Friday, April 28, 2006

Real Spin by Bill O'Reilly


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Bill O’Reilly Spinns Away from Bohemian Grove Questions

Call the Radio Factor and ask about the elite Presidential resort, get hung up on, and insulted. That's the subject of this evening's ‘Talking Points Memo.’The ‘No Spin Zone’ host, Bill O’Reilly is following suit with other mainstream media mockingbirds like Hannity & Colmes, and refusing to address the Bohemian Grove in a serious manor and the satanic rituals which are performed each July with elite attendees such as George W. Bush and other presidents and powerful political figures. “How do you feel about the private presidential resort the Bohemian Grove [Bill interrupts] I don’t know what you’re talking about, and I don’t care” AUDIO (17 sec)

This was on a Friday when Bill was having an ‘all skate’ in which he takes call after call on any topic….or so he says. I could understand getting hung up on if my call was out of the blue, or off topic, but this was his ‘World Famous All Skate’ where O’Reilly says “you can ask me whatever you want.”[Bill] “Let’s go to John in San Diego, what’s going on John?” [Me] Can you address the Bohemian Grove club private presidential…[hung up on by Bill] “You know these guy in San Diego they‘re just…the weather’s just too nice there…here’s what happens…not everybody…you go out to the beach…and some kind of substance gets in your mind. And John just demonstrated it.” AUDIO (28 sec) Bill…you’re getting paid tens of millions of dollars, and you’re a so called expert of politics and pop culture and you don’t know about the Bohemian Grove in 2006? Forgive me for educating you Bill, and culture jamming your show and posting the audio on my website.

Spin that Bill. Just think of how many listeners type into Google ‘bohemian grove’ and guess what they find? What the Illuminati and Skull and Bones elite have been doing for over 100 years. Having a sacrifice in effigy to Lucifer in the Bohemian Grove. They find out, what the Bohemian Grove is, and what happens there. Get the picture? Remember, they are the PUBLIC airwaves…and you have a call in radio show, so it’s not like I’m bothering you at home or on your cell phone like a stalker. I’m calling 1 877 9 NO SPIN, but all I’m getting is spin, and all you’re doing is being a gatekeeper. This isn’t news worthy? C’mon. The video isn’t some Fox alien autopsy hoax, Alex Jones got the video in 2000 (Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove), the Bohemian Grove Action Network has been protesting the grove since the 1980’s, David Gergen said in a video interview it was, “none of your damn business” if he had been to the grove for the cremation of care ritual... I have photos from the estate of a dead bohemian member of the ritual, several copies of official annals of the Bohemian Grove have been made public containing photos of George W. Bush and his father in the grove, Philip Weiss of Spy Magazine successfully infiltrated the Grove in 1989 and published a piece describing what he had seen.

And let’s not forget the New York Post reported Gay Porn Star Serves Moguls on July 22, 2004 in a report by Richard Johnson exposing a homosexual film star was working at the Bohemian Grove doing who knows what; and even employees have obtained guest lists and even video of Molech during the daytime as well as other aspects of the club! So it’s not like we don’t have the evidence! This is why I’ve been obsessed with exposing the Bohemian Grove to the world, because it’s not a ’theory’ or some UFO or sketchy Bigfoot video, it’s because most of the ’allegations’ are true! What about the San Francisco Chronicle reporting on the rituals? And the National Georgraphic publishing a photo of the cremation of care?

Or the Time Magazine reporter in 1982 who infiltrated the club only to have the story killed?And, don’t think you’re too clever when mainstream media mockingbird talk shows go to a new caller ID based computer system which logs each name and number, easily allowing for numbers to be blocked, while rejecting callers who have their caller ID blocked. They might also go to a 60 delay to ensure no caller makes it on air unless its permitted by the gatekeers. By the time my calls cause that system to be implemented, I will have inspired countless others who will continue where I left off. Culture Jamming the Mainstream Media with the Truth. And that’s ‘The Memo.’

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