Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Savant's Words

But what's interesting is that the affluent are nowadays as likely as the poor to use or deal drugs--maybe MORE likely. But their image isn't sullied. Even law enforcement agencies (FBI included) report that whites both use and deal drugs in proportions equal to that of Blacks or Latinos--often MORE so---but they're not sullied. So, what we're looking at is still class and racial oppression even in the politics of imaging. With respect to people cooperating with police....Have you ever heard Dick Gregory's comment that every CHILD in the ghetto know who the dope dealers are, and which cops are involved with the nefarious trade? He's RIGHT!. I certainly knew when I was living in the projects in East Baltimore. When I went away to study at Vanderbilt U, I would sometimes return home for part of the summer to see my people. Even kids would say things like "Do you know about the new cops who are down with Little Ray Ray (lock jive ass dealer)?" They knew. Something else they knew: You'd better be careful about reporting dealers to the cops because many of these pigs were themselves involved in the trade. There's a reason for the contempt with which many in the hood regard the police; and it has as much to do with their CORRUPTION as their racism. That much I KNOW.



 Nonetheless, I know of a good number of marriages between African-American men and African women. I don't know how many this is on a national or global scale, but I do know that it exists. Mostly these African woman marry PROFESSIONAL, university educated Black American men. I won't claim to know what the MAJORITY of African parents think of this. But since such marriages happen I must infer that either SOME African parents approve, or their daughters (and sons) defy parental wishes and authority in these matters.