Tuesday, January 31, 2006



Time is still going on. President Bush's State of the Union Address is coming tonight. The news pundits like Sean Hannity, Chris Matthews, and others expect him to talk about Iraq, Iran, health care, other domestic issues, the Patriot Act, the NSA domestic syping scandal and other issues. It doesn't take rocket science to understand that the United Nations seek to strip American soveriengty and if necessary form an one world government to supposedly solve our problems. Frosty Wooldridge's "The Decline And Fall Of America" article is an excellent depiction on what is occuring now in American society. Just like the ancient Roman empire, our nation transformed from a Republic to an empire with military bases constructed across the globe and many wars. The Senate voted 58-42 to confirm appeals court Judge Samuel Alito in replacing the pro-abortion justice of Sandra Day O'Connor. Many Democrats like Edward Kennedy threaten to filibuster in claiming that Alito was out of the mainstream, but his calls failed. There is still that mystery on how will Alito vote on abortion and the power of the executive branch though.


The truth is that the U.N.'s legacy is soiled with population control efforts, sex scandals, the Oil For Food scandal, and their hatred with gun rights. I don't care how many Hollywood stars flawn over the United Nations like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, or Nicole Kidman. The truth is that the establishment (i.e. Rockefeller) helped create the U.N. and they are conning many legitimate liberals folks who want to improve this nation. At least many good conservatives are wising up to that fact, while many patriotic liberals are caught into that propaganda. It's like Bush's policies toward Iraq have been horrible, but the U.N. isn't our savior since they've been involved in corruption spanning many decades while Bush (a false conservative since he expanded the federal government, exploded the deficit, hasn't been tough on illegal immigration, was for gun control when he was a Texas Governor, been cowardly on unborn baby killing in this nation, and signed anti-American trade deals like CAFTA. I don't need to go any further) has been in office for almost 6 years.

Paul Watson's article about them today is telling the truth about the United Nations. The U.N. is a false choice and real Patriots realize this. America is played off falsely as the real enemy, when the American government have been infiltrated by Secret Societies and foreign interests. Now, onto other issues. In November 2000, Saddam refused to accept the dollar to sell its oil. Instead, they've decided to sell it's oil in euros and that among many other reasons are why the Iraq War transpired according to Victor Thorn and James Northstar. I caution WINGTV as a man to not blame all Jewish people in general for the actions of a few. Some of their literature like the book called "Christ Killers" is openly hostile to Jewish people and many good Jewish people are fighting for liberty in the world. As for China, I will forever oppose China's torture, Communism, abortion promotion, one child population control agenda (China also have an Eugencis Society). Unlike the Neo-Cons though, I don't subscribe to an invasion of China, Iran, or any other nation as mentioned in their PNAC document.

I don't know about the rumor that Hitler was a British agent, but I do know about this. Hitler indeed hestiatated in bombing London and Britian, some of the British Royal Family sympathazied with the Nazis, and the Anglo-American Freemason network (i.e. 33rd Degree Freemason Henry Ford, Thomas Watson, the Bank of Britian closet Freemason Dr. Hjalmar Schacht according to John Daniel, etc. plus the Jesuits and other groups) funded the Nazis and the Nazi clique took inspiration from the Jesuit Order as well. The Knights of Malta blatantly supported the Nazis and Hitler wasn't excommunicated from the Catholic Church as well. That's historical fact. As for Iran, Iran isn't the only nuclear power in the world. South Africa, Russia, Israel, Pakistan, India, North Korea, and other nations have nuclear weapons, yet they aren't a direct threat to America. Iran also doesn't have massive nuclear weapons as well. Now, I see many rumblings of talk of invading Iraq similar to the talk in 2002 and early 2003. Many people realize about the underground tunnels between Mexico and America plus the Federal Reserve's private control of American money for profit, which doesn't benefit the Middle class in the United States of America at all.

Adam Brookes from the BBC on January 27 2006 wrote about how the Pentagon use "computer network attack." The article further talks about how they want to develop propaganda found in the "Information Operations Roadmap" document. This should give people even more impetus to support non-censorship of websites or blogs and to be more alert to speak our own minds on every issue under the sun. The more I look at the truth about this "War on Terror," the more weird facts that I find out. Examples of this include on how the the 70-90% of Iraqis who are arrested were just arrested for not showing their papers. Alleged terrorists like Iyman Faris were found to be a FBI informat and working for the U.S. government. Even most of the people in Gitmo aren't related to terrorism and none of them are high level al-Qaeda leaders at all. Newsmax on January 31 2006 mentioned that the Bush Family considers William Jefferson Clinton as part of the family. This isn't unusual since both Clinton and 41 have been pro-abortion for decades and each man have been involved in negative activities in this nation as well. Suprisingly, President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela joined Cindy Sheehan in protesting against American imperialism (proven by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS on January 31 2006) and the Iraq War. Time is coming and going and time may run out for us to help our country grow into something better. London Independent had a work (written by John-Paul Ford Rojas on January 31 2006) about a protest against a British hate bill in the Commons. Religious groups (including Evangelical Christians and Muslim leaders), political leaders, and even secluralists protested the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill for fear of violating the freedom of expression. Some of the protestors wanted an alternative bill to protect minority rights, while perserving free speech at the same time. PRWEB on January 31 2006 talked about 9/11 researchers like Robert M. Bowman, James H. Fetzer, Wayne Madsen, John McMurtry, Morgan Reynolds, and Andreas von Buelow wanting the public to know about the ommissions of the 9/11 Commission's report. Also, They want to let people realize the strange happenings revolving around 9/11 like the air response of NORAD, the collapse of Building 7, etc.

By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)


Wolfie said...

"Oh Blah" to this ridiculous story that Hitler was a British agent. It was all about his racial fantasies. Hitler openly sought peace with the English because we are the descendents of Germanic tribes that invaded thousands of years ago; thus he considered the English brothers to the Germans. Also he greatly admired the British Empire. As for the Royal Family, the reason they sympathised with Hitler was that they were German! Public knowledge. The people of Britain made considerable sacrifices to defeat the evil Nazi plan for world domination while America stood apart and planned to make peace with a victorious Hitler (had it not been for Japan). Doesn't anyone read books anymore!

Timothy said...

The Hitler being a British agent story was promoted by an author and shown by Henry Makow. I call it a rumor since I feel there is conclusive evidence to support. The other information I already know. I know that Hitler considered the British their brothers because of their Germanic ancestry and that the Royal family trace their lineage to Saxe-Cothug Butha in Germany. You omitted something. One member of the British royal family was a Mason and he sympathised with the Nazis. American Freemasons supported the Nazis blatantly, so this Masonry/Nazi link is real and you can't refute that at all. Never did I discount or diminish the efforts of the British common people in fighting against the Nazis at all.

I read plenty of books, I've debated people, I've refuted people, I've been there, I've done that, and no man will intimidate me. Funny you talk about the Brits, when their own city of London is crawling with Big Brother cameras. We have the Bill of Rights with the right to protest, gun rights, etc. as fundamental in our legal code. America was wrong to be isoloationalist when a madman was sluaghtering people, but Britian made mistakes in its history as well. I was just mentioning a rumor and not necessarily outlining a rumor as a fact. There's a difference, wolfie.

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