Monday, November 24, 2014

Words from Savant

There are African AMERICANS who have negative attitudes towards Africans, and Africans who have negative attitudes towards Africans. Anyone reading just THIS THREAD can see that. But there are other African Americans and Africans who are much more PROGRESSIVE in their thinking. I count myself in the company of the latter. Hence I despise Chief Buthelezi for the same reason I despise Clarence Thomas--for being a bootlicker and a traitor. But the African people as a whole, like my fellow African Americans, I love as my Black brothers and sister. -Savant _____________________

 Well, you will never hear these racists say that indiscriminate police violence and repression against WHITES are ok on account of white crime, In fact, white racists don't seem to worry about white crime, only black crime--despite the fact that 87% of all crimes committed against whites are committed by whites. Native Americans are the only group in which most victims of crime are victimized by somebody outside their group. Nonetheless, we don't stress white crime. We get pissed about WHITE RACISM and white privilege, which idiots like OhReallyStupid believe to be "propaganda " --immense research findings even by whites scholars to the contrary notwithstanding.



 OhReallyStupid wouldn't recognize a piece of evidence if it stood up and bit him. Strange that not only tons of evidence by scholars (black,white and other)repeatedly support my analyses, and UN committees on human rights, Amnesty International and other reports basically support the essence of my analysis, but somehow it is I, not OhSmelly, who can't discern evidence. Research REPEATEDLY supports our claims about judicial racism, racism and brutality of the police, continuing racism in the JOB market, and so forth--but it is WE who are delusional. And much of the supporting evidence actually come from WHITE scholars and researchers, both in America and Europe.,,,,,Oh, I forgot. THOSE whites (even those from the best white universities) are all commie libtard race traitors and sissies with a white guilt complex. LOL!




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