Friday, January 08, 2016

Friday News and Justice in early January 2016

The Bundy gang is at it again. The federal building was seized by armed survivalists of the Bundy gang at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in southeast Oregon. The Bundy gang is truly the Malheur of America. The militia people are armed. They desire privatization and theft of lands. The theory of land titles propounded by Ammon and Ryan Bundy is identical to that of Mormon dictator Brigham Young in the 1850s. It is also the theory of land titles developed by Mormon demagogues from Joseph Smith to Warren Jeffs. Ammon Bundy’s small band of armed followers turn out to be religious fanatics, and — inconveniently for the Salt Lake City-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — Mormon religious fanatics. Many libertarians and reactionaries are in league with the Bundy gang. We see a group of disgruntled, middle-aged, white supremacist individuals clad in ill-fitting camouflage fatigues and posturing with dime store assault rifles. Their language of violence and the threat of violence are the antithesis of the rule of law. So, the Bundy gang admitted that they want lands grabs for private interests. Cliven Bundy’s son is Ammon Bundy. Here is a double standard. The police regularly assault protesters in urban communities, by the Bundy gang in Burns, Oregon (who have a lot of weapons with them) are coddled by the FBI including local police. I'm not shocked by the Governor of Maine's reprehensible comments. He is a Republican white racist male. What do people expect him to say. This is how they (who are white racists and far right people) think. He isn't going to say nothing progressive about race relations. He supports the status quo when it comes to police terrorism. He won't call out a fascist like Donald Trump. He doesn't believe in a radical redistribution of economic and political power (as Dr. King promoted). He won't strongly follow the ideologies of social justice and workers' rights. He loves tricked down economics. Drug addiction and the War on Drugs are complex issues that need robust analysis not stereotypes and fear mongering from the Governor of Maine. He omits that there is an epidemic of many whites having heroin addiction and the drug trafficking in America controlled mostly by non-blacks. The Governor of Maine is a notorious reactionary extremist. The Governor is unintelligent. Those who suffer drug addiction need fairness, compassion, and assistance.

This story is tragic and horrific. We have a serious problem of the bodies of black women being violated by evil people. I don't care if a woman is naked, in a shower naked, etc. Every woman has the right to maintain her autonomy without unwarranted touching, abuse, or rape. No means no. No woman and no human being should be raped regardless of how much clothes that she wears or which location that she is in point blank period exclamation point. The Sister Amber Amour was a victim of rape. Some folks need to realize that. Some people also need to realize that rape occurs in a wide spectrum locations (not just in certain areas) and against people of every demographic. I'm glad that the rapist will have a trial. He should be in prison for a very long period of time. Unfortunately, we live in a society where many victims of rape are either blamed for their own rape by some (which is sick and wrong) or the victims of rape are scolded by many because of their attire or because of their choices (while the perpetrator of the rape are readily ignored or sugarcoated of their actions). This must change. She does need support and services as all victims of rape need. She should never be blamed for anything. The epidemic of victim blaming is not just a Western problem. It's an international problem too. Sister Amber is courageous in telling her story publicly. Her stories can help other victims of rape to speak about their stories, so more rapists can go into prison.
I send prayers to Sister Amber Amour.

We live in an age of neoliberalism and neolcolonialism. This neo-colonialism (which deals with anti-black lies and economic oppression) is not just found overseas. It is found in America where many cops act as occupying forces against black people. Tamir Rice's mother's request is simple not over the top. She has the right to speak. She has the right to mourn the lost of her child. Tamir is her child. She didn't request Lebron to sit out a game. She just wanted Lebron to speak about her son. It is a fair request from Samaria Rice. We have an epidemic of terrorist cops killing black men, black women, and black children in America, Brazil, etc. Subsequently, people have every right to be angry about it. Publicly condemning the system of capitalistic exploitation and racism is the right thing to do regardless. I hope that Lebron James talks about Tamir Rice. This problem existed a long time ago. The same forces who divide up workers, who promote xenophobia, and who want imperialism are the same forces who desire the status quo when it comes to addressing police brutality. The problem with some people is that some folks have been too silent. We have the responsibility (not just celebrities) to be part of the solution too.
Thank you Sister Samaria for your wisdom.

RZA should be ashamed of himself. We should be judged on the content of our character not on our clothing attire. Also, there is nothing wrong with wearing a hoodie or urban clothing. Throughout American history, many black people dressed conservatively and acted in a respectable fashion, but they have been killed by crooked cops and racists still. This example refutes the respectability politics agenda of RZA. He refuses to expose how the police institution is filled with overt corruption (from how some Cleveland cops being exposed by the DOJ for its wrongdoing to some of the Ferguson police department exposed in its evil practices). He is from NYC and he should talk about the devastating impact of stop and frisk actions against the black community in his own hometown. There are countless stories of black people being harassed and searched by the police in many areas of New York City. Cops should have the sense to judge people fairly and not stereotype black people as "potential criminals." These New Blacks are disgraceful. Some of these celebrities are afraid to publicly call out crooked cops. Some of these celebrities are afraid of promoting Blackness in public. We are here, we are black, and we will stand up for our humanity.

I'm glad that he has been indicted for perjury, but this is nowhere near justice for Sandra Bland and her family. This brute Brian Encinia harassed, threatened, and assaulted a black woman. Sandra Bland's human rights were violated before she was arrested. After she was arrested, she passed away. The cops could have brought up the charge a long time ago. The authorities wanted to save face since they wanted to promote the illusion that somehow justice is made into a reality in this situation. Sandra Bland's family has shown great compassion, faith, and strength. We can never imagine the heartache and the pain that Sandra Bland's family is going through. I hope that the cop is sent into prison. There should be real change. We have to figure out any prosecutor who is against justice and vote them out. Laws need to be changed in order for society to address policing in our communities. Many cops have killed people with impunity for generations. The democratic rights of our people have been violated by police terror for so long. This is no made up stuff. This is reality everyday. There ought to be more transparency and the police occupation and injustices against our communities in America must end. We are a community and we have the right to stand up and speak up for our unalienable rights as human beings. Dr. Martin Luther King's holiday is coming up. So, we feel very personal as black people when these trolls lie about what he really stood for. Dr. King was never passive in the face of injustice. He went to jail multiple times for violating unjust laws. Some folks seem to forget that the vast majority of Americans back then opposed Dr. King's views on the Vietnam War and on the Poor People's Campaign. They (or the bigots) of course hated Malcolm X, even after he achieved his Hajj in 1964. When Malcolm X called out an international Western conspiracy to harm people, he was assassinated. When Dr. King talked about reparations, union rights issues, and opposition to imperialism, then he was assassinated. Nelson Mandela was a freedom fighter too. Mandela promoted the Freedom Charter and other heroes include Chris Hani and Steve Biko.

By Timothy

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