Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weekend News

I have looked at his entire speech. Essentially, his executive order is exactly similar to George W. Bush’s views on immigration. It is a centrist order and other Presidents have issued executive orders before. Fines, deportation, placing more resources toward border security, and background checks are not equated into amnesty. The President has deported more undocumented immigrant human beings than any other President in American history, so his views are more aligned with Republicans than some think. His speech is blatantly center-right. Many Tea Party Republicans don’t know what amnesty is. The big picture is how multinational corporations, bad trade deals, and massive economic problems in the global South (which has been facilitated by Western imperialism since America has funded many Latin American dictatorships for decades in stark contrast to the interests of the peoples of Latin America) has greatly contributed to the broken immigration system that we see now. That is why I can never agree with white racists who want to call immigrants racial slurs (when immigrants are among many colors. Many Haitian Immigrants were treated badly by some). I can never agree with white racists when historically the anti-immigration movement has ties to the eugenics movement decades ago (you can look this up by the way. The eugenics movement is antithetical to the interests of black people). I can never agree with white racists who refuse to see the complexities of the issue of immigration. It is hypocritical for reactionaries to lecture anyone on breaking the law when they ignore how many bankers, many CIA agents, and others have broken the law. Many of their ancestors stole land, created borders via authoritarian conquest, exploited religion as a means to promote bigotry & hatred towards people, and broke the treaties with the Native Americans in causing death including genocide. Any immigration policy should be just and fair to African Americans. Being politically independent means that we are to be compassionate, strong, and fair not xenophobic. Neoliberalism is not perfect as it has been exposed by economic scholars from across the political spectrum. Neoliberalism has harmed Chile too. Manuel Larrabure and Carlos Torchia including others have shown the truth on this issue. Books have been written about this issue. Economic indicators are diverse. Some nations have better economic indicators than other nations. You omit that Costa Rica has a strong environment, progressive policy. It bans RECREATIONAL hunting. Costa Rica has a tax on water pollution to penalize businesses and homeowners that dump sewage, agricultural chemicals, and other pollutants into waterways. So, it is heavily a green nation. So, it is not totally neoliberal in its composition. NAFTA did harm Mexico, because it caused millions of JOBS from the Americas to go overseas. Even conservatives now admit to the imperfections of NAFTA. A decade post-NAFTA, about a million US JOBS were lost. America’s Mexican trade deficit alone cost around 700,000 JOBS by 2010. Government data show nearly five million US manufacturing disappeared since 1994. NAFTA has a deplorable legacy. That is not even a debate anymore. Cuba has no trade with America, but its health services are very strong. Cuba has been harmed by huge embargoes too. It is a historical fact that Western imperialism is immoral.

Leah Flynn is a blessed SISTER. She is showing her magnificent gift of music as a means for her to promote peace in Ferguson. Music can inspire people, grow intellect, and increase creativity. She is doing a wonderful JOB in allowing people to see the big picture. The big picture is that we are all in this together as human beings. When we fight for justice and do positive actions to enrich the lives of our neighbors, then that is a great blessing. We will not give up. Our ancestors never gave up when they were in chains centuries ago. They never gave up when they lived under Jim Crow oppression. When you never give up and continue forward to struggle for freedom, then that struggle can achieve great results. Therefore, Leah deserves great respect for her excellent contribution in assisting fellow human beings in an altruistic way. Black girls should be protected and respected as a lot of people have mentioned. Playing the violin takes skill, dedication, and true patience. She is enjoying herself and she is supporting peace. When a human being promotes peace, then that person is on the right track. She has her WHOLE LIFE ahead her and she is a genius. :) Her family is great as well. Our leaders for generations have told us what the problems are and why they exist. Malcolm X told us. Dr. King told us. Ella Baker told us. So, this COMMISSION coming months after the death of Michael Brown is truly late. Such commissions should have been in existence decades ago. Even the Kerner Commission of 1967 told American society about the socioeconomic conditions of the ghettoes and other communities. Folks want action beyond committees. Yet, I have hope. We have to have hoped if we want real change to come. The events in Ferguson make up a turning point in the black liberation struggle. People should organize, mobilize, and fight for justice. People should never give up. I have no issues with nonviolence or self-defense. Things ought to be CHANGE and people are tired of the status quo. We should not only oppose and condemn unjust crime in general. We should oppose police terrorism, racial profiling of innocent black people constantly, and economic injustice. Multiple actions are needed.

This is a new era. We as a people are after the end of the Second Reconstruction (from 1954 to 1968). Today, we see a more materialistic, militarist, and self-centered society. There is record economic inequality in the world. So, the story about Al Sharpton refusing to pay federal payroll taxes on his employees is not surprising. Al Sharpton loves capitalism. Now, this story should inspire us to keep on the revolutionary ethos that Brothers and Sisters like Septima Clark, Ella Baker, Malcolm X, Ida B. Wells, and others have. So, after the Second Reconstruction, many CIVIL RIGHTS people worshiped corporate power instead of advancing the needs of the people in a revolutionary way. Neoliberalism became in vogue among even some of our people while the glorious ideal of true liberation of black people has been suppressed by mainstream society. So, Al Sharpton is dealing with his own issues. He is right on many issues and he made errors too (which are unjustifiable. I heard of the FBI story too). Power should be fairly DISTRIBUTED and black people should have justice. Justice means that the current system must radically change. I do hope for him to wake up though.

One good thing about the situation in Ferguson is that it has changed black politics forever. The grassroots activists are rejecting not only the white supremacist power structure, but the token black bourgeois, neoliberal class (Historically, these are some of the same people who slandered Malcolm X when he was alive and these are the same ones that disrespected Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because of his courageous opposition to the Vietnam War. Many of these same ones even recently years ago supported funding for the militarization of the police) too. Now, the Governor Jay Nixon has notified the National Guard that he could call them up at any time. Also, he has described a state of emergency for the St. Louis/Ferguson area. Jay Nixon also created a 16 member commission to study the underlying social and economic cause of black discontent in Ferguson. It is obvious to see what these problem exist in the first place and it is that black people are treated as a colony and not a true, independent human beings. There must be radical changes to the economic and social conditions in Black America. That is why the people of Ferguson now are organizing and empowering themselves. We should always reject the corporate interests of the rich and the rest of the 1%. The growth of the mass movement of black people not only standing up against the military/police complex, but speaking truth to power is inspirational. Solutions are readily developed in the streets as history shows. The legacy of Michael Brown proves that the grassroots people should have power and the corporate politicians and reactionary propaganda (from both major parties) don’t hold sway. All levels of government should not only talk about this issue, but pass laws that condemn policy brutality, protect voting rights, and ensure that innocent people are not killed by the police. There are structural problems in society and people from among many backgrounds are coming together to fight for justice. There can be no true freedom for anyone unless all peoples are free. Justice is for all at the end of the day not for some. The younger generation has every right to struggle for change. Many of these struggles are youth led. Nothing changes unless people fight evil. It is as simple as that.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw has a great down to Earth vibe. She is in a great movie with a great message about how personal integrity is very important amid the world of the INDUSTRY (and that true love is so beautiful among people). So, the reality is that life will never be totally perfect. Yet, we can pray, meditate, and learn real ways to grow in the circumstances of our lives. Focused compassion and helping others are excellent ways for souls to be blessed. I saw the trailer and it looks exciting. Also, it shows how 2 people can fall in love in the midst of so much going on. It shows the complicated life of musicians and how common respect, love, and overcoming obstacles can cause relationships to last a lifetime. "Beyond the Lights" also appeals to the younger generation with the message that you can express the gift of music without compromising your convictions or your personal integrity as a human being. The movie has been praised by many critics. The industry is something that people have diverse opinions about. People have the right to go independent and create their music in a more independent fashion. The actress in the movie seems to want more than just fame and adulation. After the actor saves her life in the movie, things change. Each person appreciates their valuable qualities and love starts to flourish. A love story between a Brother and a Sister never gets old. A Sister named Gina Prince-Bythewood wrote and directed the whole. She is right that it very vitally important to see black men and black women in positive roles. In other words, Sisters like Diahann Carroll and Tichina Arnold have the right to express themselves. Brothers like Sidney Poitier and Denzel Washington have the right to express themselves too. We are a diverse people.

By Timothy