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There are reports about how convicted criminals are serving as ISIS fighters in Syria. In early 2014, not many people knew about ISIS. Some have heralded groups like Al Nusra as “freedom fighters.” A few months later, the President is launching his crusade against ISIS, who was trained and financed by US/NATO and its Persian Gulf allies (since ISIS evolved from al-Qaeda network). Hundreds of convicted criminals have escaped from carefully guarded prisons in Iraq. Many of these people have joined the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS as well as the Al-Qaeda affiliated rebel force called Jabhat Al-Nusra. According to the New York Times, “…the prison breaks also reflect the surging demand for experienced fighters which led to a concerted effort by militant groups, particularly the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, to seek them in the one place where they were held en masse — Iraq’s prison cells.” (Tim Arango and Eric Schmitt, Escaped Inmates From Iraq Fuel Syrian Insurgency, NYT, February 12, 2014). According to the NY Times, many of these escapees are in senior leadership roles of ISIS. Recruiters want the escapees to become jihadists in the Syrian insurgency. This war on terror has been stirred by NATO, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar (with the support of the Obama administration). It has been known and documented that many Al-Qaeda affiliated forces are covertly supported by Western intelligence like the CIA, Britain’s MI6, and including the Mossad. ISIS has done these prison breaks back in July 2012 called, “Operation Breaking the Walls.” Abu Aisha was arrested by Americans, released from Camp Bucca (or the infamous American prison in southern Iraq in 2008), and then he was rearrested by the Iraqis in 2010. He was in Abbu Ghraib and he was told to leave immediately by a familiar prison guard. He was soon told by the leaders of ISIS to either leave and fight with them Syria or stay and fight in Iraq. This has been reported by Mohammed Ameen from Reuters. These prison break outs don’t just exist in Iraq. A top secret memo sent by the Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia “reveals the Saudi Kingdom sent death-row inmates, sentenced to execution by decapitation, to Syria to fight Jihad against the Syrian government in exchange for commuting their sentences.” According to the April 17, 2012 memo, Saudi Arabia recruited some 1200 inmates, “offering them a full pardon and a monthly salary for their families, who were to remain in the Kingdom, in exchange for “…training for the sake of sending to the Jihad in Syria.” Among those released from prison and recruited in Saudi Arabia were inmates from Yemen, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Jordan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq, and Kuwait. The West including Gulf States have funded extremists for decades. Prison breaks have happened in Libya and Pakistan during the summer of 2013. Many attacks in Abu Ghraib and Taji prisons have caused massive escapes too. So, the war on terror is very bloody and imperialism must be opposed and defeated.

The civil war in Ukraine continues. The U.S. government is discussing about sending $3 billion in heavy arms to the Kiev government in Ukraine. The current government of Ukraine was created via a U.S.-inspired coup last February. Sending more weapons will cause more tensions and suffering to the millions of the people in Ukraine. The Kiev regime has the Azov Battalion fighting in the civil war. Ukraine sued to be a republic of the Soviet Union. Most of the people in the east speak Russian. Many people oppose an U.S. intervention in Ukraine, because it could provoke more war with Russia. We should stop any action that could result in suffering and destruction. There are resistance movements in Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics. They are located in southeastern Ukraine. The working people in the resistance are volunteers. They are defending their territory from the Kiev regime’s offensive. They have popular support and they have been making recent gains. We know that the Kiev government was put in power by a coup backed by U.S. and European Union imperialism. It has used openly fascist and Neo-Nazi militias to enact terrorism. The regime wants to join the NATO, so NATO bases can be used to provoke Russia. The working people of Ukraine and Russia know this and they are fighting for a solution. The U.S. Congress voted for more sanctions against Russia. There are war mongers who want to push for aid in Ukraine. A Feb. 2 New York Times article reports that Joint Chiefs Chair Martin Dempsey and NATO military commander General Philip Breedlove are now urging military aid. Apparently the military brass is now openly making U.S. foreign policy (which has occurred for decades). Add to the two generals’ eight “think-tank” militarists in the Chicago Council, who have just released a report demanding weapons for Kiev. Led by Strobe Talbot, the eight are all anti-communist intellectuals who built Cold War careers battling the Soviet Union.  The neo-conservatives and other extremists not only want further privatization of the economic resources of Russia. They want to pacify and make Russia a puppet state of the West. We are opposed to the agenda of war mongers and the delivery of U.S. military aid to the Kiev regime’s conscripted army in Ukraine. The West has spent billions of dollars in overthrowing the democratically elected government of Ukraine. Biden said that he doesn’t want Russia to redraw the map of Europe, but the US and NATO helped to redraw Yugoslavia many years ago. We want a peaceful resolution to end the civil war in Ukraine where Ukraine is respected and the independence of Crimea is honored too. The Minsk ceasefire plan was signed in last September.

We have to remember Louisiana’s African slave revolt of 1811. This anti-slavery rebellion happened in the German coast in Louisiana, which was above New Orleans on the Mississippi River. This was the largest African uprising during the antebellum period. There are many accounts of resistance to slavery among Africans in North America for centuries. These slave rebellions were used to oppose the oppression of slavery and other forms of injustice. The capitalist elites funded the Southern planters in the system of tyranny. Many African slaves fought into Louisiana came from Haiti and from Ghana. The United States took land in 1803 via the Louisiana Purchase. This theft of millions of square came as a result of the collapse of French colonialism and slavery in Haiti. Haitians stood up against oppression (they rose up in the fight for independence in August 1791. The Africans defeated not only the French, but the Spanish and British interventions in Haiti as well) and became the first black Republic of the Americas in 1804. The newly established African Republic of Haiti sent shock waves all over the antebellum South. Enslaved Africans in the South knew about the Haitian Revolution. Many black people in America sought means of escape and rightfully revolted against the plantation system. Black people also back then knew of the ongoing struggle against Spain including against the U.S. over the control of Florida. A study conducted by Daniel Rasmussen, in the book entitled “American Uprising: The Untold Story of America’s Largest Slave Revolt,” looks deeper into the court records concerning the prosecution of the uprising’s African leaders and the timing of the resistance effort, which was aimed at seizing New Orleans and establishing an independent republic. (HarperCollins, 2011). The 1811 slave revolt was organized. In a review of Rasmussen’s book, Wendell Hassan Marsh writes, “The author situates the events in larger, international political and intellectual currents, revealing the sophistication of his subjects that many histories of slave rebels fail to portray. By the author’s account, the 1804 Haitian revolution victory inspired slaves around the colonies to rebel.” (The Root, Feb. 25, 2011). The review notes, “The timing of the revolt — when there was little work and the white elites were preparing for Carnival celebrations, paired with the absence of a significant force of order because of American expansionism in Spanish West Florida — speaks to the slaves’ political and organizational acumen. … A cosmopolitan black republicanism seems to have been ripe in the region at the time of the revolt.” It continues, “Maroon colonies in the bayou operated as effective bases from which rebels attacked in the years leading up to the German Coast uprising. Copies of the French Declaration of the Rights of Man were found in slave quarters. Battle-hardened warriors from Ghana and Angola also make an appearance in Rasmussen’s version, in which the rebels march in formation and in uniform with cavalry support, not simply to ‘give us free,’ as Cinqué asked, but to take control of New Orleans and establish a black state.” From 200 to 500 African took part in the rebellion. They were armed with knives, axes, other weapons, and guns. It started in January 8 in Manuel Andry’s plantation in St. Charles Parish or 36 miles from New Orleans. One leader of the rebellion was Charles Deslondes. He was from Haiti and he went into New Orleans. Deslondes used his knowledge of Andry’s plantation to fight for liberation. The fight for liberation continued until U.S. regular troops and planters’ militia halted the African’s advance toward New Orleans. 66 revolutionary fighters were killed and 75 others were captured. Of the 75 Africans who were detained, 25 were prosecuted in a show trial. After a one-day investigation, 18 Africans were condemned to death and taken to their so-called “masters’“ plantations, where they were shot to death and decapitated. The Africans’ severed heads were put on poles on the plantations for the purpose of terrifying other enslaved people. The actions of the brutal oppressors never stopped the movement for liberation. Today, we are still fighting institutionalized racism and overt oppression in America. We want our human rights and we want it now.

One fact in the world is that many mainstream religious institutions and individuals are infiltrated by secret societies, elite political groups, and other controversial, nefarious entities. According to Anthony Sutton’s research, the Skulls and Bones like Freemasonry have infiltrated many Christian churches: “….The Church About 2 percent of The Order is in the Church (all Protestant denominations), although this percentage has declined in recent years. A key penetration is the Union Theological Seminary, affiliated with Columbia University in New York. This Seminary, a past subject of investigation for Communist infiltration, has close links to The Order. Henry Sloane Coffin (’97) was Professor of Practical Theology at Union from1904 to 1926 and President of Union Theological Seminary, also known as the “Red Seminary,” from 1926 to 1945. Union has such a wide interpretation of religious activity that has, or used to have, an Atheists Club for its students. Henry Sloane Coffin, Jr. (’49) was one of the Boston Five indicted on federal conspiracy charges. And this is only part of The Order’s penetration into the Church.” - Antony C Sutton, Americas Secret Establishment – An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones, 2002, pg. 27-28). Also, Freemasonry has links to Druidism. This is admitted by Dr. James Warren Scott Maertens. He is not only a 32° Freemason, but he is a Druid as well. He admitted that many of the founders of the Druids organizations in the 19th century were Freemasonry or knew enough about Freemasonry to model their groups after Masonry. He admitted that the Druids and the Masons want to embrace gnosis. Freemasonry explicitly teaches deception unto the Blue Lodge, it has death oaths, some Masonic writing explicitly call for conceal each other’s crimes, and it has rituals which promotes mystical falsehood. We need to follow goodness, righteousness, and justice without the Craft. We respect the Most High God.

Educational institutions nationwide (it doesn’t matter if they are private or public institutions) should teach the masses of the people about the prison industrial complex, racism, housing issues, imperialism, real black history etc. At the end of the day, we should not only teach people the truth. We have to organize and build up institutions as a means for us to fight back against oppression. It is fair to ask why Dartmouth is using this course when it could have happened before. We have to learn the truth and move forward. A 10 week course is very small in terms of the course of time, because the system of oppression goes on 24/7 365. Also, another point is to be made too. The Black Lives Matter movement is not only protesting in the streets. They are setting up groups, having strategies, having real proposals on solutions (I have seen their websites telling people about their concrete goals), and working in their communities for real. Legal institutions nationwide should educate people on issues relating to Ferguson, Eric Garner, and other important issues. At the end of the day, we have to teach and build. Nothing grows unless we build in the globe. The Brother Madison Gray is right that the GI Bill revolutionized society. Many veterans did not only have a great education as a product of the GI Bill. They used the GI Bill as a way for them to own a house and pay out of their mortgages on their homes in an efficient manner. The GI Bill influenced the GDP explosion from 1945 to 1975 (which was the time of America witnessing the lowest economic inequality in American history, possibly in human history). Now, we live in a new generation. Any free community college plan must be carefully established. People will have to pay for it and there will be catches. There are questions on how this plan will affect traditional four year colleges. The plan will cover costs of tuition (but the states will have to pay the bill for one quarter of the tuition).
Also, the plan will not increase funding in how much money community colleges receive per student. We know that there are more adjunct professors being hired, who are paid lower wages and they are given fewer benefits at both community colleges and traditional four year universities. According to the College Board, tuition account for just 21 percent of the total cost of attending community college. So, this plan is not a free lunch. Therefore, we want a better educational system and we can’t have the status quo. Some parts of the plan are things that I have no problem with. We need a more comprehensive plan though in my view.

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