Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Wisdom in Wednesday (during early December 2015)

I am a Millennial. Great points must be made about many issues. First, the post WWII economic boom was historic. It caused a massive explosion of wealth from 1945 to 1975. After that, that was when select multinational corporations increased their power into another level and then trickled down economics plus other neoliberal policies took hold. These policies along with discrimination, etc. increased wealth inequality. Today, we still suffer the effects of the Great Recession (which caused massive foreclosures in the black community and a lot of wealth was gone from our community as a product of that recession). The Great Recession was caused by corrupt policies from many Wall Street banks. The Millennials today suffer by the bad economic policies of the past. This is not the time to promote selfish individualism. We have to see each other as a community and find unique ways to build up generational wealth (so our descendants can inherit our wealth and resources) and advance more ownership (especially of property, homes, and land. Land is key for liberation as Malcolm X taught us decades ago). Wealth deals with institutions, culture, investments, and things that have great value. Also, we have to tackle poverty. We know how throughout human history, some of the rich has brutally oppressed the poor. That's wrong. Some people (even some black people) want to blame black people collectively for our problems which is wrong too. Part of tackling poverty deals with community development programs, increasing the minimum wage, building facilities to help the homeless, advocating investments in our communities, etc. It's all about treating the poor as human beings at the end of the day. No revolutionary can be a revolutionary unless they have compassion for the poor. It's going to take many solutions to solve this problem. There is no one solution to solve this crisis. Black Wall Street has shown us the effectiveness of pooling resources. We must be engaged in social change. Without a clean environment, we won't have a world to prosper in. Without health care for all, more of our people will be sick. Once racism and discrimination is combated, our black people can live in a more fruitful direction. Therefore, I will forever believe in social justice. Some talk about a code of conduct. I have no problem with that. Part of that code of conduct is to fight misogynoir, colorism, discrimination, xenophobia, and injustice in general. Also, we need to end structural oppression too. Oppression is in the system, so the current system must end if we are to be free and liberated. As for me, I supply my family money for a rainy day or if it is a necessity like paying bills, etc. I am not struggling financially. Family is family.

The murderer can eat with his family and he has received a paycheck for over a year after Laquan McDonald's murder. The firing of McCarthy is certainly not enough. There is a systematic epidemic of not only police terror, but of discrimination, economic deprivation, and corporate exploitation. Rahm Emanuel has not been called Mr. 1% for nothing. Rahm has blatantly closed dozens of schools in Chicago and he has executed other neoliberal policies. Not only should laws be changed and crooked cops punished. We need a massively structural change in how society operation. Revolution is an overhaul of the system and a radical change. We need that radical change. The cover up of the murder doesn't just involve the cops. It also involves the DA and the Mayor. The trial will certainly be interesting. We all hope that the murderer will be convicted, but we know how this story ends on so many occasions. Should the mayor resign? Yes. Trump is a fascist. He desires databases for some people, he tweeted lying statistics about black people, and he is a vulgar misogynist. Some of those pastors sucking up to Trump and the GOP has nothing to do with being a free people. Being a free people is realizing how much an extremist Trump is. Yes, I believe in a clean environment. I believe in health care for all. I believe in equality and social justice. I am not ashamed of what I stand for. Yeshua in the NT was despised of men, he was poor, he opposed materialism, he opposed the agenda of Caesar, and he respected the sojourner. The ministers, who talked with Trump, has shown compromise in the face of hate. Bryant has told the truth in this instance (except for some of his language that I don't agree with) of calling out those pastors who exploit the gospel for political gain. Many of the same compromised pastors who met with Trump have been called out not because of the issue of political independence. They are getting called out, because some of them supporting Trump represent the antithesis of political independence.

Corporate media engines like FOX, CNN, etc. have shown bias for years. I remember when many in CNN gushed in supporting the Iraq War (which proved to be a total disaster). The Iraq War existed just a few years after 9/11. Independent media sources are entities that we should always embrace. I like the Real News, I respect Al Jazeera (especially on its international coverage). I like many of PBS' shows. At the end of the day, people should receive unfiltered, accurate news about the globe. We want news media who are confronting or fighting Empire, fighting the legacy of white supremacy, fighting racism, fighting sexism, fighting xenophobia, fighting ecocide, fighting capitalist exploitation, and fighting all injustices. Police terrorism and other acts of racial injustice existed for centuries against black men, black women, and black children. Davis is desperate and grasping for straws. What people like James Davis won't expose are white racism, police terrorism, Western imperialism, and the system of racism/white supremacy. James Davis is liar since tons of progressive people are calling for solutions like a public works program, universal health care, ending the War on Drugs (with alternatives), investments in education, an increase of the minimum wage, enforcing anti-discrimination laws, and going out to promote unity in an Diasporic fashion among those of black African descent. The Black Lives Matter movement existed in response to oppression. It is a movement created by three black women. Dissent with a fascist is not an attack. It's truth. The President is not responsible for the deaths of Freddie Gray, Rekia Boyd, and other Brothers and Sisters. Davis defends Trump like a person who sold his soul for 40 pieces of silver. They don't call it a closed meeting for nothing. So, they did probably signed agreements with Trump. Trump doesn't create such meetings by happenstance. This event was a choreographed incident in which Trump is trying to gain support.

They made their faux apology long after the movie came out in public. So, the makers of the film have no respect for black people. It is a historical fact that black Africans lived and worked in ancient Egypt. Ancient Black Nubians ruled over Egypt. Also, to cast Europeans from England and other parts of Northern plus Western Europe is the epitome of historical revisionism. Mother Africa is the origin of human life, of spirituality, of mathematics, of culture, and of human migration. So, to respect Africa is to respect humankind. This Lionsgate director and others have the resources to decipher accurate information of ancient Egypt. Yet, they went out of their way to show images of people who didn't look like the ancient Egyptians because of the purpose of displaying historical revisionism. Ancient Egypt was never filled with people with British accents or people with blond hair en masse. There is a strong black consciousness movement in Brazil. Afro-Brazilians have a strong culture and a rich legacy. So, I support this campaign. Racism should be confronted and opposed. Injustice needs to be eradicated not coddled. Black women should always be defended anywhere on this Earth. We are in solidarity with the Criola group.
Bless Sister Maria Julia Cutinho.

Sister Lupita Nyong'o is human and she is an insightful, courageous black woman. Any human will experience self doubt at least once in life. So, Lupita Nyong’o once again eloquently has shown the world how beauty is wisdom. She has shown women and girls in the world about their values and about how their lives plus aspirations matter. She made the great speech to outline the truth that dark skin is beautiful and that black women should always continue to shine their gifts in world society. She is deserving of all of the positive superlatives to describe her. She is worthy of that. She is not only a role model. She's a blessing. Her words of self-reflection and of humility plus her words of strength and gracious insights just inspire people in a progressive fashion. We are all thankful of her presence, of her intellect, and of her personable, human compassion. Yes, she looks very gorgeous in the cover of Essence.
Bless her.

By Timothy

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