Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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Candace Almy is right to convey that message via her artwork. It is totally melancholy to witness so many of our people being murdered by the police and by other evil people. Since the establishment of this country of America (and before the 18th century), black people have been terrorized and stripped of our human rights by a racist, capitalist oligarchy. Sister Candace Almy is certainly conveying what we are thinking about. The injustice of non indictments for the officers involved in the death of Tamir Rice is an outrage. No indictment in dealing with the death of Sandra Bland is also an injustice and a tragedy. The families of the victims are going through unspeakable hurt. The fact that the cops refused to use first aid to Tamir Rice after he was shot for four minutes shows the callous nature of that murdering cop. Over 1,100 human beings have been killed by the police which is much higher than many industrialized nations. It is obvious that Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty in Ohio issued a whitewash with that biased grand jury hearing. McGinty scoured the country to obtain reports from three “expert” witnesses, all of whom are longtime members or associates of law enforcement agencies. These agencies falsely determined that Loehmann’s actions were “objectively reasonable.” So, these conflicts of interests have caused a mischaracterization of the truth and the injustice continues. The US Department of Justice has not massively prosecuted crooked cops in the past 3 years. These killer cops act with impunity in American society unfortunately. Many militarized equipment is found in the hands of the local police too. So, this was a whitewash and the working class has been the victims of this evil for so long. We, as black people, will continue to voice the truth. Our black humanity should always be respected.
Bless Sister Candace Almy.
#Black Lives Matter.
RIP Tamir Rice
RIP Sandra Bland.

Me personally, if I was in a religious location for a special occasion (or not), I will dress up. I don't view TD Jakes wearing jeans as a super big deal. That's his business. I am more concerned about the doctrines that religious leaders talk about from the pulpit than clothing attire. That is the essence of the matter. There should be a balance. I don't believe that people in a religious location should wear inappropriate clothing, but T.D. Jakes' attire is his own affair. My only exception is during a funeral. I don't believe that any clergymen should wear some jeans if he is giving a sermon during a funeral (unless stated by the deceased's family that the pastor can wear something more casual). I can't co-sign that in my opinion, especially if the deceased person's family members requested conservative attire. I don't view Jakes' attire as going too far. The experiences of Eddie Conway should be known. The same methods of imperialism overseas back then decades ago continue today. The working class and the poor has been readily exploited by oligarchical, corporate forces. The courts, the prison system, and the military industrial complex has ruined the lives of so many people. Today, we still live in the system of plutocracy. We are still fighting racism, sexism, classism, and other evils. There should be a radical end to the current system of oppression, so a real system of justice and tranquility can rise about.

I'm glad that both of them got caught. Both of them aren't very bright since Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a known tourist spot where many Americans visit for the holidays. I knew that they would be captured sooner or later. This male killed innocent human beings and her mother is an evil person too. This male knew what he was doing. He made a conscious decision to try to escape a hearing and he was discovered and caught by authorities. Prison sentences should be given to both of them. Nearing the New Year, we have seen the fascist views of Donald Trump and others in full display in American society. We know that a low wage economy is a disaster for any society. We know that Hitler and Mussolini attacked real wages too. There is the Wall Street financier oligarchy that desire massive austerity in the world. Many people are deluded in following a super-rich speculator and economic exploiter like Trump. Even in his own Hotels, he is a known union buster. Fascism and neo-fascist ideologies deal with contempt for reason, the rejection of reality, and anti-intellectualism. He or Trump views China, Mexico, and Japan as enemy states in dealing with trade. He is hostile to Iran when Iranians collectively haven’t been involved in every terrorist attack on Earth. A demagogue like Trump refuses to nationalize the Federal Reserve, give 0 percent long term federal credit for infrastructure, energy production, education, manufacturing, mining, and agriculture. He talks about hedge funds, but he wants to abolish the estate tax, which is worth about $20 billion. He complains about the 19 trillion dollar U.S. debt, but his tax plan will balloon the federal deficit by just under $10 trillion in the first decade, and then by $15 trillion in the second decade. Therefore, his extremist agenda is rather clear. .

For years, we have to deal with evil people who promote bigotry and intolerance. Donald Trump is the representation of that bigotry and hatred. Trump's evil precepts aren't new. White supremacists and far right extremists readily love many of the ideologies of Trump. We see an increase of hate crimes against Muslims in the United States of America. That is not right. A New York middle school student wearing a hijab was assaulted by three fellow students who called her "ISIS" and tried to rip off her hijab as they punched her. We see many folks who want to scapegoat everyone in a religion or in a race for the economic and political problems in America. That isn’t right either. So, Donald Trump’s ideas are repulsive, but they aren’t embraced by all people of America. There are still many Americans who believe in equality, who reject xenophobia (as the words of Ezra Lazarus ring true then during the 19th century and today in the 21st century), and who want racial justice. Donald Trump is explicitly clear in his extremism. He desires no increase of the minimum wage. He has made many sexist remarks. He said that a black man (who is a BLM activist) deserves to be beaten in a Trump rally. Donald Trump believes that all Muslims overseas shouldn’t come into America. Trump is silent about the epidemic of police terrorism domestically and Western imperialism overseas. He refuses to expose the War on Drugs and how it has harmed the lives of many black people. Trump’s narcissism is off the chain. Therefore, we know what we are up against. We are against racism, sexism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and any injustice. For our Muslim Brothers and Sisters: We will always defend your human rights. We believe in black liberation and we will fight for it courageously and without compromise.

I think that the interview from Sister Claudia Rankine was very interesting and it shows a lot of insights that many people don't get to see. She is a very intelligent human being. Racism is complicated. It is not just about a person saying slurs (which is racism too). It is about the systematic forces that prevents a black person (with great qualifications) from having a job or it involves a black person being followed in a store for no other reason but because of that black person's race. Racism can exist in many manifestations. Many white folks know the truth. Some of them just don't care. Some of them just want to either minimize racism and some just deny it outright. We have to speak out. Nothing changes unless we speak out and use action to fight back. That's in our history from the slave revolts to the protests against oppression in the Deep South. We have resisted also in our generation in Ferguson, Baltimore, and in other places of America. We have resisted in Brazil when thousands of Afro-Brazilians stood up against sexism, racism, police terrorism, etc. in Brazil recently. That's our history. Our history deals with resistance against evil. Darren Wilson calling Michael Brown a "demon" shows the anti-black bias and anti-black hatred found in many people.
Her greatest point in the interview is how "Empathy is not a cure." I certainly love that point. We, as black people don't want to be treated as tokens and receive faux empathy from anyone. We want justice. We want the freedom to live our lives as we see fit without discrimination and without oppression. We want our descendants to see a world where a black child can walk down the streets and won't be killed by a crooked cop. We want to live. We want to realize our dreams and aspirations by our own hands and by our own power. The power of self-determination and the power of our intellectual creativity relate directly to the hope, to the dream, and to the passion for liberty that we adhere to (and focus on) as human beings. We are human beings. We have the right to be liberated and have justice by birthright.

By Timothy

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