Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday News in February of 2015.

The judge’s decision is part of hypocrisy. Judge Hanen is a George W. Bush appointee, so his decision to temporarily stop the executive order is not unusual. The lie is that this executive order from the President equates to amnesty. Amnesty is a pardon without punishment. The executive order deals with a limited amount of undocumented human beings (in it, it uses a temporary stay of deportation for about three years. This executive order is not amnesty). These immigrants are human beings not aliens (they don't come from Mars. They are from planet Earth) and I know some people want to scapegoat them for NAFTA, for the recession, etc. Yet, the real culprits in our immigration problems came from originally from the same multinational corporations who exploited labor in the Economic South at the expense of human life and human dignity. That is the issue. This is a labor issue too. What more do these reactionary extremists want. In 2013 alone, this administration deported 438,421 people, which is the highest number of annual deportations in American history. This White House has deported more people than any President in U.S. history and twice as many as the Clinton administration. These extremists lecture us about the land when racists stole the land and created arbitrarily borders as a means for control. The President’s immigration policy is blatantly centrist. Eisenhower allowed 300,000 Cubans to emigrate and he gave quotes to orphans to join families. Ford allowed 360,000 Vietnamese people to emigrate into America. Reagan allowed emigration of 7,000 Polish people, he allowed 15,000 Ethiopians to emigrate, he rescinded the deportation of 200,000 Nicaraguans, and he executed massive real amnesty. George H. W. Bush deferred deportation of recently amnestied 1.5 million spouses and children, and he deferred deportation of about 190,000 El Salvadorans. George W. Bush deferred deportation of Liberians, expedited naturalization for green card holders who joined the military, and enabled Cuban physicians to seek asylum in U.S. embassies. It is ironic that these previous Presidents did all of these things, yet many don’t know about this let alone criticize these Presidents massively for these actions. Now, we have a new President doing similar actions and people are acting like this is new. Any immigration policy should be fair, comprehensive, and just. No child born here should be punished for the actions of others and that is why I accept birthright citizenship. Many immigrants are of black African descent too. Yes, the Afro-Brazilians, the Afro-Caribbeans, Afro-French, etc. are our Brothers and our Sisters.

At the end of the day, people among both genders should accept themselves and respect themselves. Sexuality is part of the human experience, but no one should exploit sexuality as a means for a person to do evil. Parents certainly have every right and the justification to teach their children about how important their human autonomy is. Parents also have the right to teach their children about ethics, honor, integrity, and how to treat people rightly. A lot of people in society just want materialism, selfishness, and a Me attitude. I am not in favor of those objectivist concepts, because humanity (whether some like it or not) are interrelated or interdependent. What affects one person will affect others directly or indirectly. The strengthening of families by teaching children about structure, strength, the freedom of conscience, and dignity is just plain commonsense. The selfish mentality in our society must change. We have the right to control our bodies and not to let anyone violate our inherit human rights. We have every right to be unapologetically black. Decades change, society may change in certain areas, and many other things may change. Yet, the truth remains. It remains and one truth is that blackness is strong and beautiful. Mellody Hobson is correct to mention that having a black President in the White House doesn’t mean that we live in a post-racial society. True success is not just about overcoming obstacles. It is about when you finally get to a measure of success; we give back to those less fortunate (and acknowledge those who helped us as no human is an island). I wish her the best.

To commit food stamp fraud is really low and extremely evil. Many people need food stamps sincerely and these criminals should be punished without question. The false stereotype about black people and food stamps still persists unfortunately. We will fight evil and we will continue to defend the honor and the integrity of black people. It is no secret that the reactionary GOP members have used the Southern Strategy and other deceptive tactics historically in trying to gain political power. Many Americans vote against their economic interests, but we are in the right side of history. We will not waver in our commitment to social justice and economic justice. Those who abuse food stamps ought to be held accountable for their actions. We live in a society where millions of poor people suffer in the States. There is massive economic inequality as proven by the Gini coefficient including other financial indicators. There are many people overseas that live on less than $5 a day. That is why it is so vital for us to have compassion for the poor (which is not only morally right, but that compassion along with establishing progressive social policies can combat poverty). Dr. William Harvey is being honest. Rep. Yvette Clarke has said similar comments as well. I have read about the Plus Loan changes, which has defunded some HBCUs too. Historically, HBCUs have educated a lot of our people and they have been an institution which has played an integral part of the black liberation struggle. HBCUs should be strengthened now. This situation proves once again that neoliberal policies don’t work to solve the problems which are found in the black community. The President needs to go into the HBCUs and propose radical, comprehensive solutions to the budgetary problems including other issues found in some HBCUs. They need to be built up not disregarded. They have huge value in black culture. Dr. Jahi Issa has written great research on this issue too.

It will take a village to solve this problem (of what goes in with black children). One article did a great job in outlining the diverse issues that we must address as black people from health issues (as improving our health will improve our intellectual strength, our physical bodies, and our livelihoods in numerous ways) to the environment. Counseling is important. If a male has issues and participates in counseling, that doesn’t mean that he is less of a man. That means that he is being proactive in enhancing his own being. We don’t need many studies to figure out the issues in our communities. We know about the problems and we know that we need solutions. The question is how to do and do it effectively, so the masses of the people can be helped (not just a select number of folks via funding from non-profits). Many of these problems are systematic in the system not just individual. In order to improve our communities, we have to both improve ourselves individually and collectively change the system (for we need collective, proactive activity not individual selfishness. It is a total lie that hard work alone will liberate us. Most of us work hard all of the time, but we are still economically exploited. We have to get to the root of this problem which deals with systemic racism and poverty). We should both improve our communities with our own power (via self-determination) and change the corrupt system (which is in favor of the interests of the 1%. We don’t need capitalist exploitation. We need liberation and justice). That is why we don’t need that fear. Evil people fear us, especially when we do acts of righteousness in society. Certainly, they are a minority now in the world population. The racists certainly are afraid of courageous, strong, and resilient black people (of both genders) who stand up for integrity, freedom, and justice. In life, we will deal with situations and tests. Life is a journey and in our generation, we have the opportunity to help our communities, so our future descendants won’t have to deal with what we deal with now. Yes, there is beauty in our melanin. It has glorious properties. Also, when you do exercise, self-reflection (or prayer including mediation), eating healthy, etc. you not only feel better physically. Your soul and your personality become better too. We have to study, learn from others, and help others. Life is not just about dealing with our own lives. It is about having a sense of altruism too. When we help others, we help ourselves.

The revolutionary Malcolm X was killed on February 21, 1965 in Manhattan’s Audubon Ballroom. He wanted to address the Organization of Afro-American Unity. The audience was about 400 people and his wife including his children were present. Benjamin X introduced him. When Malcolm X got on stage, he first said the Islamic greeting “As-salamu alaykum.” Then, one person said, “N____ Get your hand outta my pocket!” Malcolm X and his bodyguard tried to end the disturbance and then a man came forward and shot him once in the chest with a sawed off shotgun. Later, 2 other men charge the stage and fired semi-automatic handguns at Malcolm X. The secret undercover agent Gene Roberts tried to save Malcolm X’s life. Malcolm X’s wife protected her children and she was crying. Malcolm X was pronounced dead at 3:30 pm., which was shortly after arriving at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. One gunman named Talmadge Hayer (who was a member of the Nation of Islam during the time of the assassination) was beaten by the crowd before the police came about. During this day, there were no cops unlike previous events. Witnesses have said that the person who used the shotgun was a large Black man with a navy blue gray trench coat. People have said that the man who shot the shotgun was William Bradley. Talmadge Hayer had said this too and William Bradly recently via his lawyer has denied the allegations. One thing is true though. The assassination of Malcolm X was a conspiracy and the U.S. government illegally monitored Malcolm X’s activity domestically and internationally (via the NYPD, the CIA, and the FBI). That is a fact and that has been documented by Karl Evanzz’s excellent book entitled, “The Judas Factor” where he writes that John Ali (of the NOI) was an FBI informant. We know that Talmadge Hayer was one gunman. In the beginning, Norman 3X Butler and Thomas 15X were tried and convicted in March 1966. Later, Hayer issued a confession on 1977 and 1978). His confession has been called the Hayer affidavits. The affidavits said that Norman 3X Butler and Thomas 15X Johnson were not the assassins. Hayer said that the conspiracy involved members of the Nation of Islam’s Newark, New Jersey, Temple Number 25 with people like Wilbur McKinley (who shouted and threw a smoke bomb to create a diversion), William Bradley (he is Al-Mustafa Shabazz today. He denies involvement in the evil assassination of Brother Malcolm X), Leon Davis, and Benjamin Thomas. Leon Davis, according to Hayer fired his pistol at Malcolm X after the diversion. Benjamin Thomas, according to Hayer, was involved in the conspiracy. Also, we can’t omit the role of the FBI, the CIA, and the NYPD had in the oppression of Malcolm X either. The FBI and the CIA illegally surveilled Malcolm X constantly. The CIA monitored Malcolm X’s meetings in Europe and Africa including Asia where he met heads of State (and wanted to go into the Bandung Conference of March 3, 1965. Malcolm X also wanted charges to be brought against America for its overt human rights violations of African Americans at the UN and at the International Court of Justice at The Hague. His petition was scheduled at The Hague on March 12, 1965). The Judas Factor book document how the FBI’s William C. Sullivan used BOSSI (or the New York Police Bureau of Special Services) to infiltrate the OAAU via black American agents. BOSSI Director Anthony Ulasewicz supported this action. So, CIA, FBI, and NYPD agents monitored Malcolm X (including his OAAU and MMI organizations). The author Karl Evanzz used documents from the FBI, books, and documents to show this research. Another author named Baba Zak Kondo also documents that John Ali was most likely a FBI agent. It is no secret that the FBI’s COINTELPRO operation wanted to neutralize Elijah Muhammad, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and any revolutionary or black nationalist leader who could be a black Messiah (in galvanizing the masses of black people in establishing real social change). There must be the release of all government filed at it relates to the assassination of Malcolm X. Decades have past and now is the time for this action to be done. There must be an independent investigation of the assassination of Malcolm X.

By Timothy

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