Thursday, February 05, 2015

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The Black Lives Matter movement is here to stay. Many people are attacking the movement. The attackers are not just reactionaries, but neoliberal activists as well. The movement should grow to be a sustained, independent political movement. This movement should always continue to challenge the rich white ruling class and the black misleadership class as well. Many of the misleadership class have ties to Republicans, plutocrats, and other corporate elites. Therefore, we should stand up to militarized police and make grassroots politics stronger in the 21st century world. We know about the evil actions down by Wall Street too. The Ferguson-inspired rebellion existed in opposition to the mass incarceration state and other forms of oppression against the black community. Many of the young activists have goals. There is a great validity of activism outside of electoral politics. These activists have been establishing public demands and taking them to the streets since the middle of August of 2014. The protests in Ferguson and throughout the nation of America began in the black communities. Later, the movement became also multiracial where Latinos, Asians, whites, and others have expressed solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. There is also the myth that the market alone will correct itself. There has been talk about laissez fair, free enterprise, etc., but there must be a regulation of society in some fashion. Economic exploitation in America is also racialized, because class inequality is readily linked to discrimination. We are still fighting for social justice.

It is a shame that a little 12 year old child was murdered unjustly by one police officer. The child was killed in a very short period of time. Tamir Rice’s family are doing what they have to do. They have every right and justification to execute a lawsuit. Even the government via the FBI has exposed the police corruption problems found in Cleveland. The murderer of Tamir Rice has known issues involving police work as well. I hope that justice comes about for the family of Tamir Rice. That cop is a terrorist plain and simple. That cop has killed a young child in cold blood. We have every right to express indignant anger over such of an injustice. Tamir Rice's family needs support, prayers, and solidarity. Their loss is our loss, because when one innocent person dies at the hands of a murderer, then that evil action is an attack on all of us as black people. We have to know about this history of the civil rights movement. It is not wrong to believe in nonviolence as a philosophy, but people have the right to believe in self-defense too. The Deacons of Defense and other groups protected civil rights workers from the attacks of racists. Robert Williams was a courageous black man who stood up for black people and oppressed people in general. We have to know about SNCC and other revolutionary organizations. In our time, we face the same forces of the one percent who desire oligarchy and imperial excursions overseas. Yet, we have to keep on advocating truth and the beloved community to be firmly established. Both major parties have exploited and disrespected black people for over a century. So, CBC members should not be surprised by this action of some Democrats wanting to change seniority rules. Not all CBC members are monolithic. Some are blatant puppets and others have spoken truth to power. At the end of the day, the CBC must be more revolutionary. Many of their members have funded the military strikes in Syria, the funding of sending militarized weapons to the local police, some have voted in opposition to net neutrality, etc. I am a political Independent, but I won’t be some Tea Party Republican and love monopoly capitalism. There should be a balance between legitimate seniority while rejecting neoliberal ideologies at the same time. At the end of the day, this is about power and black people have every right to fight for power. There is nothing wrong with power if it is used correctly.

Traveling to Africa is a blessing. Going to Africa can be expensive. That is why many African Americans have difficulty in coming into the Motherland. Many African Americans suffer poverty and economic inequality. There should be more travel into Africa, but we have to address the problems in America too. Many African Americans are not afraid. African Americans have stood up against slavery, Jim Crow, racism, police brutality, and other injustices for centuries. African Americans have developed a strong culture in music, legal affairs, athletics, dance, etc. that has been imitated by people the world over. Also, many African Americans have not only visited Africa, but set up cultural, economic, social, and political ties in Africa from WEB DuBois, Maya Angelou, etc. Therefore, there should be no caste among all black people internationally. Africans are not superior to African Americans. African Americans are not superior to Africans. At the end of the day, we are one people. We are one. We should unify African Americans, Afro-Caribbeans, Afro-Brazilians, Africans, and all black people of the African Diaspora. I will give credit for Akon on making the accurate point that the system in America was never built for black people. He’s 100 percent right on that point. The mainstream Democrats and the mainstream Republicans are two heads of the same system. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was pro-labor, anti-war, pro-nonviolence, and he wanted black people to have freedom. He was not a reactionary. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. explicitly criticized Barry Goldwater, because Goldwater was too conservative on issues of civil rights and on other issues. Goldwater considered using nuclear weapons in Vietnam back in 1964. That is one reason out of many why LBJ won in an landslide. Dr. King was sympathetic to democratic socialism as admitted by his own words. He was a great leader. Malcolm X did criticize Democrats and he opposed imperialism. Malcolm X criticized both JFK and LBJ. Yet, Malcolm X supported the Selma voting rights movement and he explicitly supported gender equality. That is why Malcolm X allowed female leadership in his OAAU organization. Malcolm X also was against the Vietnam War and he criticized capitalism. Malcolm X was not a reactionary. He was a revolutionary. Malcolm X was an internationalist black nationalist.

Bobbi Kristina before the incident had a lot of strong energy. Certainly, she has the will and the power to go into acting, music school, etc. Her family loved her a lot. Addiction is a very important issues to mention and discuss. Those with addiction (especially those who are nonviolent) should not be treated as murderers, assaulters, or other vicious criminals. Addiction is a disease. Some of it does deal with chemical dependency. Likewise, there has to be more compassion given to people who experience the disease of drug addiction. Right now, we don’t know how she was found unresponsive in her own bathtub. There is a lot of speculation, but developments are constantly coming in. Sometimes, those with addiction need intervention regardless if the person with the addiction likes it or not. There is definitely more to the story. Nick was once treated as a step brother to Bobbi Kristina. Now, they are a married couple. Both Whitney’s and Bobby Brown’s families never fully trusted Nick. Cissy Houston never approved of the relationship between Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon. There is an ongoing investigation to figure out what has fully happened. Back then, many people were inspired by Malcolm X. Malcolm X was a courageous man. Before and after his Hajj, he expressed great love for black people. After his Hajj, he called for a more progressive, international approach in solving the problems in the world. He wanted people internationally to work together as a means for them to make America accountable for its blatant human rights abuses against black Americans. Malcolm X also criticized capitalism and he wanted an end to the evil Vietnam War. In this generation, the youth don't have an apprehension about socialism like in previous decades. Regardless if a person is socialist or not, if that person wants human liberation sincerely, then that is fine. Many movements from the Black Lives Matter movement, etc. has inspired people all over the globe.

I have heard of Mocha Lee for years. She is a great exercise expert. She participated in exercise challenges, she is a great mother, and she is a great person. Also, she is from the DMV, so the DMV is always in the house. :) Short, high intensity workouts can reap huge benefits. We live in a highly fast passed society. One sign of a great exercise routine is for individuals to use a diverse amount of movements along with tricking the muscles at the same time. In that sense, the muscles can be stimulated in a more comprehensive fashion. The body must be challenged. Interactive, fun workouts definitely are great. Also, healthy eating is key too. Getting the right amount of vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients along with great sleep just causes a great benefit from a health standpoint. Shockwave is cool and an excellent way for people to get great exercise results. Mocha Lee is a legend in the exercise, fitness world. I wish more blessings for her. Bless Sister Mocha Lee.

By Timothy

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