Saturday, February 07, 2015

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The “non-lethal” weapons are used as a form of a distraction from the real issue. Even researchers have admitted that there are no guarantees that these weapons won’t kill people. The real issue is about how many cops are occupying communities nationwide. Some cops have brutalized people and there is a historical precedent of police oppression. From the slave patrols, to the events of cops against civil rights workers, and to the police harming people in the 1968 Democratic Convention, these historical realities show the vicious behavior of some cops. Ferguson and communities have real activists who want to focus on political and economic development (along with community development), so we can see a growth of real prosperity in America. The anti-black biases in society must be eliminated. We need real social change. The Black Lives Matter movement is continuing after many protests. In this movement for social change, people want comprehensive changes in society. People want an end to the War on Drugs. People want the Pentagon to not send local police departments combat weaponry. Wealth has been sent massively to law enforcement in growing the militarization of the local police agenda instead of that funding sent to housing and job creation. That is why groups like Ferguson Action want to not only fight for black liberation. They want full employment, a ban on racial profiling, decent housing for all, and an end to mass incarceration. This is part of a concrete agenda. I do feel like this new movement will last longer and will have a stronger impact than the Occupy Movement. The Black Lives Matter movement is here to stay. Cameras should never be used as the sole panacea to establish justice. Justice must be comprehensive not limited. #Black Lives Matter. RIP Tamir Rice.

That is always the game of white racists. They not only believe in historical revisionism, but they want black people to be docile and submissive to them. The savage behavior of white racists have been documented for years. Subconsciously, they know the truth. They know about our beautiful melanin, our greatness, and our courageousness. They just fear the truth, because they know that before they existed, we existed. They also know that more and more black people are waking up after the events of Ferguson. KARMA is no joke. The laws of the Universe exist and that is why you see Brothers and Sisters standing up and refuting these racists in this world left and right. THE FIRST SHALL BE THE LAST. I don't know any black man, woman, or child visiting racist websites in a mass level either. What I find is that the more we show the truth, the more aggravated and hateful these trolls become. Their lies don't matter. Yet, when we show the truth just one time, it can spread across the globe and impact people in positive ways. We know that Columbus, Hitler, Pavelic, and others were stone cold savages. Certainly, we don't have to worry about evil people. We have the truth on our side. The Maafa, apartheid, and other atrocities never ended us as a people. The trolls lack the intellectual curiosity to establish intelligent conversations on real issues. We will continue to stand up for justice and for our human rights. Nothing will turn us around.  The 1877 Compromise also grew Jim Crow into the next level. That Compromise was created by both parties and it sanctioned the racist status quo. That is why activists and others fought back against the violence, which was utilized against black people. There were many unjust laws that restricted the human rights of black people. Even in the early 20th century, racist Congressmen opposed even anti-lynching legislation. Today, we are still fighting for liberation as black people.

There is no question that black people have amazing gifts. We have beautiful melanin and we are resilient in the face of oppression. We are gifted not only in acting, athletics, and music. We are also gifted in the arts, in STEM fields, in legal affairs, and in a myriad of other areas. We know about how Hollywood and the mainstream entertainment industry have taken our talent in acting for granted. That is why our people awarding the contributions made by black actors and black actresses is so important. We should not only reward our people who sacrificed their lives to express their talents in the world. We ought to continue to build up of our own infrastructure, so Brothers and Sisters can accurately tell their own stories. We have to acknowledge people like Paul Robeson, Cicely Tyson, Ruby Dee, and Oscar Micheaux, who broke down barriers, stood up for social justice decades ago, and have courageously expressed their talents. Cicely Tyson is still fighting for the betterment of our people today. Our stories matter and we are diverse. We don’t exist in a limited monolith and the diversities of our human experiences should be expressed. At the end of the day, we love our people and we want the best for our people.

LBJ never masterminded the marches in Selma. The people of Selma, the DCVL (or the Dallas County Voters League), SNCC, SCLC, and other activists organized the Selma marches. Diane Nash and Mr. Forman were strong leaders of the Selma movement. In fact, James Forman was older than Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Joseph A. Califano was wrong to say that the Selma movement was LBJ’s idea. That comment is disrespectful to the sacrifices of the masses of the people who actually fought white racist terrorism in the Deep South. LBJ signed many laws, because he wanted to combat the narrative that America was hypocritical on the issue of democracy. LBJ supported the unjust war in Vietnam too. Yes, we are of black African descent. We are Africans who happen to be born in America. I am happy that Sister Ava said that she didn’t want to make a white savior movie. The fact is that the Selma movement was supported by numerous people including Annie Lee Cooper, Malcolm X, Dr. King, Fannie Lou Hamer, and others. One gift of our people is that we have the revolutionary spirit. We will continue to have that spirit now and forever as Brothers and Sisters. Regardless of people’s views on vaccinations, everybody should be educated on the effectiveness, the side effects, and the components of vaccines. We should always have discussions about issues such as these. We know about the mistakes made by Big Pharma and we should not view Big Pharma as completely perfect. “Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present “is a book written by Sister Harriet Washington that described how evil people have used vaccinations (in the wrong way) in harming innocent black Americans. Yet, I will not shun legitimate scientific progress. A child should receive great care and concern. Ben Carson could officially run for President in the future. Therefore, of course he would express that sentiment. Not every regulation is evil. For example, legitimate anti-pollution measures (as the free market alone can never end all pollution on Earth) and pro-public safety measures are not evil. At the end of the day, we need to follow scientific facts.

Lupita Nyong’o represents the beauty, the self-determination, and the strength of black women. Right now, she is inspiring a lot of black girls and black women throughout the Earth (not only in America). This cover is very gorgeous and it shows her beautiful blackness along with excellent fashion. We not only want Lupita to fulfill her own dreams. We want any black girl, whether she lives in the ghetto, in a middle class area, or in a richer community, to have her dreams fulfilled too. When we see black people not only have success, but give back to the poor of our people, then that is a blessing all around. Lupita’s eloquent words, her grace, her wisdom, and her classy style will always be appreciated by us as black people. We should always have awareness on this issue of HIV/AIDS. This is a very important issue in our community as a lot of Brothers and Sisters have passed away. If this illness affects one member of our community, then we all have to deal with this issue as a community. HIV/AIDS is an illness that should be combated with resources, real medicine, and compassion. We should not embrace bigotry. We need to embrace accurate information, activism, and a steadfast approach in helping others. There are many great groups who are assisting people in an excellent manner and these groups (including activists) who are making a difference ought to be respected.

By Timothy

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