Sunday, November 30, 2014

Savant on Ferguson, South Africa, etc.

Yawn is my response to the ridiculously low intelligence of you racists and fascists. Your stupidity is boring. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that Mandela's movement EXPANDED freedom in South Africa, even for the privileged whites. Hitler's movement and regime ABOLISHED freedom in Germany and in most of Europe, even for the so-called Aryans. Nelson Mandela didn't place burning necklaces on anyone. But your hero Hitler did burn MILLIONS of people in gas ovens simply because of their race . And had it not been for men like my Uncle Oscar who fought at Normandy to liberate your stupid asses, you reactionaries would still be in a totalitarian prison created not by Blacks, Muslims, Jews and others whom you hate. You'd be the prisoners of your own "heroes." -Savant _____________________________

 C'est vrai. In Black communities across the nation many insist that the problem is deeper than a Darren Wilson, or individual atrocities such as the killing of Mike Brown. The wrongs are not reducible to individual transgressions by a few bad cops. There is a pattern of institutionalized racism and repression without which we wouldn't keep encountering the likes of a Wilson. And the problem isn't just the police, though the police manifest the problem of racism and repression in its most blatant and lethal forms. -Savant


 Frankly, I believe that American racism cuts across the entire spectrum of American politics and culture, right to left and everything in between. But he most constant, adamant, aggressive, obstinate and militant forms of American racism comes from the Right, and probably always have. I'm not sure about Europe, but in American racism is overwhelmingly (not exclusively) right wing. You may be familiar with a book entitled, CONSERVATISM AND RACISM, AND WHY IN AMERICA THEY ARE THE SAME. The title may exaggerate, but it doesn't lie. We were never lynched by members of the Industrial Workers of the World, by Socialist or Communist parties, or by liberal Democrats or Republicans (We forget that there once were liberal Republicans, even socialist one). Liberals and socialists didn't bomb our churches or HOMES IN the deep South. Both my mother and deceased father loss a brother to lynching in North Carolina. The lynchers were not liberals, socialists, trade unionists, feminists, immigrants, intellectuals, Jews and others whom the Right loves to hate. Liberals and others aren't innocent of racism. But the most ardent promoters of racism are from the Right; and in America probably always has been. -Savant



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