Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Republicans control the House and the Senate

Many in the corporate media (the CIA's Operation Mockingbird has infiltrated the corporate media for decades) have said the GOP will take control over the Senate for months. So, this reality is not shocking or surprising to me. The Republicans have shown who they are. They want more corporate tax cuts, many of them want more policies against workers’ rights, a lot of them want more austerity, some love the TPP, and many of them want the growth of the Empire (via imperialist policies which has killed so many people in the world including Africans. The Empire also deals with the expansion of the surveillance state against the American people via the NSA, the FBI, etc.). Some good news is that ballot initiatives for the increase of the minimum wage have passed in numerous states. Many Democrats wanted to be more like Republicans or they refused to call for radical, revolutionary changes as part of their platforms. That doomed numerous Democratic campaigns. We see a stagnant economic situation with massive economic inequality. That is a reality. We live in unique times. These times call for radical policies like an outright condemnation of imperialism (including condemning apartheid in Israel), an end to the War on Drugs, a Marshall Plan to rebuild urban plus rural communities, and a radical change in our economic system. The Democrats heavily suffered, because centrism and neoliberalism will never work to solve poverty or any problems in a comprehensive fashion. The GOP has both houses of Congress. Some of them have been funded by the Koch Brothers and the interests of the 1%. We know how reactionary, retrograde, and extremist the GOP is. Now, they have no excuses to put it bluntly. I will never be a Republican too (and many closet Republicans are in the world too. I have exposed not only the Koch Brothers, but the Bilderberger participant George Soros before too. I know about Left Gatekeepers for years as written about by Charles Shaw. The Left Gatekeepers are funded by big corporate foundations like many reactionary Republicans are). Yet, we should never lose hope. We should fight for solutions and CONTINUE to work in our communities regardless of the composition of Congress.

Centuries ago, white racist imperialists and terrorists used slavery to oppress black people. They also used violence to execute genocide against Native Americans. The Constitution was created and it was filled with hypocrisies and profound contradictions (one example is that the Framers claimed publicly that the Constitution was about freedom for humanity, but it originally denied the human rights of black people and other groups of people. It was created by numerous slave owners and aristocrats). Also, we should know that black people revolted for freedom too. There were numerous slave revolts not only in America, but in the Caribbean (ironically Thomas Jefferson refused to recognize Haiti’s independence, but he loved the French Revolution. Jefferson’s lies on the issue of race were refuted by Brother Benjamin Banneker too. The same neo-Confederate and perverse ideologies still are believed by many error filled individuals too), South America, Africa, and areas globally. Our ancestors resisted oppression. People should learn the real history of the slave revolts and the real history of early America as well. Solidarity for the sake of solidarity in a blind, naive fashion won't work as history shows us. Real solidarity among progressive, strong black people can create solutions in society in general. As I get older, I see how classism must be opposed too including racism. The trolls are annoying. I just ignore them for the most part. They are a nuisance, but the truth is always on our side. Black women never invented the international drug trade or many unjust laws that have harmed many in the black community at all. We have to address socioeconomic conditions in society if we want to see real solutions for black women, black men, and black children. Also, SINGLE PARENTS are not monolithic. Single parents have raised strong children just like nuclear families have done. The stats show that black women have made a lot of accomplishments including black men. The real issues deal with black liberation, social justice, and making society a place where the dignity of black women and black men are honored plus respected for real.

Spike Lee is right that the concept of a "post racial America" is a total myth. If we want to be free, we have to not except illusions and falsehoods. We have to understand that we have a long way to go and CONTINUE to fight injustices in society. Freedom is something that people sacrifice, struggle, and fight for since freedom is never voluntarily given to the oppressed by the oppressor. Freedom is won via struggle. Spike Lee is a man who is honest and he won't sugarcoat his views. I certainly have a great deal of respect for the Brother. Lupita Nyong'o is not only a Beautiful Sister inside and out. She is a conscious Sister too. She legitimately expresses the great messages of how beauty is diverse, about how black is beautiful, and how never giving up in life is a valuable concept for anyone to hold dear. She is Blessed and she is a gorgeous Black Woman. Bless her. First, I wish Kenya Goldsberry and her family comfort. She is a courageous Sister and she has the right to express her political views. The freedom of thought and the freedom of conscience are sacrosanct values. The criminals should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Only insecure people would burn a campaign sign in such a cowardly fashion. I hope that Kenya Goldsberry and her family receive justice.

I think this discussion is an important one. I am an African American. If we want to be free for real, then we (who are African Americans) must have many dialogues with Africans (and vice versa). False stereotypes about African Americans should be repudiated and the demonization of Africans must end too. Also, a strong African-American/African collaboration has existed. Back during the 1960’s-1990’s, African Americans united with Africans to fight South African apartheid. During the 1980’s, there were massive rallies and solidarity (not only in college campuses, but in other places too). Also, African Americans have worked in Ghana, Nigeria, and other West African nations when they just established their own independence. WEB DuBois passed away in Africa. Malcolm X traveled into Africa constantly as a means to form political strategies and solidarity with black people globally. We may have numerous cultural differences, but we are one people. We are family. Among family, there are going to be debates and discussions, but we face the common system of oppression. The struggle of African Americans should be respected (I will never forget the suffering of my ancestors in this country) and the human dignity of Africans ought to be honored as well. The struggle of black people in America should never be ridiculed, demoted, or minimized by anyone. It is also important to realize that many African Americans know the plight of Africans and many Africans know the plight of African Americans too. We certainly need to form more ways to establish solidarity and unity among all peoples of black African descent globally. First Bless Michael Brown's parents. International bodies like Amnesty International have found that the RESIDENTS of Ferguson have suffered human rights abuses by crooked police officers. These barbaric and criminal officers have violated national and international laws outright. When evil cops use tear gas on journalists, men, women, and children, then there is a problem. When journalists were arrested for unjust reasons and when the crooked cops once enforced an illegal five second rule (which is repealed now, because a federal judge has ruled it unconstitutional), then we have a problem. That is why people globally from Africa to Gaza have voiced solidarity with the Brothers and the Sisters in Ferguson, Missouri. We will always remember the memory of Michael Brown. Freedom, solidarity, and justice are strong concepts for anyone to accept wholeheartedly. Revolutionary change is needed in the world.

This is a great discussion (about Maryland the black electorate). I respect Dr. Jared Ball’s views on issues (his words on Dr. King at the end of the interview are accurate). The other guest showed his views clearly. The interviewer is excellent as well. The truth is that the black electorate should follow radical, revolutionary politics. That form of revolutionary politics has been embraced by Malcolm X, WEB DuBois, and other black people who disagreed with the establishment’s whims. VOTING as a human right should be protected. Yet, voting should not be the only method in causing liberation. There must be the growth of independent organizations to address the needs and concerns of black people. We are also in a class struggle, so there must be a radical redistribution of economic and political power. Structures of oppression must end and there must be an addressing of police brutality, the War on Drugs, and other important issues going on in Maryland (where many of my relatives live at). Being politically independent is fine with me. The Black community has every right to determine our own destinies. The VOTING Rights Act of 1965 was created by the sweet, the blood, and the tears of real heroes who stood up against oppression. Now certainly is not the time to be totally pessimistic about life. There were those who said that the Maafa would not end. They were wrong. Some said that even the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act would never pass. They were wrong. If our ancestors survived unspeakable atrocities centuries ago, then we can surely fight back against the obstacles in our lives presently. Voting is important, but voting should not be used as the cure for our issues. Voting is a human right and it is a vital tool. People have every right to vote. It is not the only tool that we can utilize in order for us to be liberated as Brothers and Sisters. Our interests matters. Our issues matters. There is nothing wrong with standing up for environmental protections (in respecting Nature), for believing in economic justice, for believing in equal pay, and being anti-plutocracy. Political independence is sacrosanct in my eyes. We should always be committed to defend the interests of the workers, of the poor, and of the underprivileged. That means we should be conscious and fight for racial justice including justice in general. Altruism is right and holy.

By Timothy

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