Friday, March 17, 2017

Trump's Budget Proposal is a disgrace.

I read about the budget of Donald Trump. That budget proposal is one of the most extremely reactionary budgets since the days of Ronald Reagan. Trump's massive proposal to cut tons of social programs is total evil and has no merit. Many people (especially the poor and the elderly) will suffer more hardships as a product of this evil budget. The budget will try to cut: HUD, the Department of Transpiration (including cuts to Amtrak), cuts to the PBS channel, cuts to the Department of Health and Human Services (which includes cuts to medical research), cuts to the Department of Education, cuts to the EPA (when we need a stronger environment), and other programs. He wants to eliminate needed programs as well. Trump is a total extremist. Trump ally Steve King has said racist, anti-immigrant comments. We know that Trump has respect for Andrew Jackson (who was a racist, a slave owner, and an abuser of the rights of Native Americans). Andrew Jackson is a person of bad character who almost ruined the economy of America. We must speak up and show our voices to oppose Trumpism. The biggest impact of the budget cuts will be on the urban and rural poor. Trump proposes to abolish the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, which provides $3 billion a year to heat homes in the winter; the Community Development Block Grant program, which spends $3 billion on community development, affordable housing and aid to the homeless; the Appalachian Regional Commission, which promotes economic development and community infrastructure in that region; and the Delta Regional Authority, which does the same in the majority-black delta region of the state of Mississippi. The budget proposal is an attack on the poor and working class outright.

So, Trump's budget proposal is a total representation of countererevolution. It exposes Trump as a fraud and a person who has shown cruelty towards the elderly and the poor. It exposes the lie that Trump is a populist. It also should make any Trump voter feel shame for voting for such an extremist. Trump is a person who said that he doesn't believe that all people aren't created equal, yet, people in many cases voted for him. Trump voters should be ashamed of themselves. The budget massively increases the military budget while cutting social programs in a draconian fashion. It advocates ending many desperately needed programs outright. The document deals only with discretionary spending, funds that must be appropriated each year by Congress, accounting for about one-quarter of the $4 trillion that the US government will spend in the fiscal year that begins October 1. The budget leaves open the fate of the remaining $3 trillion in federal spending, which includes payments under entitlement programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and food stamps, as well as other legally required payments, such as interest on the national debt. The Pentagon’s budget increases to $639 billion under Trump's proposal. Military spending will comprise 2/3 of the overall budget. There is also a proposed $2.6 billion in funding for building a wall along the southwest US border—only a fraction of the estimated $25 billion cost of this mad and inhuman project. The Trump budget proposes the outright elimination of 19 government agencies, most of them long targeted for destruction by ultra-right ideologues and Christian fundamentalists. These include the National Endowment for the Arts; the National Endowment for the Humanities; the Legal Services Corporation, which provides legal services for the poor; the Corporation for Public Broadcasting; AmeriCorps; and the Chemical Safety Board, which investigates industrial disasters in chemical production and transport, including oil-well blowouts like the 2010 disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The budget hurts lives and promotes evil. The biggest single cut is a $5.8 billion reduction in the budget for the National Institutes of Health, which funds a vast array of biomedical research by tens of thousands of health scientists. The biggest percentage cut, 31 percent, is in the Environmental Protection Agency, where 3,200 jobs and 50 programs would be eliminated, including all pollution cleanup operations in the Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay, Puget Sound and San Francisco Bay. Half of the EPA’s budget for research and development is eliminated..

Ironically, many of the same Evangelicals who condemned Clinton's adultery are massively silent on Trump's bigotry, sexism, and other extremist views. Numerous people are right to compare the Trump supporters of the SBC to the Pharisees of old. They lecture people on morality, but blatantly support a person (Trump) who is a habitual liar and expresses vulgarity in a regular basis. We know many Christians who are not bigots and who have their own love for humanity. Likewise, in order to get things rights, we have to clean our house. We can't talk about others without getting our own house in order. The members of the SBC who support Trump are embracing views antithetical to the views of Jesus Christ, who believed in helping the poor, caring for the immigrant, and standing up for justice overtly. Moore should never had apologized for his statements. We reject racism and xenophobia and we believe in the Dream. The Dream states that equality and justice is made real for us and we endorse societal changes that can improve the world in order for human beings to achieve joy, peace, and tranquility.

I am an African American and there are tons of films that outline the African American experience that are played by African American actors and actresses. Afro-British actors and actresses should never be scapegoated for the issues found in the entertainment industry. For a long time, African Americans made great contributions in human history. That should be acknowledged. Also, many people should realized that we, who are African Americans, have no monopoly on the scourges of racism and discrimination. Black people in the UK, France, etc. do face racism, police brutality, discrimination, and economic exploitation. At the end of the day, we are one black people regardless of our diverse nationalities. We reject divide and conquer strategies and we believe in solidarity as one black family. The movie Get Out is very popular and it has been studied by many quarters. The point of this situation is that we can't be sleep. There are evil people in the world who desire racism and anti-black dehumanization. We must fight against it. The film is not only a horror film. In real life, black people have experienced real horrors from the violation of Henrietta Lacks' body to the Tuskegee Experiment including the Maafa. No one can be naive. When many cops openly abuse black people, when black people suffer overt degradation, and when we see massive economic inequality, then we will never be silent on these issues. One major watch word of this generation is resist. We shall resist injustice and in the end, we shall overcome.

The story of Kalief Browder is truly a horror story. A young black man was tortured, beaten, and mistreated not only by prison guards and cruel inmates. He was viciously attacked by a system (which has been involved in the Maafa, slavery, etc. for centuries) that doesn't care for the lives and human dignity of black people in general. Totally nefarious, evil solitary confinement was experienced by Kalief. Human rights organization to this very day want the banning of solitary confinement. Tons of human beings in the prison industrial complex suffer unspeakable atrocities too. For years and decades, black people have told the world how real it is out here in these streets and in the prison system. We are not making this stuff up. Many of us have relatives who were (or are currently) in prison. Prisons are filled with crooked guards and other greedy, selfish officials who work there. The current situation is so bad that no one can deny the harsh reality. We, who are black people, are living proof of the reality of evil people utilizing anti-black oppression as a way for them to harm our communities nationally and internationally. Such prisons don't just exist in America. They are global. In America, the mass incarceration state (or the carceral state) imprisons more people than any nation on Earth. Racism, classism, and economic oppression exist in the prison system too. The series documents what many human beings go through. The pain that Kaleif Browder's mother and the rest of his family are going through is indescribable. We send condolences to the family of Kalief. He was a Brother whose voice was powerful and his memory will always be remembered by us as Brothers and Sisters.

By Timothy

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