Friday, February 27, 2015

Nixak 77 on Malcolm X

Nixak*77* • 4 days ago
The more they claim things have supposedly have changed [for the better - aka 'progress'], the more in reality they've actually stayed the same SOS! Points Malcolm X made in this last speech [a week before his assassination]: that are just as relevant today as they were 50 yrs ago:
- Police brutality vs Black people.
- The use of crime stats to demonize Black people to justify [racist] police violence vs Black people- decades before anyone even heard of jokers like Rude Fooliani & FOX Noise
- The way the Lame-stream media spins those standing against / won't tolerate racist oppression as the 'real' problem who 'advocate violence'.
- In 1965 the watch word was 'Selma', 50 yrs later the watch-word is Ferguson. Then the cops were siccing dogs & using water cannons & 'Billy'-clubs on the protesters, now it's MWRAPS & sound cannons [& they've still got the dogs & clubs].
- 1965 they were hyping the VRA Act, 50yrs later the SCOTUS Court guts the VRA on the watch of the first Black POTUS & AG.
- 'Liberal' 'humanitarian' BOMBING in the name of 'democracy' & protecting civilians [decades before anyone ever heard of 'R2P']. In this case it was in post Lumumba Congo. Malcolm did NOT even name Mobutu as the US' & Belgium's go to 'Negro' in the Congo at that point, but rather Tshombe'.
[A Brief history of the 'Rape of the Congo' - Under the Belgiums King Leopold & his ilk slaughtered up-to 10 MILLION Congolese & Maimed MILLIONS more- circa late 1800s early 1900s. When Congo had a chance at a new start w independence under Patrice Lumumba, though constitutionally elected he was still over-thrown in a CIA / Belgium backed coup that ultimately resulted in the rise of that notorious dictator Mobutu. Thus Congo / Zaire been catching HELL ever since. Then came the fall-out of the Rwandan 'genocide' in the mid 1990s that spilled over into Congo / Zaire- resulting to-date in 6 - 7 Million dead {& counting} & mass RAPE of Congolese women & girls as a 'weapon of war. This is spearheaded by the staunchly US backed regimes of Paul Kagame' {Rwanda} & Museveni {Uganda]]
- The US [& NATO's] use of [white] mercenaries in to carry-out their nefarious geo-political objectives in Africa & else-where- yrs before anyone even heard of Black-water / Xe....

Also note that Malcolm X was likely the first prominent leader in the US [Black or white] to publicly speak out against the Vietnam War at-least 2 - 3 yrs before MLK did in April 1967. Other prominent Black leaders ahead of the curve on Vietnam IE: on record as being against the War were SNCC [Stokely Carmichael / Kwame' Toure'], the NOI's Muhammed Ali & the BPP Party.

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