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The cowards who vandalized the mural (which was created by Canadian artists Kalkidan Assefa and Allan Andre in Ottawa) should be caught and brought to justice. Black Lives will always matter. I have noticed that the haters always either hate or show disdain with any concept with the term black on it. Black is never a negative word. Black is a positive word that shows the strength and vitality of the black community. The Black Lives Matter movement wants to address police terrorism, the prison industrial complex (which unfairly punishes black people as compared to white people), and the structural injustices found in our society today. This movement never denies the human dignity found in the human race, but society has ignored the pain of black human lives. Many who use the term "All Lives Matter" believe in the myth that America is totally fair to all people and that racism is not a serious problem in this country. This is why the Black Lives Matter movement existed in the first place. It existed to give voice to the oppressed. It exists to make known to the world that black people's humanity is owned by no other people as we are born free. It was established also to show the truth that all black human lives have autonomy, have value, and have dignity. We have the free speech right to mention that Black Lives Matter too. The mural was created to commemorate the life of Sister Sandra Bland. The evil vandalism shows that these reactionaries have been refuted, but they are so cowardly that they execute a crime. We will not be intimidated. We will stand up and we will be heard as black people internationally.

Any black person defending that racist Hogan is a total sellout period. Hogan stereotyped black people and used language to disrespect our culture and our humanity in general in the midst of anger and jealousy (as those white bigots are always jealous of the power of blackness. BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL). We will always ally with the truth. Hogan always acted creepy with his daughter on the show Hogan Knows Best. What Hogan has said and done are deplorable, evil, and has no justification. Some people have to stop being naive and think that any celebrity is beyond reproach. Yes, many white racists don't care about their daughters marrying a black male as long as he's very rich (in that sense, the money is used in their community). The slavery mentality never ended in 1865. It still exists among some of our people today unfortunately. I knew that Dennis Rodman and Ortiz would support Hogan. There is no excuse for any white man to use the N word at all. Also, the racist Hogan broke the white supremacist code of saying something that many whites say in private. Therefore, the WWE fired him not out of moral reasons in my view, but as a way for the WWE to say save face. There have been people calling Hogan a racist, obnoxious, etc. for years. Crooked cops killing unarmed black people and other racist murderers are very serious issues to discuss. 2015 is the year where more of the truth is shown. Black people will rise despite the obstacles and the hatred in our world. We are a strong people.

I’m not surprised at Hasselbeck’s offensive, ignorant comments. Her words were offensive and they are very disrespectful to the family of Sandra Bland. The family of Sandra just had a funeral. Elizabeth Hasselbeck (who doesn’t talk about police terrorism, the evil War on Drugs, and other important issues) has refused to criticize the actions of the officer who acted belligerent toward Sandra and Sandra had every legal right to smoke a cigarette in her own vehicle. Another point is to be raised as well. We all know the point. Many people in mainstream society have always equated legitimate black outrage at oppression falsely to nihilism and even to “reverse racism,” which isn’t the case at all. Just because a person in a car asked a cop a question (and is smoking a cigarette), doesn’t mean that this black human being wants to be violent with that cop. As the video has shown, Sandra Bland asked legitimate questions, she followed the cop’s orders, and she was still brutally slammed to the ground. Some people want to say that if we, as black people, just play by the rules, act subservient, and shut up, then everything will get better. The truth is that tons of our people have been silent, played by the rules, and they have still been victims of murder by the police including others. So, we should not be silent. We should never be a token and just worship cops unconditionally. We should speak our minds and express courage. The words from Hasselbeck are not uncommon. Her rhetoric has been shown by others in FOX News, by Michael Savage, by te Beibart site, by WND, by Ted Nugent, and by other reactionary extremists. We want racial and economic justice. We want a society where terrorist cops won't abuse our human rights. That is what we want as black people. Bigots are always intimidated by an outspoken, strong black person. We should continue to speak up for the dignity of our late Sister Sandra and stand up for family of Sandra as well. In that way, we express solidarity and we remain focused on fighting for justice.

The Election of 1944 was one of the most important elections in American history as it was in the midst of the end of World War II. During the quadrennial Presidential election, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt defeated Republican Thomas E. Dewey on Tuesday, November 7, 1944. Before the election, President Roosevelt had mass popularity and support because of his foreign and domestic policies. The New Deal helped millions to escape poverty and mass starvation. The economy has grown massively as compared to 1933. FDR was re-nominated as President easily in the Democratic Convention in Chicago. Virginia Harry F. Byrd refused to campaign against Roosevelt. In the convention, pro-segregationists, Wall Street interests, and other anti-progressive abhorred Roosevelt’s political views, especially the New Deal. There was one big controversy during the 1944 Democratic Convention. It was the election of who would be the Vice Presidential candidate will be. At the time, Henry Wallace was the Vice President. Yet, conservatives didn’t agree with his progressive views on race (as Henry Wallace opposed Jim Crow apartheid and he criticized racism outright) and his views on economics. Wallace called for a worldwide “people’s revolution” to end tyranny and oppression in the world. So, the conservative Democrats decided to act and prevent Wallace from being the Vice President nominee. They failed in 1940 before when Henry Wallace was made Vice President (as a product of pressure from Eleanor Roosevelt and others). Wallace was even spied by Roald Dahl (who worked for British Intelligence, whose head was William Stephenson), because Henry Wallace made critical statements against European colonialism. Wallace was very popular in America and throughout the world. He visited Costa Rica with great support shown by the Costa Rican people. People knew that President Roosevelt’s health was failing him and that the Vice President would replace him if he passed away while in office. So, the pro-Wall Street crowd, the segregationists, the Democratic party bosses, and other reactionaries acted to stop Wallace from getting the Vice President spot. So, the reactionaries did an action called “Pauley’s coup’ named after Democratic party Treasurer and oil millionaire Edwin Pauley. This plan was executed by many Democratic Party bosses like Mayor Edward Kelly of Chicago, Edwin Pauley, Edward Lynn of the Bronx, the National Democratic Party chairman Robert Hennegan, and others.  These party bosses chose the mostly unknown Harry Truman (who was from Missouri, he was a Senator, and he was an ally of the Prendergast political machine). Wallace had massive support in the floor at first. Then, Florida Senator Claude Pepper tried to run to the get his name to support Wallace’s nomination. Pepper failed to go to the microphone to tell about his support of Wallace. The, Mayor Kelly said that there was a fire hazard and the meeting was adjourned by Senator Samuel Jackson (Jackson later apologized to Pepper saying to him that orders from Hannegan wanted him to prevent Wallace from being nominated as VP). The Democratic Party bosses soon made backroom deals and after the third ballot, Harry Truman was nominated as Vice President for the Democratic ticket as they party bosses viewed Wallace as too liberal. If Henry Wallace was nominated as Vice President, he would have been President in 1945 and the country could have been in a more progressive direction.

For the Republican aside, many Republican Party candidates by 1944 included Governor Thomas E. Dewey of New York, Governor John W. Bircker of Ohio, General Douglas MacArthur of New York, Harold Stassen of Minnesota, Representative Everett Dirksen of Illinois, and Businessman Wendell Willkie of New York. Robert Taft supported the conservative John W. Bricker. Many Republicans supported General MacArthur, but he was leading Allied forces in Japan at the time. Thomas E. Dewey was ultimately nominated as the Presidential candidate. Dewey was a moderate Republican and the Republican National Convention took place in Chicago. The Republicans campaigned against the New Deal as they wanted smaller government and a less regulated economy. Yet, Franklin Delano Roosevelt won the election in a landslide. He spoke nationally. He spoke to labor union leaders. He had poor health, but he had a happy attitude throughout his 1944 election campaign. Roosevelt criticized the Republican claim that he had sent an U.S.  Navy warship to pick up his Scottish Terrier Fala in Alaska. He said that “Fala was furious” at such rumors. Many people have shown laughter and applause at the speech. Dewey responded with a speech in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on national radio accusing Roosevelt of being "indispensable" to corrupt big-city Democratic organizations and American Communists; he also referred to members of Roosevelt's cabinet as a "motley crew".  Yet, Dewey lost. There were American battlefield successes in Europe and the Pacific during the campaign like the liberation of Paris in August of 1944 and the successful Battle of Leyte Gulf in the Philippines in October of 1944. Roosevelt was unbeatable. The Social Norman Thomas ran for President too. Roosevelt won 36 states while Dewey only on 12 states. Most Americans supported Franklin Roosevelt to continue his policies overseas and domestically. By the end of the 1944 Presidential campaign, President Franklin Roosevelt and Vice President Harry Truman would be victorious.

By Timothy

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