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On History 

Nixak*77*  22 days ago
IMO it's amazing that a WAR-Mongering WAR-LORD like Repug Dwight Eisenhower who picked 'Tricky Dick' Nixon as his VP, gets such a pass from 'liberal' Dims & even some so-called 'leftist progressives'. Is it because of 'Ike's' WWII War Hero status or his last speech about the potential dangers of the 'MIC'- which he had a MAJOR hand in instituting & entrenching???
So-called 'moderate' Repug 'Ike' escalated the cold-war's nuke arms race w the USSR [kicked off by Dim HS.Truman], by setting off a series of atmospheric Nuke tests- Like It Was the 4th of JULY!!! Under Ike the US' nuke arsenal BALLOONED into the several 10s of THOUSANDS of War-Heads!!
'Ike' along w Tricky Dick were the ones who got the US into Vietnam after Ho Chi Mihn fighters whipped the French's ass & kicked them out! And it was Ike, 'Tricky Dick' & Allen Dulles who dreamed up that Bay of Pigs scheme & then stuck JFK w both of those 'Hot Potatoes'. Yet many 'leftist' analysts [IE: Chomsky] seemingly give 'Ole' Warrior 'Ike' a pass- seemingly focusing their scorn on JFK alone, as the initiator & mastermind of both Vietnam & the 'Bay of Pigs'- Humm...
So now we've got 'smoking-gun' docs showing it was also 'Ike' along w 'Tricky Dick', then CIA Chief Dulles, in tandem w the Belgians & even the UN, that presided over & helped orchestrate Lumumba's Over-Throw & Assassination [actual docs showing then US president Dwight D. Eisenhower calling for Lumumba to be 'ELIMINATED'].
So is this what it means to be a so-called 'moderate Eisenhower' Repug- which even many/most 'liberal' Dims [IE: Obama] seem to fawn over w nostalgia & affection???


The Plain Fact Is- the UN is a BIG FLOP re: its original 'supposed' main reason for being IE: The Elimination of WAR [NOT the IPCC re: CAGW]! Why? Because the UN is dominated by a bunch of Imperialist WAR Mongers [= UN-SC P5 +1 = US, UK, France & Germany + {to a some-what lesser extent} Russia & China]!!!
Some low lites of UN FAILURES re: 'Keeping the Peace' / Outlawing WAR: UN was established in 1946 just a yr after WWII = the Bloodiest most destructive war in Human History.
- The UN FAILED to Outlaw Nuke Weapons, or even their further development, use & build-up [but what to expect when the UN-SC = Nuclear POWERS: the US, UK, France & Russia {later to include China]
- In 1947 The UN OKed the establishment of the modern Israeli state, knowing full well it would almost certainly lead to a protracted conflict [= WAR(s]. In fact the UN has been a total FLOP re: resolving the Israel vs Palestine dispute- to this very day!
- By 1950 [just 5 yrs after WWII] the UN AUTHORIZED so-called Police Action [= WAR] in Korea leading to 3 MILLION Deaths.
- The UN Failed to Prevent Vietnam although it had a full 20 YRS [from 1945 to 1965] to prevent its massive escalation. Never-the-less the UN allowed fading colonial power France [ part of the UN-SC P5+1], to attempt to exert its imperialist control of Vietnam for at-least 10yrs after WWII [9 yrs after the UN's establishment] & then allowed the US to take over after France was finally kicked out of Vietnam. This resulted in a total Death TOLL in SE.Asia of at-least 4 - 5MiILLION!!!
- The UN's NPT [inspected by the IAEA] has effectively maintained the UN-SC P5 as permanent nuke-powers while dis-allowing any other signatory from becoming one. Never-the-less 5 non-signatories of the NPT have gotten nuke weapons [Mandela was 'persuaded' to relinquish S.Africa's BEFORE the Apartheid regime would 'officially' turn over the S.African Govt to Mandela's ANC- Humm...]. So the UN's NPT has FAILED re: nuke disarmament of the UN-SC P5 nuke powers & also at even preventing nuke proliferation, so long as one refuses to join the NPT. Yet the NPT's IAEA has been used as a 'whipping-tool' vs non-nuke weapons state Iran [including the threat of WAR, which is indeed a member of the NPT- while the IAEA is MIA / AWOL re: the only Mid-East state w a nuke arsenal that refuses to join the NPT [Oh the 'irony' - PS: This key ME US 'ally' in tandem w the US refuses to allow the Mid-East to be declared a non-nuke weapons zone]!
Also- The NPT has a loop-hole in it big enough to drive a nuke arsenal thru: The NPT's IAEA, actually encourages [some] NPT members to develop so-called 'peaceful' [NOT!] nuke energy for 'civilian' use- knowing full well as long as there are full scale fission nuke reactors being built & run, there's ALWAYS the Risk of Nuke Weapons Proliferation [note the hoopla re Iran's civilian nuke power prog -&- that the 4 non-NPT members w nuke weapons all got them using so-called 'peaceful' 'civilian' nuke progs as cover]!!!
- The UN's total FAILURE re: the Rwandan Genocide which led to an even BIGGER Genocide in the Congo. Total Death Toll: 6 - 7 MILLION.
- The UN again 'AUTHORIZED' the Iraq Attack Pt-1, spearheaded by Bush Sr in 1990-91. Without Bush Sr's Iraq Attack Pt-1, there likely would NEVER have even been Bush Jr's Iraq Attack Pt-2! End Result: at-least 2 MILLION Dead & counting [it ain't over yet].
- The UN yet again 'Authorized' FUK-US NATO's so-called 'R2P' 2011 bombing assault on Libya [the Same UN SC P-5 members US, UK & France that authorized this also carried it out- Humm...]- Resulting NOT only in likely 50,000 direct Death's there, but also the rise as AL-CIAeda -/- ISIS linked groups that were initially hyped as so-called 'Democracy loving' 'freedom fighters'. -/- The current Mediterranean Refugee boat crisis. -/- Weapons & [Al-CIAeda / ISIS] fighter transfers from Libya to fuel the on-going Syrian conflict. -/- The Destabilization of Mali & The rise of Boko Haran in Nigeria.... The UN actually refused to let [or at-least failed to encourage] the AU [& others] to try to negotiate a truce settlement between Khadaffi's forces & the AL-CIAeda linked NTC 'rebels'.
IMHO With such a dismal track-record [& I didn't even include everything], either the UN is a Damn JOKE re: its alleged main reason for being [Preventing WAR], or the UN's actual role is to give 'legal' cover to imperialist powers to unleash imperialist acts of aggression [= WAR] vs their ex-colonies in Africa & the 3rd World.

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