Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Great Words from Sister mmmdot

mmmdot • 3 hours ago
Melissa Harris-Perry: “I’m mad, but I’m mad ABOUT SOMETHING. I’m not mad as an inherent part of being a black woman.”

There are two ways to dehumanize someone: by dismissing them, and by idolizing them. And that is where these [too] "strong" and [too] "independent" Black woman anti-Black misogynistic stereotypes are coming from. It allows for exploitative [often Black] men to rationalize the emotional, financial, and sexual overburdening of "strong" Black women, because they think of them as less than human and impervious to human pain and frailty like other humans. Just like the stereotype of Sapphire/"angry Black woman", justifies [often Black] men abusing African American women because we are characterized as argumentative “Sapphires” who are “strong” enough to give and receive violence and not “feminine” enough to actually be hurt by domestic violence even if there are OBVIOUS disparities in PHYSICAL SIZE and STRENGTH.

We’re seen as headstrong, domineering divas that ALWAYS need to be taken down a couple of notches and kept "under control" so we don't "step out of line" and "into a man's place." They don’t see us for who we ACTUALLY are. These binaries work very well to control men's Black female partners AND many other Black women they come across b/c many African American women end up suppressing any feelings of RIGHTEOUS anger or rage for fear of being regarded as an "angry black woman. These are SHALLOW and TOXIC ways to “sum up” the totality of complex human beings.


mmmdot  (she is responding to a racist troll):
Everyone: Trolling and harassing people online - especially Black people - is ANOTHER thing these OBSESSIVE sociopathic white stalkerish creeps like to do for the "lulz". Ugh. So insecure and so pathetic...First of all, it shows how lazy they are. I WISH had the kind of time and energy it takes to constantly make up FAIRY TALES about why *I* “deserve” to spend my entire life being a white dummy who coasts through life on my depimented skin color and an unwarranted sense of entitlement. But I CAN'T. Unlike these white trashbags, I'm not HANDED everything because I'm white. I HAVE to spend MY precious time actually WORKING for everything I get.

Second, it shows just how OBSESSED these violent, white trash stalker sociopaths are. They LITERALLY conduct surveillance on Black people EVERYDAY. They get off thinking they "know what's best" for our community, when THEY are the reason why incidents like Ferguson keep happening: these uncivilized, unintelligent white degenerates KEEP propagating IMBECILIC white supremacist stereotypes from HUNDREDS of years ago. These "people" will try to convince our people that the racial oppression and injustices of this society - the murders, the poverty, and political oppression - are our own fault for not conforming to their “just society.” Pathetic.


mmmdot • 3 hours ago
I feel scared for my physical safety all the time due to the fact that so many people feel: 1) Black people in general aren’t as fragile as other human beings 2) Black women aren’t as fragile as other women 3) Black women are always of EQUAL physical strength to Black men. Even if there are OBVIOUS disparities in PHYSICAL SIZE and STRENGTH. Even if we’re fxcking 5’2 and 100 lbs we are deemed to be as “strong” as a 6’2 175 lbs MAN. 4) Entitled to touch, violate the space of, and, ultimately, hit Black women 5) Black women are VERBALLY “argumentative”, “complaining”, "angry black women” that are PHYSICALLY “strong" enough to give violence and receive violence LIKE A MAN and not PHYSICALLY “feminine” enough (i.e. PHYSICALLY “white” enough) to actually be HURT by any domestic abuse inflicted upon us by GROWN AZZ MEN.

Even though ALL women IN GENERAL use language to assert themselves in an environment where they feel PHYSICALLY or SOCIALLY DOMINATED by the men around them, ONLY Black women are PARTICULARLY pathologized for it. Gee, I wonder why? ::Eyeroll:: Just like OTHER women WE TOO use language to assert ourselves in an environment where we are physically and socially dominated by men. SURPRISE! My smart azz MOUTH doesn’t PHYSICALLY TRANSFORM ME into a man! WTF is *WRONG* with people?!?! Oh wait! Misogynoir.

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