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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kurt Nimmo on Economics

Note by Me: Nimmo issues the problem, but not the solution. He believes in Austrian Economics without promoting the truth that debt free money into building up infrastructure can help the country. Doing nothing doesn't cut it especially in a new century. He can talk about theivery all he wants, but getting money from Wall Street theives and sending it to the people who got their money stolen from is hardly stealing. Social Security (or the trust fund system) isn't a total failure at all. It's just that extremists want to gut it or get rid of it. Not to mention that the gold standard is votalite for numerous reasons. Even mainstream economists admit to this. It seems like the economic populist movement is growing and we're not following Mises nor Keynes either. Keynes was an eugenicist.

By Timothy

There are links showing alternative views on economics. They include:


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