Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Real News

One big reason why some in the federal government are constantly talking about international terror threats and neglect the epidemic of violence in Chicago is, to be frank, because some people in government don’t care. They want the status quo. This problem has existed for a long time (for decades). One big reason for this problem is the decline in the standard of living of many communities of Chicago for the past three decades. There has been massive deindustrialization and some of the newly service jobs don’t pay much. There have been massive cut backs in education (like the record closing of public schools in the city) and other services by current & past city mayors. Some people exploit the illegal gun trade and the drug smuggling, which expands crime. Many people lack meaningful employment especially in the poorer communities of Chicago. Also, some people are just nihilistic, have no core integrity, and just want to kill innocent people (which is evil). We all feel sympathy for the victims’ families. Enough is Enough. The only solution is a combination of things. A simplistic solution will not cut it, because this is a complex problem. The solution will have to involve not only all levels of government enacting progressive policies. (Rahm Emanuel has promoted his neoliberal agenda which has been terrible). Religious groups, community organizations, individuals, etc. will also have to continue to fight for change too. We have to build in our families and in our communities (as no community can grow without strong families. That's commonsense) and also we should confront the structural economic oppressive forces (from capitalist exploitation) that perpetrate poverty (and economic inequality) in the first place. We have to do both in essence. That means that investments in jobs, education, health care, and other real services are needed. There should be a moratorium on foreclosures and continued support for activists & other courageous people, who are making a difference in the city of Chicago. Solutions involve risks. We have to take risks. We have to acknowledge that many of these community organizations are doing great work in helping people in Chicago, but we have a long way to go.
RIP to the victims.

There were tons of black people who lost their lives by evil people during the Maafa, during slavery in the America, during Reconstruction, during Jim Crow, and today in our generation. Also, it is important to note that our people fought back. There were hundreds of slave revolts in America alone. The Deacons of Defense and other groups used arms to defend their communities from white racists who wanted to attack black people. The terrorism inflicted on black people should always be remembered including the sacrifice that our people made in building up their communities too. We are inspired by our ancestors' courage in the midst of oppression and we will continue to live on the tradition of unity, solidarity, and resistance. People should look and listen to this video everywhere (about black women telling their stories about experience injustice from some cops). No black women should experience degrading harassment or any degrading encounter from any officer. These brave black women have greatly told their stories. Their stories will certainly inspire and empower people to tell their own experiences in public as well. There has to be a change and part of that change is to make cops, who abuse the law and abuse the human autonomy of black women, to be held accountable. This injustice should infuriate any human being. Black women nationwide have been the victims of police brutality. The mainstream media (which is heavily influenced by corporate power) doesn’t readily report on these stories, which is a total disgrace. I send great respect to the #SayHerName campaign. We ought to eliminate any form of misogynoir and police injustice.

There must be a change. There is nothing wrong with power if it is used correctly. The problem is that for so long, the oligarchy has used power to not only exploit people and violate human civil liberties. These oligarchs have used their wealth and influence to dominate the Western political and economic systems. There must be international collaboration among progressive minded people (via forming independent networks of political and economic resources) and a realization that we have to continue to fight. The struggle is never easy, but it is a necessity for us to build in our communities and form networks of organizations, so we can have racial justice, environmental justice, and social justice. People understand that socioeconomic problems, poverty, the lack of job opportunities, etc. will contribute to crime regardless of ethnicity. It is just that people want to constantly use the mantra of "black on black" crime to make crime a mostly black issue when this is a global problem. We know that black crime rates have decreased nationwide over the course of three decades. The political establishment has not taken real action in addressing these problems for generations. Poverty and oppressive conditions will cause crime without question. The mass media is controlled by the same corporations who benefit from the prison industrial complex. Yes, most crime in intraracial and most crime occur in areas next to each other. We have to look at the root of the problem and proceed from there without condemning the black poor and the black working class all of the time. This is a complex problem and a multifaceted approach is necessary in order for us to see real solutions.

There are times in life where we have to eliminate neutrality and reveal the obvious truth. Bill Cosby has done things that are contrary to true character and he has disrespected his wife including his children with his abhorrent conduct. For years, Bill Cosby has talked about respectability politics and he said his famous pound cake speech. Even 10 years ago, I never believed in that propaganda. I believe in morality, but I don’t believe in him mocking working class black people while he was being a hypocrite at the same time. I heard that Cosby’s attorney will send a statement in public tomorrow. I will witness what his attorney will say. Also, there has been a pastime in our society to discount the testimonies of victims of sexual assault or rape in offensive ways (which is wrong). Rape is wrong. The victims of rape are people of every color, of every gender, and of every background. Rape and the disrespect sent to the victims of rape should end. When you have dozens of women telling similar stories about one male, then we have to pay attention to these stories with respect. Cosby’s words under oath speak for themselves. What kind of a person wants to use Quaaludes to try to have sex with young women. First off, he’s a married man. What he’s doing is that he admitted to planning actively to do adultery and sexual contact (with people not of his wife via drugs). That alone makes me not neutral about him. Bill Cosby should be ashamed of himself for yelling at us as a people about morality and then buying drugs to commit this act. If a person is not guilty of rape that human being would immediately deny any allegation of rape under oath explicitly period. We can't be in denial no longer. What may happen is that there might be more civil suits against him and he may be forced under oath again to talk about such situations. This is my commentary.

There are a lot of events going on in America, which are important. One is about how many families in Detroit live without water. This comes in the midst of the second summer of mass water shutoffs. Up to 10 percent of the city’s households have been threatened with losing water service. That is cruel and it’s wrong. International bodies have condemned the water shutoffs in Detroit. There is a preschool teacher named Mamie Brown who talked about her struggle to deal with the aftermath of the water shutoff when she fell behind on her sharply rising water and sewage bills. She lives in the West side of Detroit. This is an example of the crisis of capitalism. This problem is representative of the evil policies form the two party system. Both parties advance regime change and invasion overseas while neoliberalism and austerity domestically. The West nurtured international terrorists for decades. During the Presidencies of carter and Regan, the mujahedeen was financially aided by America. Over 6 million people died via genocide in the Congo for years too. We know that Bill Clinton paid trade deals which dismantled more of the manufacturing base and allowed a record number of black people to be sent into prison. George W. Bush used Shock and Awe in causing the Middle East to be destabilized. He also made a terrible response in Hurricane Katrina. Many of the same policies under previous administrations continue under President Barack Obama. Today, we have Hillary Clinton, Trump, Jeb Bush, and other running for President. My views on their relationship deal with 2 words. They are: “They’re Grown.” Both Russell Wilson and Ciara love each other a great deal. In many photographs, they are expressing smiles and enjoying each other’s company. Abstinence is very valuable. Some people in society are immature and demonize people who are celibate, but we shouldn’t be like those ignorant people. Regardless if someone is abstinent or is sexually active, that person has the same dignity as anybody else. Abstinence is a blessing and it’s a great responsibility. Sex can be a part of love, but Love can be expressed without Sex too. That point must be emphasized in our generation. The couple has the right to be abstinent and I wish the best for both people.

By Timothy

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