Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Savant on Politics

He is hated because he is Black. And most criticism from the RIGHT are essentially racist in character. The problem is not Obama's competence, which is about average. It is not because of his "socialism. " He's not a socialist, and is just barely even liberal. It's mainly that he is Black. His policies and ideologies are at most centrist liberal, and hence not further than average for a Democrat. He's highly and very articulate. Unfortunately, his politics--like that of most policians--is subservient to corporate interests. Not as much so as an right winger, corporate nonetheless. He has toned down at least the war in Iraq started by Bush---or at least it was toned down for awhile. But he may have intensified the Bush administration war in Afghanistan. He drone attacks are a humanitarian disaster. With regard to the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT, it is far too weak. He and his cohort deleted any consideration of Universal single payer options before negotiations even began. Only a few tingering that otherwise left corporate health intact. It ought to be destroyed. He gives lip service in response to tragedies like the Trayvon Martin slaying or the killing in Missouri. Not much more Nonetheless, it is neither Obama nor the Democrats as a whole who are imposing new restrictive requirements on the right to vote. Hencfroth, if Dems win elections it will be only as the LESSER evil. In any state where the right wing proto-fascist Republicans have little or no chance of winning, I will vote Green. Otherwise, I will hole my nose and vote for the lesser evil.


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