Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday News about Justice.

I have not watched the entire film of Chi-raq. I have seen the trailer and it has strengths and weaknesses. Its strengths is that it outlines the important issue of fighting gun violence and other issues in Chicago. It makes people aware that we have a serious problem with violence in Chicago that must end. The trailer has images of people protesting with signs, it shows funerals, and it shows the emotions of people who desire change. It has people who are born in Chicago in the film like Jennifer Hudson. Spike Lee wants the film to be shown as a satire. Some of the weaknesses of the film is that it promotes many stereotypes about women and the title of the film is something that I don't agree with. Chicago is not Iraq or Chi-raq. Chicago is Chicago. Chriaq to me is like a slur against Chicago. There are many progressive people in the South Side, the North Side, the West Side, and in other neighborhoods of Chicago too. Also, the film minimizes many of the economic issues in Chicago (or how the capitalist class has used policies like gentrification, payday loans, school closures, etc. to exploit the people of Chicago. Also, there is the War on Drugs that has harmed many people) and the other social movements in Chicago that are fighting for education and fighting against poverty. The film should have touched on the epidemic of police brutality in a more in depth way too. Films will be critiqued. That's the way it is. The soundtrack of the film is very emotional and has numerous talented artists in it. Chicago is a city where a large part of black culture is located at (from the Harlem Renaissance to musicians like Curtis Mayfield, Chaka Khan, Miki Howard, Common, Lupe Fiasco, and I can go down the list). Chicago is the great Midwestern city that we love, so we want Chicago to prosper. Regardless of how people feel about the film, we want solutions and we want real change. God's Holy Spirit is real and we have every right to stand up for the improvement of our society. We know the heroes from Chicago from Marva Collins to Rosie Simpson (who was part of the 1963 Chicago school boycott). DuSable was a man of black African descent who founded Chicago during the early 19th century. Prosperity including social justice in Chicago should exist beyond the Loop. It should exist everywhere in Chicago regardless of class, race, sex, or creed. We want racial justice. This is the Chicago that we're fighting for.
Obviously, she or Abby's whole argument is a distortion of the University of Texas policies. UT's policies is moderate and includes a 10 percent system. Its affirmative action system is never a quota system. It is based on many factors. Her having lax extracurricular activities is never the fault of black people being accepting in the University. It is about her own voluntary actions. She lectures people on qualifications, but her qualifications equate mediocrity. White privilege is very real and she wants her white privilege to be strengthened. We want institutions of racism and classism to be abolished, so black people can have the forthright, real opportunities to have quality, strong education. Promoting racial justice has nothing to do with advancing racism. It has to do with advancing collective solutions. It is about growing black consciousness and it is about ending white privileges that has been in existence in this country since the 18th century. There is no justice in modern day society now. You can't tell a black person (after centuries of slavery and decades of Jim Crow) that we live in a post racial, neutral society. Abby's actions disrespect the black people with great GPAs, with great extracurricular activity qualifications, and other black people who have used their talents to bless themselves including others.There must be instruments to advance not just equality, but opportunity. We need the result of equality, which deals with fair access to resources. We want real change. Scalia is known for his bigotry and racism. Scalia is wrong and just plain disrespectful. I wonder what Clarence Thomas has to say since Thomas benefited from affirmative action before. The University of Texas' affirmative action plan is very moderate and takes many things into consideration not just race. There are white legacies, and other benefits given to the wealthy, yet Scalia doesn't criticize those things. There has never been a totally race neutral college admissions policy being enforced in America. I respect people who want affirmative action based on race and other factors (which I agree with) and those who want affirmative action based solely on socioeconomic factors too. There are structural injustices that deal with race and class. These structures of oppression must end, so black people can have the total opportunity to get an enriching, quality education.

Donald Trump is delusional. His views are similar to the views of the Nazis and other fascists. Nazis hated socialism. Trump hates socialism. Nazis wanted laws to deprive the human rights of Jewish people. Trump wants laws to deprive the human rights of Muslims and immigrants. Nazis were misogynistic and so is Trump. The Nazis believed in militarism and so does Trump. The Nazis used propaganda to play on people's fears as means to promote their nefarious agenda. Trump has done the same. Trump crying about "political correctness" is a slick ploy for him to try to have license to spew his hate speech. Trump has spewed his irrational views and people have called him out of it. Likewise, a certain segment of the American population believes in Trump's hate speech unfortunately. Many of them are the same ones who believed in Jim Crow apartheid decades ago. In laymen's terms, Trump is an extremist.  In Trump's Apprentice show, he totally disrespected the first black winner of that show. I remember that very well. Trump's comments about banning all Muslims from coming to America is totally evil and wrong. I will never be loyal to a person who believes in religious tests. Emma Lazarus' words ring true then and today in our generation. I am loyal to my black ancestors and to justice. Freedom of religion is a total sacrosanct principle that we believe in wholeheartedly. Imperialist wars must be condemned too. Also, we are loyal to all black people of the Diaspora and all black Africans too. I honor Afro-Caribbeans, Afro-French, Afro-Brazilians, Afro-Colombians, etc. We are one black people irrespective of our nationality.

Congratulations to both Serena Williams and Venus Williams. For over 15 years, both Sisters have played tennis professionally. Each of them love the sport of tennis and they have been active in philanthropy and other great causes that assist the human family. Serena Williams is the greatest of all time and her beauty including her talent represent the powerful, glorious essence of black women. Also, Venus Williams has been involved in tennis and she is a great player in her own right. Her accomplishments are excellent as well. Serena Williams and Venus Williams deserve all of the Kudos in the world. Centuries ago, our ancestors were in chains in the Americas, Africa, Asia, etc. Yet, in our history, we have faith and we did action in order for us to stand up to oppression, so our people fought evil in order for us to reach into that Promised Land (during the future). The Jena Six incident, the death of Sean Bell, the death of Rekia Boyd, and the death of Trayvon Martin represent tragedies that we will never forget. Three, beautiful, intelligent black women created the Black Lives Matter movement. It has been slandered by many, but the BLM movement is still strong. It has been demonized by racists and reactionaries, but it persists. It persists, because truth is better than fiction and racial justice is a just cause to pursue. This struggle isn't just for an end to police terrorism in our communities. It is a struggle to make sure that every black human life, irrespective of background, is treated with dignity and with respect. It is about fighting back against imperialism and seeking a living wage for all workers. It is about showing compassion to the homeless and showing true respect to the poor. This movement is about promoting unity among all people of Black African descent internationally and it is very inspiring to see three Sisters fighting for the liberation of black people. Their sacrifice, their enduring strength, and their wisdom are things that we cherish. We cherish love as there is no sin in love. Political independence is what we believe in. We also cherish truth and we will continue to fight. We will fight for the oppressed and we will fight for the principle that diversity in our community and the unity of us in calling for justice are part of our strength. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Septima, Clark, Fannie Lou Hamer, and other heroes have passed away. Yet, these 3 Black Sisters are making them very happy with their activism.

The Sisters, who are the victims of rape, are in our prayers and in our support. First, the rapist coward Daniel Holtzclaw has been convicted. His conviction is glorious and it should be celebrated. The black women, who are the victims of rape and abuse, should have their stories told. Far too often, the pain of black women have been ignored or even maligned. That should change, because the human value of black women must always be acknowledged and respected. While the mainstream media has been largely silent, many black people have spoken up in showing this story. This story must be told since when there is a victim or multiple victims of rape, we are all affected. Any injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. The cop terrorist should be in prison for the rest of his life. We are inspired by the Sisters and we desire revolutionary change where equality, justice, etc. are made a reality in the world.

By Timothy 

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