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Rahm Emanuel has promoted neoliberal policies that has harmed the people of Chicago for years, especially against the black people of Chicago. He has closed down schools and is complicit in the cover up of the many deaths of people caused by the police. People are protesting not because they respect Rahm's token faux apology. People are protesting, because they are sick and tired of massive schools being closed, of political exploitation, of police terror, and of racist policies in America. People have had enough and change must come. Rahm should resign. Many protesters are traveling into the North Side (where a lot of wealthy people live at). Also, we have to promote political independence. The political leadership of Chicago, who has damaged the lives of the people of Chicago, are made up of the 2 party system (as the Mayor and the DA of Chicago Anita Alvarez are Democrats. So, we a'int going to bow down to the donkey or the elephant. We will advance the agenda of our communities). Not to mention that this struggle involves also the fight against imperialism, against educational problems, against poverty, and against environmental oppression. There was a lack of transparency among the establishment in Chicago about the police murder of unarmed human beings. The police union wants a whitewash of investigations and we are opposed to that. Folks are walking from Michigan Avenue (which is found in the Magnificent Mile), from the West Side, from the South Side, and to all over Chicago about advancing justice. The same war machine overseas that has caused Africans, Arabic people, and others to die as a product of war mongering (by Western imperial powers) is the same war machine that uses mass surveillance, police terror, and other unwarranted actions against us the people domestically. Justice entails not just a building of infrastructure to help people progressively. It is about ending the New Jim Crow and ending its policies of oppression. It is about the overturning of the system of injustice, so a real system of justice can exist in its place. That is what we want.
RIP Rekia Boyd
RIP Laquan McDonald

The article (from the NY Daily News criticizing the evil policies of Trump) is correct. Hitler and the Nazis believed in condemning non-whites, promoting discrimination, and promoting hatred among human beings who are of a certain background. Trump has done the same. He has gone out of his way to advocate Muslims to not travel into America. He has made many sexist remarks. He supported a black protester (in a rally) being assaulted by an irate mob. He has also disrespected the innocent Central Park Five. His rhetoric is evil and dangerous as we know that hate crimes against Muslims have occurred recently. It has occurred in NYC when one Muslims was assaulted by an evil criminal. It has happened in Texas where Muslim women (who wore hijabs) have been harassed and verbally abused by racists. It has happened in other parts of America where mosques have been threatened and many mosques have been vandalized. There has been a pig's head placed near a mosque in Philadelphia recently. This hate from Trump should be condemned. We believe in religious freedom. We believe in opposing police terrorism while Donald Trump has opposed the agenda of protesters who advocate that police terrorists ought to be placed into prison. Trump's xenophobia is truly wicked and he doesn't care about freedom or human rights. For Trump to support stop and frisk and other retrograde policies makes him a person not to be trusted. Also, the Nazis believed in racial profiling and marked Jewish people with Star of David symbols on them. The Shoah was evil. That sounds familiar. Muhammad Ali is a courageous Muslim who opposed the Vietnam War and gave inspiration to the youth worldwide. Kareem Abdul Jabbar is a Muslim with a great amount of consciousness. So, Trump is a liar, a fascist, and a threat to freedom. We believe in the fight for equality and justice. We want black people to be liberated.

Donald Trump is a fascist. He is also a lot of other words that I can't describe here, but I won't go there. He doesn't know anything real about terrorism. Terrorism isn't just done by ISIS. Terrorism has been done by Western imperialists with drone strikes, torture, waterboarding, international secret sites (in Europe where people are tortured), and other forms of tyranny. Muslims have made many great contributions in society. Muslims are the majority of the victims of ISIS and other terrorists groups in the Middle East. So, Trump is wrong. Right now, anyone that believes in Trump's views on Muslims is an enemy of freedom. I don't care who it is. This liar talks about FDR and the internment camps being used to unjustly house Japanese Americans during WWII. The internment of the Japanese back decades ago was wrong. FDR was wrong on that issue. There should never be a religious test to who comes into this land. We believe in the freedom of religion not the scapegoating of everyone in the religion of Islam. We believe in the separation of church and state, not a theocracy. We believe in human rights and Trump's evil commentaries are against human freedom. Even many GOP candidates have condemned Trump's inappropriate statements. Muslims have been leaders, scholars, teachers, etc. Trump omits the many white terrorists killing black people in churches, killing people in other places of America, and doing murder of innocent black people in other places. Trump's views should be denounced. We live in America and Trump's views don't represent true human values. Muslims are even veterans too and many Muslims work everyday to work in favor of tolerance and peace. How dare Trump make such outrageous, evil statements. How dare anyone support Trump after this incident. How dare Trump promote divisiveness and discrimination. We want freedom. Trump is a blowhard without a plan. We believe in justice. His racist and sexist comments are beyond the pale. I will oppose Islamophobia and I believe in black liberation.

First, I am glad that Brother Steve Locke is alive. The myth of black innate criminality has influenced many cops to violate the human rights of black people. It is a shame that black people have to fear of being murdered by the police all of the time. We know that white people commit most of the crimes in America and that black crime rates overall in America has declined since 1980. Black men and Black women have been the victims of police abuse and murder by the police for years and decades. Systematic racism and economic inequality are scourges that must be eradicated. Also, police terrorism is fascism just like the fascist statement from Trump when he advocates stopping Muslims from entering America (when tons of Muslims are progressive and low honor plus tolerance). Anyone who demonizes black people unfairly and in a slanderous way is a traitor. We will not be deterred. We want black families to grow. Also, we deplore the police terrorism inflicted on black women too. There should be a wider recognition of how black women are victims of harassment, abuse, rape, and murder also. I with the best for Steve Locke, who is an innocent man. We desire black liberation and the growth of black people too. Imperialism is the order of the day for many among both parties. Both parties are complicit in promoting terrorism in the world from waterboarding to drone attacks including assassinations of U.S. citizens without due process of law. I don't agree with Stacey Dash. The President knows exactly what he is doing. He wants to use the word "humanitarianism" as a means to promote strikes and form some puppet state in Syria, gain more oil resources in the Middle East, and desire more Western control in the region. ISIS is a creation of the US, Saudi Arabia, and other Gulf States. ISIS has gone out of its way to issue terror that they have learned from others. The President's foreign policy is blatantly imperialistic. Real solutions will deal with a long term unification of Sunnis and Shias to deal with Middle East issues, the formulation of a coalition even with Russia to handle ISIS, the promotion of our civil liberties, sending war criminals into international court, and ending blowback policies. I'm opposed to Islamophobia too. ISIS are terrorists and Western imperialists are terrorists too. Innocent blood from Africans, Syrians, Iraqis, etc. have existed as a product of this criminal, evil, and unjust war on terror. A nation, who had many people who supported genocide and theft centuries ago, has executed the same theft and war crimes overseas in our generation.

Black excellence is here to stay. For thousands of years, black people have been masters of art, dance, music, performance, mathematics, spirituality, engineering, and other aspects of society. The critics' words are typical. Many people don't understand neither do they respect black creative genius. The Wiz live performance have black people singing their hearts out, showing great dialogue, showing excellent fashion, and outlining incredible dancing. This is part and parcel of our creativity. So, we as black people, should fulfill our own standards and not the standards of white society unconditionally. Our words matter. Our institutions matter and our black lives definitely matter. When we contribute our talents to the world, we bless ourselves, we bless others, and we can inspire other black people to continue their lives in a positive direction.

By Timothy

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