Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Savant's New Words (in December of 2015)

The Movement against police terror and other injustices actually grew bigger since I started this thread last year. It intensified enormously with the death of Freddie Gray in the custody of the police. I have myself participated in demonstration numbering in the thousands, sometime side by side with some of my students. Some activists have even movd to Baltimore to assist in organizing. Police patrols have been set up in parts of town. I am now working with Marshall Eddy Conway, a former Panther leader who is now focusing his attention on the Sandtown area where Freddie lived. But I'm trying to focus my attention more on the Eastside where I grew up. The Struggle continues, and will continue until "justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream."

Islam is not a race, but Muslims can be RACIALIZED and falsely relegated to racial inferiority (by racists). In that case, Islamophia does become a kind of racism. Similarly, Judaism is not a race. But when Jews were racialized and falsely relegated to inferiority by racists, anti-Jewish prejudice and discrimination (or anti-Semitism) evolved into a kind of racism. Frankly, our ancestors didn't begin as a race either. They were Ashanti, Ibo, Fulani, Yoruba, Wolof or what have you. They became racialized and falsely relegated to an inferior racial status. We know this as white racism, or anti-Black racism. As it became institutionalized throughout the entire social structure of America, becoming (as Dr. King argued) a "structural part of the culture," we tend to call it structural or institutional racism. Scientifically speaking, neither Biology nor Anthropology takes race seriously as anything more than a social construct; indeed, race in a scientific sense does not exist. But anyone, or any group of people can be racialized. Once this happens, race does exist as a serious social reality. With regard to Muslims, right wingers (and some liberals) are often racializing Muslims. Some Europeans speak of Muslims in language very similar to the way in which we are spoken of by white American racists. If this continues then Muslims will be constructed as a race as have been Blacks, Jews and others.

If that estimate is correct, then the Black population of France is larger that I suspected. I knew just from my time in France that the black populations was quite larger in Paris, but thought perhaps this was due to Paris being such a large and cosmopolitan city, not necessarily representative of France as a whole. But if the Black population is about 7%, and if it continues to increase, it may be that in a century or less francophone Blacks would be as large a part of the French populations as we Afro-Americans are of the US population (12%--14%). Or maybe larger. That's fine with me as I truly enjoyed meeting Francophone black people in your country.


Oui. J'ais peur que: French liberty may be sacrifice on the pretext of security. The primary targets may be les Musslumans main tout la societe aussi finalement. Recent incidents in the USA may be the pretext for intensification of political repression aux-Etats-Unis aussi. En effet, je pense que Donald Trump est probablement un Fasciste Americain. Already we have a highly militarized police, a massive national security apparatus, a huge prison industrial complex, the old military industrial complex, and the erosion of civil liberties with the Patriot Act (issued under GW Bush, but finally signed into law by Obama). Aussi, les avocats reactionnaire filed suit against the Voting Rights Act of 1965, commonly regarded as the crown jewel of civil rights legislation. The Supine Court in 2013 struck down the enforcement clause in the Voting Rights Act, and numerous states with right wing Republican governors and legislators are passing new laws designed to disfranchise more liberal voters, surtout les citoyens Afro-Americains. We now live in dangerous times. And people who laugh or mock which I speak of fascistic tendencies in America, or of our fascist pig cops, may be in for a rude awakening.



Either you're lying or your Catholic parent failed to instill in you their attitudes of tolerance. What happened? Were you taken from them and reared by a Nazi uncle? After all, you're notorious in Topix for your racist intolerance. But I do recall that such clownish (but murderously unfunny) desposts like Hitler, Franco and quite a few others were Catholics too. And heaven knows we've seen oceans of intolerance and racism from American Irish and Italian Catholics.

REALITY: While educated Blacks of both genders are more likely to "marry out," the majority of them who do marry have Black spouses. You can look that up if you wish. In short, this entire thread is based a false premise.

If by "top" and "bottom" you refer to social class, or education, then your claims are factually false. The data shows that Blacks (male and female) most likely to marry out (and then most often with whites) are from the middle and upper classes, and educated. And contrary to claims that they only marry lower class, illiterate whites, they usually marry persons of similar circumstances as themselves. If Mrs. Huxtable (to use a TV example) marries out, she does not marry the white janitor, let alone the white hobo. If Mr. Huxtable were to marry out, he doesn't marry the white maid, waitress or welfare mom. Blacks from the poorer classes marry out less than do those from the middle and upper classes;' and when they do, then they also tend to marry white males or females of similar social circumstances. CLASS may really be the elephant in the room. Even people who cross the color line (and they're a minority) are not as likely to cross the CLASS LINE. It is what it is


There are some Americans of West African descent who were called in the 1960s & 70s (and sometimes now) "oreos." like the cookie, black on the outside and white on the inside, In essence, one consequence of the racist mental colonizing of our people has been, at certain EXTREMES, a negro with essentially a white racist frame of mind. He or she judges his or her own people in much the same way as do the white racist and white supremacist. If you look at even the language which some Americans of African descent use toward each other, is very similar to the language used by the white racist. The language, and imagery, are fairly well know, and described quite well in such books as THE SLAVE COMMUNITY and BLACK IMAGE IN THE WHITE MIND. Fanon's BLACK SKINS, WHITE MASKS is revealing of such mentalities in the context of French colonial rule. (His essay "West Indians and Africans" in TOWARD THE AFRICAN REVOLUTION is also insightful.) It's not so surprising as one might imagine. When Jews were oppressed and disfranchised in Europe their were anti-Semitic stereotypes and fixed racial concepts about the Jew. But a number of thinkers (including Sartre in LA QUESTION JUIVE, or in English ANTI-SEMITE AND JEW) noted that there were Jews who INTERNALIZED anti-Semitism. They thought and talked about their fellow Jews in much the same way as did the anti-Semitic gentle. They were anti-Semitic Jews. So, there are some parallels to the white racist negro. And you will see many white racist Negroes in Topix.



Who knows? There were some Republicans who voted for Obama. And there were the Reagan Democrats of the 1980s.

C'est un autre exemple de stupidite de freddy. Freddy never thinks to ask himself whether HE really knows what he's talking about. First, he says that I abandoned Black Baltimore for (presumably) white suburbia. Only problem is that this NEVER happened. Since Freddy the fool doesn't know me, why does he idiotically make assumptions. Now he says I have never had any run it with the police. I don't think I even know more than a handful of Black men who have NEVER had any run ins with police. I was nearly KILLED by police in Johnson Square in east Baltimore at age 17. Some of you already know of this. I've been stopped (as have many others) for driving while black, I have seen fascist pig cops beat up my father when I was a child. Of course, I can't expect freddy to know these things. But I can expect him to keep his mouth SHUT concerning things and people he knows nothing about. At least what an INTELLIGENT man would do. But you cannot expect intelligent behavior from a moron, and hence Freddy's behavior is hardly surprising,. I and my friend and family have had NUMEROUS encounters with police, and some of my childhood friends are contemporaries are now DEAD because of them. (Probably my militant 17 year old mouth would have given the pigs an excuse to kill me in Johnson Square had not an older neighbor, also in the Square, not advised me to let HIM handle this, also drop those books I was carrying lest the fascist pig cops say they thought those books were guns when they shot us!). The only racist here is freddy, a punk ass bigot who calls the black masses (in language identical with that of white racists) "pathological ." Freddy DEFENDS fascistic racist terror against Black communities in the name of law and order (just a Hitler reportedly did). And notice that as usual, NOTHING in his post is RELEVANT to my comments directed to Attai even though freddy posts in reply to my comments. It is simply one long Argumentum ad Hominem, a common reply of demagogues, fools, and COINTELPRO agents Also, his comments show a certain MORAL idiocy. Even if what he said had been true, should only those who have been personally victimized by police terrorism speak out against it? Should only Blacks speak out against anti-Black racism? Should only women speak out against patriarchal oppression? Are upper middle class whites from John Hopkins University all idiots for speaking out against police terror even though THEY have never experienced? Maybe the Abolitionists were idiots for speaking our against slavery. Neither they nor their friends and family were slaves. Actually, it is freddy is DEPRAVED and a moral idiot for NOT speaking out againt police terrorism, against racism and economic exploitation.

Trump est un sal fasciste!



I saw a survey which indicated that in an election Bernie Sanders would today beat Trump by a larger margin than would Hillary. Yet it is interesting that even though Sanders is second behind Hillary among Democrats he seems to get LESS media attention than Republicans who are not even near second behind Trump. That a proto-fascist like Trump could be the leading figure among Republican candidates indicates what bad shape the Party is in. It has been a long time since the Republican Party was the party of Lincoln and Abolition; when it was actually more progressive than the Democrats. It now borders of fascism, if indeed it hasn't already crossed over that border.



First of all, this fool didn't ASK me IF or WHY I supposedly abandoned East Bmore. He ASSUMED it. He didn ASK whether I had any run ins with the police, he ASSERTED that I did not. So, he is continually making stupid assertions about things he knows not of. Now I said before that what the Panthers used to say about certain unsavory element was true of freddy the fool: He's either a PIG or a FOOL. I've long known (from his stupid posts) that he's a fool. I've recently started to suspect he was also a pig. Those of you who are familiar with COINTELPRO tactics, if you've red some of their documents, know that one of their favorite tactics was to DEFLECT from issues, and try to direct attention against the person or character of their adversaries. if you recall I was engaged in a description of the dangerous police state developments in the USA when he repeated his same stupid jibberish about Savant protesting police violence when I've supposedly not had any run ins with the police. Most AA folk know that there are very few of us who have no run ins with police. Not only brothers and sisters in the hood, but even educated and well off Blacks as well. But in beginning a PERSONAL quarrel what freddy also does is to deflect from a POLITICAL ANALYSIS and social critique, which he knows he's incapable of rebutting. So, start a PERSONAL dispute instead. Now that is the common approach of the mentally incompetent and emotionally insecure, but also the common approach of provocateurs. Now the more intelligent readers probably know that what freddy the bootlicker calls a "childish attitude" toward the police is actually a more political sophisticated and progressive attitude. The ACLU, UN Commission on Human Rights, and even AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL has call out the USA on human rights violations, specifically mentioning police violence against African American communities and Latino communities. And a growing body of scholarly literature is increasingly coming to the same conclusions, more or less, as are the activists and supporters of Black community resistance to police terrorism. Increasingly, our "childish " attitude toward the police is taken up by growing numbers of whites, Asians, Latins, Jews, Arabs, and others. Even dumb ass Youtube reveals as much. Freddy the bootlicker unsurprisingly takes the perspective of the police, the Establishment. He assume that our wrong attitude toward the police causes their loony behavior. Why not assume instead that their reactionary attitudes and violence is what provokes Black animosity toward the police? Difference of perspective. Again, he referred to black communities as DEPRAVED. But he never refers to fascist pig cops as depraved. Perhaps because he is himself a black fascist. Or maybe Barros and Attai were right: he's a fascistic white British racist. He's scum anyway you look at it.


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