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This will be one of the most important events of the 21st century. I would choose Elias Lara; he fits.

-Brother Eric

Fr Elias Royon Lara, SJ, current provincial for Spain for the second time. He was also master of novices, rector in Philosophy and provincial of Toledo, vice-rector of the University of Comillas in Spain, advisor to Fr Kolvenbach for Italy, Spain and Portugal and co-president of the Conference of Religious people in Spain. Well known and respected by the Spanish bishops and the Vatican. He is older than the others, but it might work in his favor if the election is controversial and a compromise candidate is sought.
Australian on frontrunners list for Jesuits' top job


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Dear Friends and Brethren,My only addition to Barry's interview is that the Sabbateans led by Jacob Frank (Leibowicz) were and are occultists as are the top Jesuits. Further, Frank was a tool of the Jesuits in that he was baptized a Roman Catholic and sought to create anti-Jewish fury across Europe by reviving the canard that the Jews used Christian (Catholic) blood for Passover rituals. This very same libel was used by the Bavarian Nazi party controlled by the Jesuits and Munich Archbishop Michael Cardinal von Faulhaber.Frank was a Masonic Jewish Zionist controlled by the Jesuits even as his modern day descendants---the Labor Zionists---are controlled by the Jesuits. The CFR is ruled by Rome and the Jesuits rule the Vatican. There are no "two factions" in opposition today. There are only individuals who oppose Satan's plot to seat the final pope, murdered and risen from the dead, in Solomon's rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem---the pope's international city intended to be so since Israel was admitted into the UN via the power of Cardinal Spellman.

Sincerely in Faith,

-Brother Eric


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Dear Brother Bobby,Please do not worry about Coadjutor Cumbey. She is obvioulsy controlled by Vatican interests and arrogant? unlike I have rarely seen before. May the Lord reward her according to her works.Brother William P. Grady mentions her arrogance in his tome, How Satan Turned American Against God, pp. 468-469.

Sincerely in faith,

-Brother Eric


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Dear Bro. Eric & To All Brethren In Christ Jesus :--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Last night, I saw Constance Cumbey's website. She attacked Bro. Eric Jon Phelps works about The Vatican Assassins. Constance did not realized that there are people in this planet that are well educated about world history.Constance Cumbey does not know that I'm very good in World History and some untold world history well hidden from millions of people around the world. The information contained on Bro. Eric Jon Phelps book "The Vatican Assassins" are true and genuine and I stand behind it.Mrs. Cumbey is not an ignorant but rather a LIAR.

I was frustrated that she is a lawyer and suppose to be a good person carrying good reasoning. But good reasoning goes into hiding. Apostle Paul is also a lawyer, but he is full of GOD's wisdom and good reasoning did not gone into hiding.My challenge to Constance Cumbey is that, as per world history : Does she mean that Inquisition is a fake history ?Does she mean that Protestant Reformation is a fake history ?Does she mean that Jesuit's existence during those time and their diabolic works done to humanity as per historical records are fake ?Does she mean that World War I & World War II well-hidden initiated by the Jesuits are fake ? In-fact our country was attacked by the empire of Japan during World War II and are all fake ?

My grandfather was poisoned by the Japanese and my mother told me are lies ?Does she mean that those testimonies of Oliver Cromwell, Charles Chiniquy, Avro Manhattan, Edmund Paris, John Loftus, Alberto Rivera and even our national hero Dr. Rizal are fake ?Because, since 1990 when I started conducting research about world history I've discovered that the shadow of the Jesuits are there. In-fact, during 1990 I was also somehow confused as to why I somehow saw the presence of the Catholic Church. Even our well-known Filipino historians wrote the SPANISH FRIAROCRACY and those are all true. If these are not true and that the Spanish Friars era in the Philippines are not true, why my mother is a Spanish Meztiza and that my great grandmother is a pure Spaniard. Our country suffered too much from the tyrany of Roman Catholic Church (Dominicans, Franciscans & Jesuits).

So I don't know why Constance Cumbey is in opposite direction. I now believed she is a Jesuit Co-Adjutor. If she will ask me why, she has no COMMON SENSE. I will walk along the streets and will talk to a man of 75-years of age. I will ask him, is world war II real, the man will surely say YES! In-fact, until now some Filipino's still able to excavate remains and artifacts of old spanish times owned by Spanish Friars and some Japanese from Japanese Imperial Army.The Vatican Assassins contained many vital world historical events and I strongly support it. Are the persons like Abraham Lincoln and Jeff Davis did not exist ? Is the American Civil War a fake ?

This is my advise to Constance Cumbey, if she is a proud lawyer better she study and read WORLD HISTORY first before she speaks too much. She only shown how ignorant she is about world history. Is George Washington a fake person that established the United States ? Perhaps Mrs. Cumbey doesn't knew that she is living inside the United States.I suspect that her ancestors are Irish origin. When I was still in Kuwait (Middle East) during 1989. We Filipino workers are treated well as humans by Americans & British. Our neighboring company - French & German treated us well. But when we were suddenly under from an Irishman, we have suffered hurting worlds with insults, my memory is still fresh.It is a very frustrating day, why there are people who hated the truth.Many thanks my dear brethren.

-Bro. Bobby


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Dear Friends,
It appears to me that a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor has once again been placed in another key position of power here in the Pope's "Holy Roman" Fourteenth Amendment American Empire. He is House Majority leader and Roman Catholic John Boehner. Boehner was educated by the Jesuits of Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was interviewed on Fox News last night with very "dead" eyes. He gazed at the interviewer and rarely blinked.This makes two Jesuit Coadjutors added to the list of national traitors now running the Order's CFR-controlled Bush Congress, Bush Supreme Court and Bush White House. The other coadjutor is the recent Supreme Court appointee Samuel Alito.
This makes three members of the Court who are Opus Dei, they being Clarence Thomas (who loves Thomas Aquinas), Anthony Scalia (whose son is a priest) and, yes, Samuel Alito. Between Opus Dei and the CFR (Ruth Bader Ginsburg), the Order at Georgetown has total control of the court, now to move into a right-wing fascist direction. The "Court" will concentrate more power into the hands of the "Commander-in-chief" as this Third Thirty Years' unfolds.Let us not forget that Franco was aided in his bloody rise to absolute power by Opus Dei; that Chilean Dictator and Nazi protector Augusto Pinochet's secretary was Opus Dei; and that America's greatest traitor---one of the secret links between the Black Pope's NSA, CIA, FBI and KGB---was FBI "counterintelligence" agent and admirer of the traitorous SMOM James Jesus Angleton----Robert Philip Hanssen.
-Sincerely in Faith,
Brother Eric

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Ok, look. I was the one who kicked you down 15. And I was the one who promoted this site on Darryl's show. But the true fact is it is Darryl Bradford Smith that is doing damage. Who is Smith? Why is he so obssessed with smearing Rense? Why is he so obssessed with Jews and Zionism? At first I was promoting him because of his covering zionism. Now I am very suspicious of him. His "story" has changed numerous times. He himself claims that he knew nothing two years ago. That he was duped like everyone else when Dean was running for pres. Now in the span of a year and a half hes all of a sudden an expert? All he does is attempt to divide the few people who are telling the truth. I believe in UFOs and I believe that zionists have their hands very dirty. Smith is a f ---- retard and needs mind his own friggin business. I am sick of hearing him bitch and whine every single friggin day.


By mondo, at 1/11/2006 7:21 PM

HEy, it's me again. Now why is it that Smith would post something like this? "...People who truly believe aliens are flying around the earth should get out of the 9/11 movement and stop pretending they they are 9/11 researchers..."

We don't need idiots in this movement. Does that sound like the rationale of someone sane? So I'm an idiot than cuz I believe in UFO's? The guy is a mole. He is completely OBSSESSED with zionism. You cannot bring anything else into the picture. He even goes so far as the argue with his own guests who tell him there is more than ximply jews involved. He won't hear it. Then he has the audacity to smear everyone else? (kaminski, jones, rense, etc) I am soooo sick of that whining fat pig. Hey Smith, Ive done alot to support you over the past 5 or 6 months, no more. Stop your b____ and crying and take off your skirt. If you cant prove that Rense is a mole than STFU! I read your whining attack on Rense and it was totally pathetic. What a cheap shot, attacking the guys stepmom because she works for Architectual Digest? Is that the best you can do? You sound like a 8 year old. Plus, you have the audacity to attack Rense about his website? What about yours? YOu can't use spell check?


I totally agree. So don't let Smith pull you into this nonsense. You said we have to focus on the issues. So why is it that Smith spends half his time badmouthing people like Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, David Icke, and John Kaminiski?The bottom line is that jews are not doing it all. Take a look at the Jesuits and Freemasons. They are, without a doubt, heavily involved. All you have to do is look at the CFR membership list if you want to name names. I guarantee you that they are not all Jews and/or zionists. This is a satanic thing. They are setting up a one world government.It is NOT a solely jewish thing.I suggest you look into Eric John Phelps research over at www.vaticanassassins.orgBy mondo, at 1/12/2006 7:39 PM

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