Monday, November 24, 2014

Late November News on Monday

Thanksgiving conjures up a lot of memories. We know the truth about Thanksgiving. Harvest celebration ceremonies have existed in the four corners of the world throughout human history. Today, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the United States of America including Canada. It is celebrated in the fourth Thursday of November in America and on the second Monday of October of Canada. Among all religions and spiritual traditions have celebrations after harvests and in other times. So, there is nothing wrong with giving Thanksgiving to God or to have celebrations about celebrating life. The problem is that the modern American Thanksgiving holiday came about via controversial means. The United States Thanksgiving holiday tradition originated with the story of the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. The Pilgrims traveled into Plymouth. The 1621 Plymouth Plantation Thanksgiving holiday is the famous celebration that people talked about. Such celebrations existed long before 1621 too. Now, Squanto or a Patuxet Native Americans resided with the Wampanoag tribe. He taught the Pilgrims on how to catch eel and grow corn. He served as an interpreter for them as Squanto could speak English too as he was once enslaved in England. Even the Wampanoag leader Massasoit donated foods stores to the fledging colony during the first winter when supplies brought from England were insufficient. The Pilgrims celebrated at Plymouth for three days after their first harvest, in 1621. The exact time is unknown, but James Baker, then Plymouth Plantation vice president of research, STATED IN 1996, "The event occurred between Sept. 21 and Nov. 11, 1621, with the most likely time being around Michaelmas (Sept. 29), the traditional time." On March 22, 1621, the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony signed a peace treaty with the Massasoit of the Wampanoags. Now, we know what happened next. White supremacists before 1621 and afterwards continued to use genocide against the Native Americans. The Pilgrims wanted absolute power in the New World. The genocide of Native Americans is unjust and wicked. Another common practice among European explorers was to give "smallpox blankets" to the Indians. Since smallpox was unknown on this continent prior to the arrival of the Europeans, Native Americans did not have any natural immunity to the disease so smallpox would effectively wipe out entire villages with very little effort required by the Europeans. John Two-Hawks wrote that the first unofficial Thanksgiving meal didn’t invite the Native Americans. Also, a few days before the feast, the Pilgrims led by Miles Standish put an 11 ft. high wall to keep the Native Americans out. Dr. Tingba Apidta in his “Black Folks’ Guide to Understanding Thanksgiving” wrote that Miles Standish pretended to be a trader and beheaded a Native American man named Wituwamat (He also had the man’s young brother hanged). The Pequot massacre of 1637 was when Pilgrims (along with their allied Native Americans) killed men, women, children, and including old people who were Native Americans. Fifty-five years after the original Thanksgiving Day, the Puritans had DESTROYED the generous Wampanoag and all other neighboring tribes. The Wampanoag chief King Philip was beheaded. His head was stuck on a pole in Plymouth, where the skull still hung on display 24 years later. Also, these same murderers and racists enslaved black Africans and sent them to the Americas as well. It is a fact that many U.S. Presidents are related to the British Royal family too (who was involved in funded and facilitating the Maafa along with other European criminals. The deal is that racist white people wanted white domination over non-white people and people have the right to defeat white supremacy and establish justice for the human race).

The Berlin Wall fall begin after the events of August of 19, 1989. That was when Hungary disabled its physical border defenses with Austria. In September 1989, 13,000 East German tourists escaped through Hungary to Austria. Some of the East Germans were returned to Budapest. These East Germans flooded the West German embassy and refused to return to East Germany. Soon, mass demonstrations in East Germany came about. Erich Honecker resigned and Egon Krenz ran East Germany. Protest demonstrations broke out all over East Germany in September 1989. Initially, protesters were mostly people wanting to leave to the West, chanting "Wir wollen raus!" ("We want out!"). Then protestors began to chant "Wir bleiben hier", ("We're staying here!"). This was the start of what East GERMANS generally call the "Peaceful Revolution" of late 1989. The protest demonstrations grew considerably by early November. The movement neared its height on November 4, when half a million people gathered at the Alexanderplatz demonstration, a rally for change in East Berlin's large PUBLIC Square and transportation hub. (Henslin, 07). The fall of the Berlin Wall began on November 9, 1989. Sections of the wall being demolished were shown worldwide. West Germans and West Berliners were allowed visa travel on December 23, 1989. The wall was further demolished in 1990. This lead into East Germany adopting the West German currency and all border control ceased by July 1, 1990. By October 3, 1990, German reunification existed. It was established along the democratic lines of the West German government. This unified German government was head by West Germany’s conservative Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and then French President Francois Mitterrand did not want an unified Germany, because they felt that an unified Germany could destabilize the region (this time was less than 50 years after the end of Hitler’s reign in Europe). Celebrations came about to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and in 1990 as well. Many authoritarian (not socialist, because Eastern bloc satellite regimes were controlled by a small minority. The working majority were deprived of democratic freedoms. Also, people suffered exploitation, oppression, and alienation from real social and political control) regimes in the Eastern bloc were gone by the working class and other people. In Hungary, for example, 10,000 people gathered in March 1988 for an illegal demonstration to demand "democracy, free speech and freedom of the press." It was a stunning show of strength for dissidents. As one East GERMAN radical later recalled, "A feeling arose that things had to change." Anthony Arnove wrote in an article for the International Socialist Review, "When they sensed that repression alone could not contain the crisis, the Stalinist bureaucracies faced a decision: be pushed or jump. In the end, both took place. Under the pressure of protests, strikes and demonstrations, the regimes fell one by one." By the end of 1989, the former Stalinist rulers were out of power in all six satellite states.

Brother Emory Douglas did a great JOB in showing art (as art is beautiful and can be used in a conscious fashion) and doing political work to show the truth. The truth is that intelligence apparatus of the West used illegal, unjust tactics in harming the old school Black Panther Party. The evil man J. Edgar Hoover (who headed by the FBI for decades. He expressed anti-Communist paranoia and he has slandered revolutionaries before) did not try to destroy the BPP for nothing. The Black Panthers were helping communities, assisting the sick and elderly, and feeding children as well. In struggles, everything will not be a straight line. There will be curves, but we should continue to strive forward in progressively helping humanity. The memory of the Black Panther Party still remains and their group continues to inspire freedom movements globally. That is why I’m anti-imperialist and I believe in economic justice. The beauty of the Ten Point Program still resonates today. People want to be free. Black people want to be free and others too. Many of the activists of Ferguson, the Dream Defenders, etc. are young people. Young people are standing up and people need to be reminded about how many younger folks are continuing the work of what the previous generations have done. Also, we have to understand the events going in the nation of Burkina Faso. The reactionary leader ex-President Blaise Compaore was forced to resign by the people. The people are courageously standing up against neoliberalism and token leadership in Africa. Campaore wanted to change the constitution to extend his rule. That was the final straw. He was President for 27 years. The Burkinabe people had enough. 1 million people gathered in the streets to call for change. The country’s military appointed Lieutenant Colonel Zida to lead an interim government. This angered the people, because they wanted on a civilian transitional government. Ironically, Campaore was placed into power after the coup against Thomas Sankara came about. The coup killed Thomas Sankara. He was once the late President of Burkina Faso. He was a lot more progressive than Campaore. This revolution is supported by students, trade unions, leftists, and others. Burkina Faso has economic inequality too. Burkina Faso had its first revolution in January 1966 and the second on was in August 4, 1983 to be influenced by Thomas Sankara. Now, we have the October 2014 Revolution. There was the 1998 assassination of journalist Norbert Zongo. The youth is in this movement for social change too. Blaise Campoare betrayed the leader Thomas Sankara (just like the traitor and reactionary Joseph Desire Mobutu betrayed the progressive Brother Patrice Lumumba) and instigated a coup. So, the people of Burkina Faso deserve freedom and justice.

People have talked about Nicki Minaj’s “Only” video for a while. It was heavily created by members of the industry. The reality is that the video does show a Nazi-like dictator. The video is representative of what the elite has done in history (which is to glamorize or fund authoritarian regimes throughout human history. That is why the Nazi regime was funded by Western multinational banks). I know that Nicki Minaj rejects Nazism. So, I want to make that clear. Yet, the video does show her acolytes Lil Wayne, Drake, and Chris Brown as representative of the occult elite or parts of the ruling elite. We know that the glorification of oppressive regime is unwise since they have killed and oppressed millions, especially minorities. So, puppets are used by the elite and the elite secretly love oppressive dictatorships. We know that her alter ego Roman Zolanski is a play on words of the child molesting criminal (who was convicted) Roman Polanski. The lyrics of the video show anti-black words and misogyny. We know that musicians in the industry like Young Money show the elite’s agenda. Dictatorships have sent millions of people into concentration camps. The occult elite not only aided totalitarian criminals, but the political elite have aided the Nazis when Operation Paperclip (created by the CIA) brought about 1500 Nazi workers into America. The video shows the denial of basic rights and freedom and more police state tactics which we should all reject. In the video, Nicki Minaj is shown as the charismatic leader for dictator. She is feared. The antenna spreads propaganda in the video. The gate looks similar to the Brandenburg gate during Nazi Germany. Chris Brown represents the military using high tech devices to oppress people via a military police. Chris Brown stands in front of assault weapons in the video. Today, we have CCTV cameras all over the UK. Drake is portrayed as a religious leader like a Catholic priest (it shows how a state religion is created and controlled by the dictatorship). Lil Wayne is shown as a corporate leader. Mega-corporations are heavy influence in the world and their leaders attend Bilderberg Group and Trilateral Commission meetings. These select corporations own the means of production and own nearly all mainstream media outlets. So, the video deals with high tech surveillance, advance military weapons, mass media propaganda, and corporate control. It is a video that describes a totalitarian government. In essence, it describes the New World Order system. The video shows war, oppression, death, human suffering, and militarism. We should reject these lies and follow righteousness.

Michael Brown Sr. has every right to call for peace. At the end of the day we want peace and justice. Dr. King in 1968 was right in saying that we should pool our resources to advance our own economic and political power. Any industry that doesn't support our interests as a community, then we should withdrawal economic support from that industry. Self-determination is a legitimate function that we should always pursue. Grassroots, participatory, and democratic movements for real social change are inspirational. Not only that. We should be anti-imperialist and believe in creating solutions to solve the problem of poverty. There should be a radical redistribution of economic and political power as Dr. King has said as well. Black people have talked about black on black crime for decades and are in organizations now fighting black on black crime (as black crime rates have decreased in the past 3 decades). So, we shouldn't be reactionaries. We should be revolutionaries and build up our own institutions and defend the rights of workers too. No matter what anyone says, we should always condemn police brutality. We should love CIVIL liberties and fight for justice. I send my prayers to the FAMILY and friends of Michael Brown. LOVE among black people has stopped the Maafa. Love expressed in society has ended many injustices throughout human history. Also, there is nothing wrong with true love and Love is a powerful force since it can change a person's mind to prevent someone from executing a cruise missile for an illegitimate purpose in the first place. Love can drive out evil, because real love is not passive acceptance of evil. It is the expression of the opposition to evil. Love is action too. Some people think that love is totally inactive, but love is not about that. Love is about using just actions in helping society improve. Of course, a diversity of actions are needed to solve our own problems, but Love is one special PART of the solution too (as Black Love is Love as well. Black Love and Black Unity are key things necessary to grow and develop the black community in general).

By Timothy