Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Information.

I will mention many words. When a racist white male coward slanders and disrespects a black woman, we will not be silent. NO black woman should be disrespected period. I agree with Maxine Waters and with Angela Rye. Maxine Waters for decades have promoted the interests of the black community and progressive causes. For example, as an Assembly member, Waters advocated for divestment from South Africa's apartheid regime. In Congress, she was an outspoken opponent of the Iraq War. She has worked to help the poor and the homeless in California too. Maxine Waters is right to oppose the agenda of Donald Trump. Trump is overt is cutting environmental regulations, which can harm human life and animal life. Trump is overt in his proposed draconian budget, which will cut legitimate social programs (from Meals on Wheels to PBS) if it is passed. Trump is for waterboarding and Trump is involved in the vicious attack in Mosul, which has killed many civilians. Trump supporters should be ashamed of themselves for voting for a reprehensible human being. Maxine Waters is a victim of racism and misogynoir and we are all appalled.

Trump supporters have no credibility when they lecture people on respectability politics, but many of them don't say a single thing on promoting universal health care and black liberation. You have Spicer who made a disrespectful remark about April Ryan, who is a black woman and a expert journalist. The Trump administration has shown no decency involving women. Bill O'Reilly is a hypocritical liar. He is a racist for saying that he is fearful that black children would steal his hubcaps and that comment in disrespecting Sister Maxine Waters. I'm not holding back what I think. Bill only issued his pseudo "apology" because he was caught on air. He should be fired. O'Reilly's own daughter said that he was involved in domestic violence. Ailes has been sued over sexual harassment too as Sister Waters has stated. FOX News is a propaganda network. We will stand up and speak up for the humanity of black women. Maxine Waters is a strong black woman who has no fear. We will always defend the rights of women in general too. No one should be mistreated in an unfair way. The right wing extremists have no logical arguments in defending a corrupt, scandal filled administration, so many of them express ad hominem attacks against progressives. I'm a social justice warrior and I'm proud of it. I believe in a strong education, in workers' rights, and in human rights. We all honor Maxine Waters' courage.

I want to mention this point as well. Angela Rye should receive great respect for defining the truth. She refuted the lies and bigotry from Joe Walsh and Bill O'Reilly. Walsh made the racist, evil statement that former President Barack Obama was on a lower standard because he is a black man. That's a lie, because Barack Obama was heavily vetted and unfairly disrespected. Barack Obama was a U.S. Senator, a state Senator, a constitutional teacher, and a community organizer in Chicago. He has tons of qualifications. Obama's wife was also disrespected by far right extremists. Barack Obama has shown the greatest temperament in my view of any President in American history. In the first term of Trump alone, we have many scandals that deal with national security and other issues. Rye is right that O'Reilly is wrong to slander Maxine Waters too. Black women like Angela Rye, Michelle Obama, April Ryan, Maxine Waters, etc. should be treated with dignity and with respect. As Michelle Obama has mentioned, when the haters go low, we go high. It is a fact that black people work twice as hard in order to get into the door constantly. Rye is from Seattle, which is a home to progressive activists. I send great respect for her showing her Blackness unapologetically and standing up for the truth. We want all people to live in peace and harmony. Yet, in order to do that, we must eradicate racism, sexism, and injustice in general. We forever support and love black women unconditionally.
I salute Sister Angela Rye.

The age of European exploration grew rapidly. The Genoese sailor Christopher Columbus (who was an imperialist, an enslaver, and a hypocrite) proposed a voyage west from Europe to find a shorter route to Asia. He was backed financially by Isabella I and Ferdinand II. They were the Queen and king of newly united Spain. In 1492, Columbus reached land in the Bahamas. John Cabot explored the east coast of what is now called Canada in 1497. Giovanni da Verrazzano explored the East Coast of North America from Florida to presumably Newfoundland in 1524. Jacques Cartier made a series of voyages on behalf of the French crown in 1534 and penetrated the St. Lawrence River. Colonization grew in the Americas as time went on. Colonization was about many people from a former country coming into a new land. They establish colonial political structures and this system is called settler colonialism. The mother country exploit the colonists and the colonists exploit resources and the original inhabitants of the Americas. Exploration by Europeans evolve into settlements. The three principal colonial powers in North America by the 17th century were Spain, England, and France. There were other powers in the Americas involved in colonialism and imperialism like the Netherlands and Sweden too. The Spanish and the Portuguese started modern European colonization of the Americans. The Spanish  gained control of most of the largest islands in the Caribbean and conquered the Aztecs, gaining control of present-day Mexico and Central America. This was the beginning of the Spanish Empire in the New World. The first successful Spanish settlement in continental North America was Veracruz in 1519, followed by many other settlements in colonial New Spain and Spanish Florida. The first successful English settlements were at Jamestown (1607) (along with its satellite, Bermuda in 1609) and Plymouth (1620), in what are today Virginia and Massachusetts respectively. The first French settlements were Port Royal (1604) and Quebec City (1608) in what is now Nova Scotia and Quebec. The Fur Trade soon became the primary business on the continent and as a result transformed the indigenous North American lifestyle. Further to the south, plantation slavery became the main industry of the West Indies, and this gave rise to the beginning of the Atlantic slave trade. In the colonial era, the French crown took over control of New France from fur trading companies in 1663. The English charter colonies gave may to more formalized colonialism in North America. After the Battle of the Plains of Abraham at Quebec City, and France ceded most of her claims outside of the Caribbean. The end of the French presence in North America was a disaster for most Native American nations in Eastern North America, who lost their major ally against the expanding Anglo-American settlements. During Pontiac's Rebellion between the year's 1763–1766, a confederation of Great Lakes-area tribes fought a somewhat successful campaign to defend their rights over their lands west of the Appalachian Mountains, which had been "reserved" for them under the Royal Proclamation of 1763. Viceroyalty of New Spain (present-day Mexico) was the name of the viceroy-ruled territories of the Spanish Empire in Asia, North America and its peripheries from 1535 to 1821.

Yesterday was the Birthday of Sister Leleti Khumalo. She is a South African actress. She is 47 years old today. She is a beautiful black woman. She is of Zulu heritage. She was born in KwaMashu township, north of Durban, South Africa. Showing an interest in performing from an early age, Khumalo joined a youth backyard dance group called Amajika, mentored by Tu Nokwe. Khumalo performed the role of Sarafina! on stages in South Africa and on Broadway, where she received a 1988 Tony Award nomination for Best Actress in a Musical. Sarafina! had a Broadway run lasting two years, after which the production embarked on a worldwide tour. In 1987 Khumalo received a NAACP Image Award for Best Stage Actress. She was in the international musical Sarafina and the movie Sarafina. She is a great actress and performer. She loves her children and was a part of an African film festival. Also, Sarafina is one of my favorite movies. I love to listen to South African music too. Her spirit is powerful and we wish more blessings for her.
I wish more blessings for Sister Leleti Khumalo.

By Timothy

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