Friday, December 04, 2015

The San Bernardino shooting and other news

The mass murderer in San Bernardino, California was evil and it was a tragedy. 14 people of many backgrounds died. There are 21 people injured. The friends of the relatives of the victims are going through an immense amount of pain and sadness. We send prayers and condolences to the victims’ families and friends too. The 2 shooters are Syed Farook who was 28 and his wife Tashfeed Malik, who was 27. These 2 murderers are cowards and deserve no respect. Syed Farook worked as an environmental inspector at the Inland Regional Center, which is where the massacre has taken place. Local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are investigating the case. The FBI is definitely researching the incident. The FBI said that the shooters don’t have indications of being part of a terror cell, the shooting has potential links to foreign terror groups, and the female suspect posted online statement in supporting ISIS. Malik used a Facebook in an alias to praise ISIS (which is an anti-woman, counterrevolutionary, and evil organization). Reportedly, Syed got into an argument and returned back to the facility with his wife and killed people. The police killed them in a shooter with the murderers. The pair was armed with two assault rifles and semiautomatic handguns, dressed in masks, and wearing body armor and cameras. They also reportedly brought explosives that were not detonated. After the shootout, police found 1,600 rounds of ammunition in their SUV, with thousands more rounds discovered at their house in Redlands. Farook’s wife is Pakistani. Farook met his wife in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is an ally of Washington D.C. and Saudi Arabia is a home base of Islamic fundamentalism. Saudi Arabia funds the cruel, evil war on terror. The United States does have a problem with violence. So far this year, there have been at least 353 mass shootings in the United States, with at least 461 dead and 1,309 injured. Wednesday’s massacre is the deadliest mass killing since Sandy Hook Elementary School, when 20-year-old Adam Lanza killed 20 children and six staff members. Victims of these mass shootings have been killed indiscriminately.  There is a problem of the promotion of hate in America. We have a social crisis with economic deprivation and we have been in a state of perpetual war for a long time. For a quarter of a century from the first Gulf War (in 1990-1991) to the war on terror in 2015, we have seen nothing but war in the world. Domestically, we see police terror, racism, violations to our civil liberties, poverty, and mass unemployment (in San Bernardino too). Many people have frustrations and social alienation, but that is never an excuse for murder at all period. Murder is evil. Therefore, we have to combat evils in our world. We have to give people economic rights. We have to oppose extremism and we have to reject Islamophobia as many evil people are exploiting these tragedies as a means for them to promote hared of Muslims or hatred of immigrants. Xenophobia and racism are linked. We need to gather all of the facts. We want justice and human dignity to exist.

Terrorism has occurred in American soil for a long time. It has been been when white terrorists massacred Native Americans in the Pequot Massacre in New England during the 1600's. Terrorism is about the lynching of black men, women, and children in America (which Ida B. Wells and other brave black people vigorously opposed) . Terrorism is also about white racists using slavery against black people and genocide against Native Americans (plus these white racists exterminated almost all of the buffaloes in a fit of greed and cruelty). The deaths of innocent people in the church of Charleston and the massacre in the Planned Parenthood facility are examples of terrorism. It is obvious that the mainstream media constantly assigns mental illness or family issues when white males commit terrorism. When non-blacks do terrorism, racist promote the myth that non-whites are collectively inferior while whites are superior. The myth of white supremacy is certainly one lie that must be eliminated in this society and in all societies globally. We are opposed to discrimination, Islamophobia, xenophobia, and racism. This is more than about class issues (though we must end class oppression). This is an issue that requires fundamental structural change in society where racial justice exists for all. Black people are entitled to justice by birthright.

The LAPD is filled with corruption. Sister Marlene Pinnock was beaten brutally and unmercifully by a terrorist cop. She deserves justice, but the LA District Attorney refuses to press charges against a brutalizer of a black woman. This is a disgrace and an outrage. I have no respect for terrorist cops, racists, etc. I wish for the best for Sister Marlene Pinnock. During the days of Nat Turner, black people suffered tyranny via slavery, rape, beatings, and other forms of mistreatment daily. That is why many rebellions existed, because our ancestors wanted freedom and liberation from tyranny. The story of Nat Turner is an emotional story and it is a story that should be told. Also, Nat Turner lived in Southampton, Virginia where my kinfolks are from. We know stories about Nat Turner. The locations where Nat Turner rebelled against slavery are places where many of my ancestors are from and many of my ancestors are from Cape Charles too. Nat Turner passed away in Courtland, which is near Suffolk. So, this is a personal story. It's personal. I wish the best for Nate Parker and the crew involved in the film. I hope that the film makes our black ancestors proud.

Today, is the day when Fred Hampton was assassinated by the Chicago Police Department. We will always remember the legacy of Brother Fred Hampton. He was a very intelligent, strong black man who saw injustice and wanted to stop it. He had great leadership skills and he understood class analysis. He worked in the Black Panther Party in Chicago so black people can have liberation. He also believe in all power to all people, so he wanted all in the human family to be free too. He organized truces among gangs and he supported the great Breakfast program in Chicago, which feed a lot of children everyday. He abhor police brutality, poverty, and racism. He wanted the world to know in public that he is not with the one percent, but he is a proletariat. We are not in favor of the agenda of capitalist exploiters. We are part of the proletariat and we want economic justice as comrades. It is that language that Fred Hampton used in public in standing up for black people. He was murdered by the Chicago Police. J. Edgar Hoover was an evil, despicable person who used policies that violated the civil liberties of Americans. Therefore, we understand the legacy of Fred Hampton, which dealt with community development, solidarity, forming alliances, and standing up for the freedom of black people. Fred Hampton opposed the unjust Vietnam War and he was in favor of the self determination and liberation of all freedom loving peoples of the world. We owe a lot to him and we are inspired by his courage, his strength, and his political analysis. We are in a battle. The agenda of the 1% has surely failed to caused economic justice. Therefore, we advocate progressive policies in order to end this system, so a system of justice can exist in its place.

The stories of this Sisters (on The NY Times in a short documentary) outline the injustices black women go through everyday. Black women go through multi-faceted forms of oppression from misogynoir, sexism in general, racism, discrimination, and other evils. The last part of the video sums the great point that women should find joy and happiness irrespective of the expectations of society. All people are entitled to the pursuit of happiness. Black girls and Black women are entitled to equality, respect, and justice. The courageous women in the video speaking their minds is inspirational. This video certainly must be seen by a wide spectrum of people and the women's words will certainly inspire others in positive ways. It's a shame when many people know more about European Kings during the Age of Absolutism than heroic black women who are standing up for justice. Therefore, giving these strong, beautiful black women a platform to tell their own stories is certainly great. Their stories matter just like all of our lives matter in this Universe (which is filled with scientific laws, creativity, DNA, and other entities). One thing about black women is that they are never scared. They are filled with honesty, humbleness, and strength. So, black women will continue to march, speak out, and stand up for what is right and just. I'm glad for Clutch and other forums that deal with issues that we care about. Black women do need a national platform as you have outlined. We are disgusted with the lax media coverage of the Holtzclaw trial. Holtzclaw is scum (and a lot of other words that I can't mention here. We know the words) and he should have a trial and be convicted. How dare he take advantage of black women for his perverted fetishes. This is why we talk about these issues. These issues are important and the voices of victims should be acknowledged and respected. Yes, you have every right to be disgusted at how our people are being mistreated. We have righteous indignation against evil. We want goodness to flourish and goodness is wanting Holtzclaw to have justice.

By Timothy

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