this as Supreme Commander and I know that you are a Godly,patriotic extremely intelligent young man,that could be an inspiration to all mankind and freedom in general. God will not let you rest until you accept our offer sir. Most Sincerely C.S.A.

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Well, I'm not a racist of any kind.

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