Saturday, January 07, 2017

News on this Day Filled with Snow.

There are always stories who motivate the mind and strengthen the soul. Sister Betty Campbell is an Afro-British woman who is a great educator. Sister Betty Campbell is a light in the world. She was born in Butetown, Cardiff, in 1934. She taught heavily at Mount Stuart Primary School. She is a community activist of Wales. Betty Campbell is the first black head teacher of Wales too. Not only does she want great education to be made manifest in the world. She wants accurate Black History to be learned by the people of Wales and throughout the world. Her wit, her intellectual power, and her due diligence has caused her not only to achieve awards and accolades. Her work has motivated even more trailblazing, powerful educators to do their part in educating the masses of the people. Consequentially, there is audacious wonder and the excitement of the educational field. She has met with Nelson Mandela and she is inspired by the American civil rights movement including Harriet Tubman. Children need not only discipline, structure, and necessary STEM skills. Children need to be educated on the beauty of Blackness and to honor Black History forever. So, I send well wishes to Sister Betty Campbell. Yesterday was the Birthday of Sister Michaela DePrince. She is 22 years old. She is the famous Sierra Leonean-American ballet dancer. She also authored the book entitled, "Taking Flight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina." She has danced for the Dance Theatre of Harlem and today, she is dancing for the Dutch National Ballet. Life hasn't been a crystal stair for her as she has experienced racism in the dance industry, but she has overcame obstacles to perform magnificently throughout the world. She is an inspiration for young people who desire to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. She continues to dance too. DePrince has cited Lauren Anderson, one of the first black American principal ballerinas, as her role model. I wish her more blessings in her life.

CES 2017 in Las Vegas shows futuristic technology. Many of the proposed technologies involved smart cars and autonomous cars. CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show. Hyundai unveiled its autonomous or self driving car too. There are sensors in the car and other devices that can reduce the incidents of accidents on the road. In the future, more sensors will be found in the road to prevent accidents as well. One of the unsung, great heroes of our community is Janet Collins. She was born in Louisiana in March 17, 1917. She was a pioneer of black ballet dancing. She loved to dance and inspired humanity. She was raised in Los Angeles, and soon she developed her dancing skills. In her later life, Collins taught modern dance at Balanchine's School of American Ballet in New York City, and at Manhattanville College in Purchase, New York. In 1951, she became the first African American to be hired full-time by the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Marian Anderson, the first to sing there, did not perform until 1955. She inspired many African Americans to perform in dance and ballet. She passed away in the year 2003 in Fort Worth, Texas. She has shown her talent for years and decades. Rest in Power Sister Janet Collins.

The common cold would be blamed on BLM by racists if they desire too. Many people have brought up great points. First, we all condemn the assault against the young white person by 4 people. Likewise, the media doesn't report massively on the black disabled person who was assaulted and raped by a sick white racist. That racist was never sentenced in long prison time. Double standards exist. Racism and police brutality have a long history in Chicago and throughout the nation. The victims of gun violence and their families in Chicago are readily disrespected by many quarters in mainstream society. Some want band aids on this problem instead of comprehensive, revolutionary solutions. BLM has changed the world in causing more people to be aware on certain issues from policing to criminal justice matter. BLM should never be scapegoated for this incident. We have to use vigilance as many have stated. Extremist white people have shown their face for years and centuries in America. Still, some people refuse to believe their demented agenda of austerity, the assault on human rights, and the total disregard of the general welfare. The ACA should be improved upon not totally scrapped. If the ACA is gone completely, then millions of people would be stripped of health care. It is better to expand health care services and promote improvements instead of eliminating the whole thing. It's trying times.

First Lady Michelle Obama will go down in history as the most progressive First Lady in American history. She is the first black woman to be First Lady. She is the greatest First Lady of American history. Her speech was eloquent and emotional. For long years, she has promoted healthy eating among students and all people in the world. She has advanced exercise. She has respected the dignity of girls and women throughout the world. Hope alone may not solve all of our problems, but there is nothing wrong with hope either. Hope can inspire so many changes in the world. Black slaves had hope for a better future and the Civil War caused the Confederacy to be defeated (which was a great thing). Not to long ago, many Allied soldiers had hope and their hope was fulfilled when the Axis Powers were defeated in 1945. Many thought that the VRA and the CRA would never exist in the first place, but people had hope and did the work to make sure that those progressive laws were passed. Therefore, we should use hope and we should execute the necessary actions to get things done. Black people have every right to fight for jobs, education, health care, and a great environment too (as the Flint disaster refutes neoliberalism and refutes ignoring environmental issues once and for all). Also, it is important to acknowledge the black people doing the great work to help humanity. There are many unsung black heroes who are engaged and are making a difference in the world. First Lady Michelle Obama gave a passionate speech and she cares about her 2 black children a great deal. Her words on education represent the necessity to not bow down and worship celebrities and athletes. We should bring a spotlight on educators, colleges, STEM fields, and other critical fields necessary to grow our society. No one said that the journey for freedom is over. The struggle continues, but we carry onward. Therefore, First Lady Michelle Obama has endorsed the positive, transcendent message of growing education (in praising school counselors who contribute heavily to help students go into college), of developing our health, and to promote the value of human dignity. We will all miss her and we acknowledge her greatness, her genius, and her beauty (both inside and outside) as an inspirational black woman.

There are many tips on first time buyers of a car. I do know many tips as well. One of the most important tips is to be sure of your decision, because you will sign that contract (if you decide to buy a vehicle). Signing that contract is a final agreement on what care you desire to buy. The end of the year is a great time to buy, because during that time, manufacturers bring out many incentives and specials to buy a car. The time of the end of the model year is another great time to buy a car too. You can listen to the suggestions given to you from dealership leaders, car experts, etc. There are many deals where people can buy a car which is nicer and with more mileage plus cheaper than another car. One thing to do is to constantly ask questions. There is nothing wrong with asking questions from inventory, price deals, objects in the car, etc. You have every right to negotiate for a lower price, so doing that is always a plus. During test driving, you can send friends and relatives with you in order to see if you're comfortable with that car. It is vitally important to check the insurance rate on a car before you buy it. Reading online reviews of dealerships and checking their benefits like free oil changes, etc. are key in picking the best car for any human being. Test out special features of the car from audio systems to air coordinating to see if you like the vehicle. There is more to an overall good deal than simply a low selling price. Pay attention to everything that's being offered to you, including trade-in value, interest rates and additional costs. You have every right to get detailed answers on special features of the car.  If you're unsure of your credit standing (or you know it's bad), bring a copy of your paycheck and a home utility bill to the dealership to prove you have income and to confirm your home address. Before getting a car, make sure you have a detailed report on how to use maintenance on a car. Each car is different, have different parts, and require different procedures for upkeep. You should calculate your budget in figuring out the best way to pay for a vehicle. Make sure that you don't pay for any extra, unnecessary fees via writing in a document. You have the right to say No to any extras that are offered to you. Finding the best interest rates is great too and CPOs are important parts to consider too. The research you do on independent automotive information websites should have included the invoice price (for new cars) or wholesale price (for used cars), as well as the manufacturer's suggested retail price (for new cars) or the dealer's asking price (for used). It is key to study all discounts before buying any vehicle.

By Timothy

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