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Brother Nixak*77*'s words

Panitch is supposedly a Marxist economist. However one might feel about Marx, Panitch certainly does NOT sound like a 'revolutionary' socialist. Panitch, Syriza's mainline leadership, France's Hollande, the ANC & SACP in SA, & Bernie Sanders are 'shining' examples of what now passes for 'socialism'.
Talk about 'honesty', Panitch is NOT even honest enough to admit that Tsipras Capitulated to the EU-Troika & Germany [4th Reich?]! IMO any time the Greek people resoundingly said NO to the EU-troika's austerity 'deal', & then less than 2 weeks later you're forced to swallow & sell an austerity 'deal' that's even WORSE than the one the Greek people had just said NO To- That's a HUMILIATING Capitulation!! [FYI: Leo- other even stronger words that some might use are: 'Sell-Out' & 'BETRAYAL']!
The fact that Syriza's mainline leadership NEVER even seriously considered the likely need to leave the Euro-zone, let alone actually PLAN for a Grexit at-least as a Plan B of last resort, is a strategic mistake of such massive proportions- IMO it even has moral implications!!! IMO Syriza's referendum of July 5th should have laid it out for the Greek people plainly that- Staying in the Euro-zone likely = Austerity, alternatively if you vote to reject austerity then that likely means a Grexit. But Syriza did NOT put it that plainly, because Syriza itself [as a whole / consensus] was NOT prepared either mentally, politically let alone strategically to Grexit if need be!!!

PS: IMO It seems like Panitch, Tsipras, et-al their ilk failed to take this into account- The Germans [4th Reich?], the EU Troika, IMF, World Bank & Wall St Banksters, etc- Really don't want to see the Greeks successfully Grexit!!! Especially NOT w Spain's Podemos, Portugal, etc waiting in the wings. Imagine if Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, etc... all successfully leave the Euro-zone... Germany & the EU's Troika might be looking at GAME OVER- As in Bye, Bye Euro-zone!!!


Nixak*77*  3 days ago
So this is an 'agreement', not even a 'real' treaty, that very well may NOT even get past the Repug controlled congress. Since it's merely an 'agreement' w the OBomber Regime, NOT an actual treaty, then if a Repug [ala George Jr's Lil Bro Jeb] w the possible exception of Rand Paul [maybe] is the next POTUS, or even Killary ['If Iran attacks Israel, I as Pres will INCINERATE Iran'] Clinton, they may very well decide to trash OBomber's 'agreement'.
Then there's still the US-Saudi-Turkish stoked conflict in Syria, which IMO is still likely the back-road to WAR w Iran, this 'Deal' NOT withstanding!
And if Bibi's IAF decides to 'Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran' anyway, does this 'agreement' commit the US to stand-down & NOT join in??!
IMO this 'deal' insures that Iran won't have nuke breakout capacity [assumes that Iran even intended to build a nuke-arsenal- A Mighty BIG-IF], but it also opens Iran up for non-nuclear military site inspections, which IMO sounds a bit like spying w the potential for target marking.
PS: Let's NOT forget how Cold War 2.0 is quickly heating up vs Russia over Ukraine.


Nixak*77*  3 days ago
What's ironic is not just that Baltimore, a predominately African American city, has a major park named after the Confederacy's commanding Gen Robert E Lee, but also that Maryland though a pre Civil War slave-state, NEVER even joined the Confederacy!!!
Yet there are those who insist that NO-One today is affected by slavery in any way, shape or form- even though there are STILL Today plenty of symbols, monuments, school text-books, etc- Glorifying the Confederacy [= Slave-States' tradition of SLAVERY] that go well beyond the just Confederate Flag!!! And they ain't just in Ole Dixie-land states either- IE: There's a land-mark &/or street named after Robert E Lee even in NYC!!!


Nixak*77*  Nixak*77*  5 days ago
Also note this article @ AlterNet: 'Exposing the Koch Brothers' Stunning Hypocrisy on Criminal Justice Reform' [@ ] Some key excerpts:} The report "The Koch Brothers’ Criminal Justice Pump-Fake," by American Bridge 21st Century.., notes how their efforts to partner with left-leaning groups like the ACLU have led to a public relations bonanza eclipsing their deeper record of supporting politicans who have delivered—and stand by—their draconian crime policies. - “The Kochs’ criminal justice charade is just that — a public relations scam.”
The Kochs began donating to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, which represents defendants... And also saw that underwriting reform efforts by partnering with 'liberal' groups like the ACLU would lead to a PR bonanza...
The Kochs' criminal justice hypocrisy shows as they continue to support a long line of Republicans whose policies have worsened the system they now say must be dismantled. That list includes 2016 presidential candidates WI Gov Scott Walker, FL ex-Gov. Jeb Bush & Louisiana Gov Bobby Jindal- along w governors Larry Hogan [MD], Susana Martinez [NM], Mike Pence [IN] & Doug Ducey [AZ]. All have enlarged or sustained their states' prisoner populations.

There's no better example of Koch hypocrisy on criminal justice reform than their support for Gov Scott Walker, who David Koch said in NYC in April should be the 2016 Republican presidential nominee... Walker has a record of supporting & shepherding into law numerous draconian prison policies that date back to the late 1990s.. - Laws that have expanded WI's prison population & are partly responsible for the fact that WI's prison budget outpaced higher education spending for the first time in state history in 2011." While a state legislator, Walker “wrote or co-sponsored over 2 dozen bills limiting parole, increasing prison time for a variety of offenses, expanding the definition of crime, etc...”
Jeb Bush’s record as FL's governor is not much better... As a candidate, he told the St. Petersburg Times he would “build more prisons & fill them w more prisoners.” Bush told the Orlando Sentinel, “You need to lock criminals up & be sure they serve at least 85% of their sentences… For juvenile offenders, you punish them first & worry about counseling them later...” - Later this summer, Jeb Bush will give the keynote address at the “Defending The American Dream” summit organized by Americans for Prosperity, the right-wing group founded and& funded by the Kochs.
PR Talk Versus Political Action: Koch Bros attny & spokesman Mark Holden told 'Time' in March- “there are no plans at the moment to increase the financial support for justice reform or form a new nonprofit devoted to the issue...” - Thus their gap between talk & action, between running PR campaigns that tout criminal justice reform yet not pressing their favored candidates & politicians to change their draconian stances on this issue, is hugely hypocritical... {
But of-course the Pro Obama Dims web-site AlterNet, spun this into a partisan issue, failing to criticize Obama's & Dims' duplicity on the issue of mass [Black] incarceration, & critiquing why Obama & his 'progressive' mouth-piece Van Jones have got in-bed w the likes of the Koch Bros & Newt Grinch-witch, as the Kochs run their PR Offensive [SCAM]!!!
PS: See BAR's Bruce Dixon commentary on why Obama & Slick Willy, have chosen NOW to address &/or apologize for the issue of mass [Black] incarceration- @ - Hint: Its all about shoring-up Billary's creds w Black voters going into the 2016 POTUS race- 'Why Bill Clinton's Apology and Barack Obama's Prison Drive-By, Token Clemencies Are Cynical Election Year Posturing.'


Nixak*77*  10 days ago
Lt Butler just showed his real 'True Blue' FOP colors in this segment- IE: Lt Butler: } 'Remember we all saw on TV, when they [the cops] were lifting him [Freddie Gray] up. And so people said, oh, they beat him up, and such & such. But then the medical examiner came out & said he [Mr Gray] had no bruises on him... { - Uhm yeah Lt Butler- EXCEPT the M.E. also confirmed Freddie's spine was nearly severed & his throat partially crushed!!! And Oh lets NOT forget that he DIED in the Intensive Care Ward after NEVER Regaining Consciousness!!! This is why the DA was even able to charge those 6 cops w HOMICIDE, cause Freddie Gray ended-up DEAD in their custody!!! IMO Freddie's family & friends would rather he had bruises & still be alive, than to supposedly have 'NO Bruises' YET end up DEAD!!!
FYI: Lt Butler, The word for when someone turns up DEAD & their death is NOT 'justified'- Is Called HOMICIDE & NO it ain't all about 'training'! If intentional it's called MURDER, If unintentional [but perhaps reckless or at-least negligent] it's called Man-Slaughter- which is what those 6 cops are charged w!

So Lt Butler's implying that Baltimore's now 'EX' [axed] police chief, lost the confidence of the FOP [including Lt Butler] cause he Failed to back those 6 cops charged by Madame DA Mosby for Freddie Gray's HOMICIDE, All the Way to the Bust- right or WRONG!!! Even though besides falsely arresting Freddie from the get-go- they violated procedure by failing to strap Freddie in his seat while his hands were cuffed behind him, & also by making an unreported, & likely unauthorized, stop!! In Fact wasn't it the FOP that try to imply [= LIE] that Freddie actually broke his own neck by supposedly banging his own head against the side of the van!?! ________________________

Jack Ruby [aka Jacob Rubenstein] grew-up in Chicago's Maxwell St Area [aka 'J3w-Town]. He's said to once been part of Al Capone's street crew.
It's been revealed that Ruby likely knew Mickey Cohen [another J3wish gangster who also was once part of Capone's Chicago Outfit, & later close associate of Ben 'Bugsy' Siegel's] & also top Mafia co-boss Meyer Lansky.
There's also docs showing that Ruby was once hired as a 'P.I. Det' by one US congressman from Cali, Richard M Nixon, circa 1947.
What Vern is referring to re: LBJ's alleged role in the 'JFK Hit', is what LBJ's alleged long-time mistress Ms Madeline Brown, said re: an alleged party at multi-millionaire TX Oil man Clint Murchinson's home on the eve of Nov 21, 1963. According to Ms Brown in attendance were: LBJ, TX Gov John Connelly, 'Tricky Dick' Nixon [who definitely was in Dallas on Nov 21, & left the morn of Nov 22], FBI Chief  Edgar Hoover [NO independent confirm that I know of placing him in Dallas or TX], another Top TX Oil man HL.Hunt, among others. Ms Brown claims that when she left the party w LBJ, he told her- 'After tomorrow darlin those god-damn Kennedys will NEVER embarrass me again!! That's NO Threat, That's a Promise!!'

- Ex-CIA guy E.Howard Hunt, who there's photo evidence of him along w his long time CIA partner in crime, Frank Sturgis, in Dealey Plaza on Nov 22, 1963 immediately after JFK's assassination [they both would later become infamous as 2 of 'Tricky Dick's' top Watergate CREEP Burglars]- Told his son [St James Hunt] LBJ was THEE Mastermind of the JFK Hit- saying he had a 'Maniacal Obsession' w becoming POTUS which LBJ would NEVER have achieved except JFK been assassinated while LBJ was his VP!! Whether LBJ was indeed one of the 'JFK Hit's' original masterminds is debatable, but IMO there's NO debate what-so-ever that he's implicated as an accessory after the fact re: the immediate cover-up [IE: setting-up that Warren {c}Omission, w its very 'curious' cast of characters] & as an immediate beneficiary from JFK's demise!!!
PS: There's also a curious photo of someone who looks rather like a 'young' GHW.Bush Sr standing in Dealey Plaza outside the Book Depository on Nov 22, 1963 sometime after the 'JFK Hit'. Thus possibly 4 of JFK's successors maybe linked to the case [= implicated] as 'Usual Suspect' 'Persons of Interest': LBJ, 'Tricky Dick', Jerry Ford [picked by LBJ for the Warren {c}Omission & disingenuously pushed that 'Magic Bullet' 'Myth'], & also possibly GHW.Bush Sr!


So now Obama{Romney}Care has also been 'morphed & spun' into a so-called ‘progressive’ cause- Huhh WTF! First I thought SCOTUS confirmed the ‘constitutionality’ of Obama{Romney}Care back in 2013. Be that as it may, This may be a victory for Obama & the Corp Dims & their Corp sponsors [FYI: when Obama{Romney}Care passed ‘Health’ {non}'Insurance' Corps' stock shot-up], but that don’t make it a ‘progressive’ victory! The author of this article [Rob Kuttner] must have forgotten [or think we have] that real progressives wanted & fought for the roll-out ‘Medicare for All’ [aka single-payer], or at the very least a ‘public option’, which Obama{Romney}Care effectively cut the legs out from under! [FYI: the first iteration of ‘Obama Care’ was first rolled-out by Repug Mitt Raw-Money as Mass St Gov – Green Party candidate Dr Jill Stein can elaborate on just how 'well' {NOT!} that worked-out for the state of Mass]!
Then there’s the fact that Obama{Romney}Care MANDATES [enforced by the Fed Gov] that EVERYONE MUST Buy “Health' {non}'Insurance' generally from private Insurance Corps- which IMO is the main problem w Obama{Romney}Care & why Insurance Corps just LOVE IT!!!

Then there’s the Confederate Flag ‘Hype’ along w Obama’s so-called ‘moving eulogy’ to the 9 Black AME Church Goers slaughtered by Racist-Terrorist Dylann Roof… From the article: } ‘Obama in his eulogy for Rev Clementa Pinckney gave the finest expression of political & moral leadership of his presidency. Obama has spoken this candidly on race only once before as a political leader — when his candidacy was on the line in 2008, in the Reverend Jeremiah Wright affair.’ { During that ‘eulogy’ Obama called for [=: asked that] the ‘Rebel Flag’ should be taken down, which ‘ironically' was still Flying-Hi over the University Grounds which was the venue for Rev Pinckney’s memorial / funeral service- Humm...

– First of all IMHO there’re soooo many problems w Kuttner's {mis}’Analysis’ [effectively just a cheer-leading piece for Obama] it’s enough to make one’s head-spin & then ‘Holla & Throw-up Their Hands’!!! The idea that we should be ‘celebrating’ as a ‘progressive victory’ that 150 YRS AFTER the end of the Civil War, these jokers are finally acting like they MAY agree to take down that notorious symbol of SLAVERY, Racism & TREASON [aka the Confederate Flag]- but only after mass-murdering Racist-Terrorist, Dylann Roof, Posted PICS of himself posing w the ‘Rebel Flag’ as an obvious symbol of inspiration for his Infamous Racist Mass-Murdering Deed- Is IMO extremely problematic!!!

-2nd Obama’s been consistently MIA / AWOL on the race-issue [which Kuttner’s above quote even sorta admits to], & in fact helped propagate that BS FOX-Noise Meme of a so-called ‘Post-Racial USA! Obama’s only addressed the Race Issue 4Xs as either POTUS or running for POTUS- The 1st was as candidate Obama, when he threw his ex pastor Rev Wright under Billary’s & FOX Noise’s bus in route to the Oval Office!!! – He failed to even speak on the issue again till George ‘Killer'-ZMan gunned-down unarmed Trayvon in 2012, as Obama was gearing-up for his re-election bid. The 3rd time was last yr when Killer Cop Wilson gunned-down unarmed Mike Brown, w brought to the fore the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement as Black youth took to & stayed in the streets- Demanding JUSTICE!
– So now we have Obama’s 4th time, but only after this MASSACRE in Charleston SC of 9 AME Black church-goers by racist terrorist Dylann Roof, for which Obama was picked to Eulogize Rev Pinckney & those other 8 martyred souls of that Black AME church! Yet Kuttner & his ilk think Blacks & ‘progressives’ should be ‘celebrating [a Pyrrhic] victory’ re: the [possible] taking-down of the ‘Rebel Flag’- after 150 YRS!!!
PS-RE:Obama’s ‘request’ that the ‘Rebel Flag’ be removed from flying atop southern state houses- Mitt Raw-Money already BEAT Obama to the Punch & ‘Stole His Thunder’!!! Romney’s tweet to ‘Take It Down’ is IMO a shrewd poly-trickal move if those Repug govs of Ole Dixie-land states would ‘Just Do It’ [which still remains to be seen]. in the wake of Demon Dylann's racist mass-murdering deed, the ‘Rebel Flag’ is a potentially hot-button political issue, as folks gear-up for 2016’s POTUS run. But if southern Repug Govs voluntarily remove the ‘Rebel Flag’- It then becomes a NON-Issue.

As the 1st ‘Black’ POTUS Obama should NOT be ‘requesting & appealing’ [= asking & pleading] southern Govs to ‘Take it Down’, He should be sponsoring a Federal Law Mandating [like his Fed
mandate re: Obama{Romney}Care] that ALL Iterations of the Confederate Flag be removed from ALL states’ official, office-bldgs, flags, emblems, seals, license-plates, etc, etc, etc!!! Likewise for all those statues &/or monuments to so-called 'Heroes' [actually TRAITORS] of the Confederacy!!!
PS-2: Mr Kuttner- IMHO it would have better that those 9 Black souls still be ALIVE & the 'Rebel Flag' stay-up, than for their merciless slaughter to be the 'sacrifice' & 'impetus' for the 'Flag' to come down!!!

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