Friday, December 18, 2015

Information to Know

I hope that the murderer Ethan Couch  is captured. He is the on the run and his mother is missing as well. His arrogance is toxic. Also, we have to end the classist lie that the more wealth someone has, the more integrity a person has. This story proves that precept to be a myth. For that murderer to shed innocent blood and to gloat about it shows how callous many people are. There is the double standard here. If a black people did what he did, they wouldn't classify the black person's actions as "affleuenza." They would classify the actions in other terminology. At the end of the day, we want the authorities to send that murderer back into prison.Mentioning the truth that the first humans on Earth is of black African descent is not racist. That is a historical fact. I believe in fighting the prison industrial complex, opposing racism, and following the principle of wanting social justice. That isn't being divisive. That's being real.

For a cop, involved in the murder of Amadou Diallo, to receive a promotion is a disgrace. I remember when the events happened. It happened in early 1999 when I was in high school. Hundreds of courageous protesters were arrested back in NYC over 10 years ago, because they stood up against the police terrorism of black and brown communities. Back then, Patrick Lynch defended the murdering cops. Sister Kadiatou Diallo is right. In this sense, the struggle continues. We believe in goodness. We want to help fellow people in this life. One of the ways to help human beings is to pray, to defend the families of the victims of evil, and stand up for what is right. Kenneth Boss should be immediately fired. Him receiving a promotion is disrespectful to Amandou Daillo's family. The Blue Wall of Silence (as the NYPD is a large police force with massive surveillance powers, etc.) certainly must end order for not only accountability to exist, but for families to experience justice. The SCU squad was like a terrorist squad. These crooked cops inflicted harassment, abuse, and even murder against our communities in the States. The struggle continues without question.

We are right all along about him or Gilbert Arenas. He has made disrespectful comments about the WNBA and he's wrong completely. He's an insecure male (not man). If he was a real man, he would confront the problems facing black people (from poverty to police terrorism). If he was a real man, he would defend the right of women to pursue their lives as they see fit. If he was a real man, he would be in favor of progressive insights and justice for all. So, he wants to make immature, rash, and downright disrespectful comments since he's a misogynist. Beauty is diverse not monolithic. He has no shame. He cursing out those who disagrees with him shows how much a coward that he is. He is older than me with the mentality of an immature teen. I have 2 words for him and we know what those 2 words are (which are: I DISAGREE). He should be placed on ignore as other great commentators have mentioned here. Lisa Leslie was a legend including Sheryl Swoopes plus Tina Thompson. They can play basketball very well. Also, there are many talented women in the WNBA and in leagues worldwide. Also, the USA women Olympic basketball team has won gold in many times. Men on average are bigger than women, but that means that both sexes have different phenotypes and different genetics. Differences in phenotypes doesn't mean that men have a superior human value than women. Men and women are still human beings. All humans are created equal. Being equal doesn't mean everyone is identical. That means that all human beings are created with the same human value and should be treated with equity, respect, and justice. The more some folks are concerned with the talent of athletics than promoting a sexist agenda, the better off society will be. There should be justice for men and women. Many people don't like that concept, but that concept has stood the test of time. To this very day, there are amazing players in the NBA and in the WNBA (like Maya Moore, Tina Charles, Candace Parker, Nneka Ogwumike, etc.).

Serena Williams gave an excellent, magnificent speech. It was filled with eloquence, power, truth, and love. She loves us and we love her as a Sister, and as a great philanthropic black woman. Her words enrich our souls since they speak the truth that a black woman has the right to play tennis, a black woman has the right to fulfill her aspirations, any black woman has the right to rise. Our history is filled with stories of resiliency, hope, and inspiration. Serena is passionate about her principles and she has stood up for herself, black women, black people in general, and anyone else who desires to fulfill their dreams. She is a very beautiful black woman and she is the GOAT. She is the greatest of all time. Her quoting Maya Angelou sums it all. Serena is shining her light and she isn't done yet. She will continue to win tennis matches. She will continue to make a difference in society.

She has every right to run if she desires to. She is an American citizen. Also, we have to develop more of political independence. Both major capitalist parties (whom many of them are overtly brought and paid for by Big Business, Big Insurance, Big Agra, Big Oil, and other corporate interests) are complicit in trying to strife the power of third parties. They are also complicit in advancing imperialism, gentrification, the mass incarceration system, austerity, and other evils in America. So, I do encourage black people to run for office as Independents and we need more strong, progressive voices. Erica Garner and her family has been through so much. It is a total disgrace that the murderers of Eric Garner has not even experienced a trial. Even medical workers in that incident delayed their responses in helping Eric Garner. So, I have total opposition to the epidemic of police terrorism. If I was running for office, I would be overt in calling for living wages, for peace, for justice, for equality for all, for an end to the War on Drugs (to be replaced with alternative), for environmental justice, and for a radical, revolutionary change in society where the poor, the workers, and all benefit. I wish the best for Sister Erica Garner. More black voices (who care for the people) should be in office.
RIP Eric Garner.
#Black Lives Mater.

By Timothy

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