Thursday, March 23, 2017

Great Advice from Sister Trojan Pam and Sister DiaryofaNegress

Trojan Pam says:
March 12, 2017 at 10:39 am
@ K Smith

The programming is so obvious that it’s hard to understand why most of us do not see. I have also noticed the increasing number of blacks with a white parent in professional athletics.

And, I have had the same experience on an increasing level — the refusal of black males to make eye contact with me. It was puzzling at first and then it began to be annoying as I found myself starting to do the same thing more and more often: PUT YOU ON IGNORE. Now that is not “counter-racism” in action but it is human.

I feel that some of it is due to anti-blackness, confusion, fear and guilt. They know something is wrong with their behavior, otherwise they wouldn’t be defensive about it, but their confusion is so great, they can’t find a way out it

But the one thing I do know is the day when the white system, racist man and/or racist woman put that foot up that “A”, WE (black women) will be the FIRST ones they come to for help

I have seen this happen over and over again. The black female as the rescuer of black adult males and black boys. And even when I see black men come to the aid of other black males or boys, there is usually a black female involved AND had she not been there, I believe the efforts would have been less.

This is not to put down anyone BUT i will speak the truth about what I have witnessed.

You’re right, many if not most black people have no real interest in understanding our–their–oppression and have been hypnotized by our endless, almost fanatical TV and movie watching to the extent where our BRAIN COMPUTERS have turned to jelly.

Sometimes, the best you can do is to make sure that you keep your own head straight and minimize contact with toxic people.


 @ diaryofanegress

who said:

“When you feel powerless and trapped, you invent things to give yourself power. For black males, who cannot be “real, functioning men” in this racist system, he “invents” his power by lording over black females (he knows he CANNOT do this to a white one) who are (usually) smaller and weaker than he is. Therefore, he is “The Man.”

For the black female, who cannot function as “real functioning women”, they turn to education, education, education (something she knows many black males DO NOT possess) , church ( “Jesus loves me!” ) and shopping to feel as if they are worth something.

His way is dominant.
Her way is submissive.
Both are Destructive.”

I repeat it because I believe this is an accurate and brilliantly stated truth. The roles of male and female have become distorted in this society. Confusion reigns supreme which brings about hostility and counter-productive behavior of which we are witnessing right now.

Unfortunately, most people seem to get ALL their cues from the mainstream media/entertainment industry and its influences has been a total disaster, especially for the victims of white supremacy

-Sister Trojan Pam


@ Victor Palmer
I am already focused, hence the title of my blog post. It is easy to say black people don’t have relationships, but we are still human, we still love, marry, date, have sex, have children, etc. I don’t care if someone calls it an arrangement or a relationship. There are too many issues to deal with to JUST focus on words. If you choose to do that, that’s your choice — but not mine.
Counter racism rhetoric is a tool, it is NOT the be end of everything. Alone it will NOT defeat the system of white supremacy and the evidence is NO ONE has made even a dent in this system, regardless of the books and tapes and speeches etc that anyone has made.
I agree that the powerlessness of black males is not the fault of black females (if that’s what you meant) but it has PLENTY to do with the damage it has done to black females and black children.
Yes, black males do ATTEMPT to dominate (and mistreat) black females due to their impotence and rage in the face of white supremacy. IT is not anyone’s imagination. It is real.
case in point
A few years ago, a black male tried to pull open my front storm door while I was in the house. He knew I was home because my interior door was open and I’m pretty sure he knew a woman lived in that house. Had he got inside, the last thing I would have been thinking was “Replace racism/white supremacy with justice!”
Bottom line, People have a right to feel however they feel when they are being mistreated and they have the RIGHT to speak about it regardless of who it offends.
Just a few days ago there was a news story about a fifteen year old black female (child) who was being sexually assaulted by several young black males who taped it and actually streamed it live on Facebook.
What would you tell this female child? “Replace white supremacy with a system of justice!” ?
Yes, we must understand this system and how it functions and how it affects our behavior, including the words we speak that work against us
but it makes no sense (to me) to spend MORE time focusing on “words” than focusing on reducing the ACTUAL DAMAGE that is being done to other black people.
A man and women who are actively engaged in helping other black people overcome and deal with the effects of white supremacy (one of which is unchecked violence in our communities) is infinitely more valuable (to me) than someone who knows all the “right” words. (this is not a dig at you, by the way).
Just my two cents

-Sister Trojan Pam


diaryofanegress says:
March 22, 2017 at 1:15 pm
@ Miss Pam

Thank you.

A reader emailed me to ask me “what should I do?” I made a suggestion to her. A simple one.

For one day a week, can you turn off the TV and keep it off?

She answered “I don’t think that’s gonna happen.”

I asked her why.

She stated, “I need it.”

That made me pause. And think. HARD.

What is TV doing to us that we’re addicted to it? What kind of invisible rays are being emitted into our brains that we simply cannot tuned it out even for one day?

Something I learned to do, which was the hardest most difficult thing I’ve EVER done in my entire life, is to separate my emotions from logic.

When I began to do this and approach each situation from a 100% analytical approach, answers suddenly came to me. The reason why whites have had the upper advantage over us for 500 years is because they STUDY us in depth.

What makes us tick. What we like, hate and RESPOND to. They put out BETA tests to gauge our reaction over certain situations and then formulate plans to further enslave us. And we keep falling for it. This is why EVERY race has said, “Black people are the dumbest race on earth.”

Every man knows, intrinsically, that their women are:

1. The real leaders of their community
2. That they cannot live without their females
3. Without women, that look like them, they will die

Why is this important?

By convincing certain black males that he can live and function without the aid, love, guidance and support of his mirror image, you convince him to commit passive suicide.

This is one of the many, yet most effective ways, to rid the planet of black people.


Black men know this too even though they deny it. How do I know?

They erupt in mass panic, volcanic rage and terrible desperation when they see a black female, who is “put together” and VERY desirable, CHOOSE to give her time, energy and seed (womb) to a white/ non black man.

They simply cannot fathom or handle this. Hence the childish name calling and adamant rage towards her. I’ve heard black men on the bus and in Dunkin Donuts harshly criticize Kerry Washington for playing a FICTIONAL character who loves to “F that jew.” The same goes for Viola who is married (?) to a jewish person ( I don’t watch these shows so I’m guessing ).

What we need to do, starting now, is turn the dial to the most destructive invention ever made to the LEFT, learn to meditate to heal ourselves and begin to forgive each other because we are BOTH to blame in this mess.

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